How to install Godaddy SSL Certificate

How To Install SSL Certificate Godaddy

You all hear about the Godaddy, it is one of the top hosting provider and domain Registration Company in the world.  It is famous for providing high-quality domain registration services with excellent features. When you are going to choose SSL Certificate for your hosting website I recommend Godaddy is the best choice for you. Godaddy is the most trusted company on the web where you can host your website easily with full security protection. With Godaddy $1 Hosting you will get the best SSL Certificate for your business site at the affordable range. Know more about How to install SSL Certificate Godaddy.

Here in this article, we talk about the Godaddy SSL Certificate. Why SSL is important for your website and why you need to be installed?

What is SSL Certificate? Why you need it?

SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer which is used to manage the security of a message transmission on the web.  It ensures that your data is fully protected. It helps to secure your data transfer, login, credit card transaction and much more. Each business owner needs to gathering and transmitting customer information, for their safeness they use SSL. If the company has SSL the users trust us easily and make the mind to share their details with us.  Having HTTPS in your address and displaying SSL Seal build up the trust between the customer and you.

Why SSL Certificate is Important for your website?

By installing SSL Certificate for your website helps to secure all sensitive information such as credit card information, usernames, passwords etc. It also keeps data secure between servers, helps to Increases your Google Rankings; Build up customer trust and Improves conversion rates.

How to Install SSL Certificate from Godaddy?

  1. Visit Godaddy SSL Page.
  2. Shop the SSL Certificate plan you want.
  3. Activate SSL Credit
  4. Then Create CSR (Certificate Signing Request)
  5. Applying your Godaddy certificate
  6. Download it by clicking “Download button”
  7. Certification install successfully

If you have any problem to install then Click here

How much Godaddy Cost for SSL Certificate for their Customers?

Godaddy offers you three type of plan by which you can make your choice for your websites.

  • Protect one website- starting at $6.25 monthly.
  • Protect multiple websites- starting at 14.17 monthly.
  • Protects all Sub domains- starting at $29.17 monthly.

The Highlights of Godaddy SLL Certificate

  • It helps to boost Google search ranking.
  • You will get 30 days money back guarantee.
  • It helps to protect your unlimited servers.
  • Get unlimited 24/7 security support for your websites.
  • Godaddy providers you 24/7 customer supports.

How do we find know the website is Secure and Safe by SSL Checker?

When you visit any site page your browser displays padlock icon and the “HTTPS://” prefix in the URL address. If the website contains “HTTP://” without “s” then the site not secure. So be careful with your website and make it safe and secure with Godaddy SSL Certificate.

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