Top 5 Cheapest Web Hosting Per Month Providers 2020

Web Hosting is needful but users want to pay less for their best hosting. If you want to choose the 5 Cheapest Web Hosting then this content is very helpful for you. A genuine web hosting provider is offering very brilliant services at a decent price. Before you confirm for any hosting company you need to look at the services that they provide and then price that it offers. Many hosting provider are providing service at a very affordable rate but you need to look at features. Many providers are offering many deals to their customers who purchased the first time from their company. So, choose the best in which you will get all that you need.

What Factor did you need to look into your Affordable Web Hosting Service?

If you think that finding a very quality hosting provider is a very tough task. So, if you are a newbie then it is tough but the prices are regularly going down because of heavy competition. This is very good news for those peoples who want to choose a very Affordable Web Hosting for their personal use. The main services and features you need to consider are uptime guarantee, security, WordPress optimization, speed, server location, customer support, and money-back guarantee.

Top 5 Cheapest Web Hosting per month Providers


There are Five Cheapest Web Hosting per Month Providers are listed below in which you can very easily choose your web hosting provider at a very reasonable price.

1.      BlueHost

BlueHost is a very popular and reputed web hosting company all over the world. Currently, they host over 2 million websites and also consider the cheapest web hosting provider. The features of the company are 99.99% uptime guarantee, free domain name, free SSL Certificate, 1-click installation, and many more services at a very affordable price. You can get a hosting plan with BlueHost at $2.95 per month but you only need to go for a 36-month plan. You can install WordPress very easily with a single click only and also all the features and services are very easy to use.

2.      Hostinger

Hostinger is already known and very famous as the Cheapest Web Hosting all over the world. If we are talking about affordable price then Hostinger is a default option that comes on top options. You will get a 99.99% uptime guarantee, 24/7 customer support, free domain, free SSL Certificate, unlimited storage, 100 GB Bandwidth, weekly website backups, and 30 days money-back guarantee. The cheapest hosting plan of Hostinger starting at $0.99 per month if you choose a plan for 48 months. The amazing deal is if you are a first-time customer then you will get a free site migration.

3.      Hostgator

Hostgator is a very popular and well-known company all over the world and currently hosts over 10 million websites. The starting plan starts at just $2.75 per month and you will get a 99.96% uptime guarantee, one-click WordPress installation, unlimited disk space, free SSL Certificate, automated backups, and 45 days money-back guarantee. You can get this price of plan only if you go with a 36-month plan. Free migration from another host is included in you sing up for an account. All the features are very easy to use and beginner-friendly.

4.      iPage

iPage is established in 1995 but the company doesn’t grow its size and recognition until the Endurance International Group (EIG) acquired it. The starting and the cheapest plan is starting at just $1.99 per month if you choose a plan for three years. The services that they offer are unlimited domain names and email addresses, unlimited websites, 99.94% uptime guarantee, 24/7 customer support, and a free SSL Certificate. So, it is also a very genuine option for newbies.

5.      Hostwinds

Hostwinds is a company that focuses on customer services and performance. The company offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, 24/7 customer support, Weebly website builder, unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, email accounts, and 60 days money-back guarantee. The cheapest hosting plan starts at $3.29 per month. Their host is extremely reliable and offering a very perfect performance to their users.

The Best Choice of Affordable Web Hosting for you


If you want to choose the Reasonable Web Hosting Providers then above we stated all the best and brilliant providers. You can get a very high level of uptime, fast speed, genuine and always available customer support, and money-back guarantee. The best value of the price is offering by those companies and offering very reliable services to host user’s websites. So, choose the best hosting provider that fulfills almost your every need.


Here you will get some FAQs that help you much more. All the questions solve the problems of many users.

What to look for in a cheap web host monthly plan?

The best web hosting provider is offering you the one-click installation of WordPress and other Blogging platforms, free domains or very cheap domains, Website email accounts, security features, supportive bandwidth, storage, uptime guarantee, customer support, and money-back guarantee.

Why a monthly hosting plan is best for a start-up business?

At the start of any business, a huge amount of cost will already invest in many things. And if you want to save your money in choosing web hosting. Best option is choosing a monthly plan for start-up of business website.

Which are good hosting plan Monthly or Yearly?

This answer is based on the user’s business durability. If your business is for the short term then the monthly plan of hosting is best for you.

Hostinger Vs Bluehost 2020 – Which is Best for you

Many peoples looking for cheapest and reliable hosting providers then BlueHost and Hostinger are the only names that are coming in mind. Both of the providers offering a very vast range of hosting types and amazing services. You will find almost everything that you need to host your website. Commonly people think that hosting providers are not too much but here are many providers are available in the market. But, few are the best in which many hosting providers offer a very wide range of services. Let us check a hot Comparison, BlueHost vs Hostinger, and all the important details listed here that help you too much in choosing the best hosting provider 2020.

Some points you have to consider while choosing Best Hosting Provider

Here many things that you need to consider while choosing the best hosting provider for your own website. Before we discuss which is the Best Hosting Provider- Bluehost or Hostinger, you have to know which types of services you need in your web hosting. First, you have to look for security, WordPress Optimization, easy to use cPanel, MySQL, PHP version, the value of money, uptime guarantee, speed, server location, and the most important thing is technical support. Some of the points are very important like server location, customer support, uptime guarantee, and speed. Apart from these, you need to look at the money-back guarantee of the provider.

Detailed Comparison between BlueHost and Hostinger

The best comparison of the top-rated companies is here. You will get almost everything that helps you to know about BlueHost or Hostinger.



BlueHost is one of the most reputed and popular web hosting providers. They offer a very wide range of features and services that suit the user’s needs. Almost millions of users are happy with it and regular host their website with it. The services that they offer are followings: –

  • A free domain for one year comes with its most of the plans.
  • Bluerock is the control panel that they used but it is very improved in speed and security that loved by many users.
  • Free SSD drives are included with every Shared Hosting plan.
  • It offers a free SSL Certificate and Cloudflare CDN.
  • It is the first hosting provider that is recommended by WordPress.
  • The customer support is 24/7 available.
  • One-click installation of WordPress and an uptime guarantee of 99.99%.
  • At the last 30 days money-back guarantee that helps you to ensure about the company.


Hostinger is the web hosting that is known for its cheapest web hosting plans. If you think that its plans are cheap then it is not powerful. So, you are wrong because it is offering very genuine hosting services and some are below.


  • A free domain offers in almost all plans except the Single Shared Plan.
  • Free website migration is a service that most of the competitors, not offers.
  • Free SSD drives come with all Shared Hosting plans.
  • Here also all plans come with free SSL Certificate and Cloudflare CDN.
  • The best part of the company is it can offer a $1 web hosting plan. If you go with 2 years subscription then you will get a $1 per month hosting plan that saves a lot of money.
  • The uptime guarantee is 99.99% that is very genuine.
  • The support team of experts is available 24/7 that help you any time for any issue. Actually, the customer support is very genuine because they can reply to you within 1 minute.
  • At last, the company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Both the providers are offering very good services and features that help you very much to host your website. But, choosing a one from both is a little complicated because both the providers are offering very best services. Many peoples are looking for the cheapest hosting provider then Hostinger is the best option for you. On the other hand, if you want unlimited services like bandwidth, storage, and websites then BlueHost is the best option for you. So, a Comparision between BlueHost and Hostinger is very important because both are giving very tough competition with each other. You will very easily see in the above comparison.

Top 10 Windows Dedicated Server Hosting 2020

Creating a website is not a simple task because you need to know everything and build your online destination with commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Security, and other factors in your mind. The most important part is choosing the best web hosting. Normally users start with Shared hosting because it is the cheapest hosting ever but after the website reaches good level traffic and starts earning money then the users need to upgrade their hosting plan. The best type of web hosting is Dedicated Server Hosting. Here users get a server that is completely working to the user. Many genuine services and features make it the best web hosting type. But, the user wants to know which the Best Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Provider is, and here we give you the answer to this question. We listed the top hosting provider all over the world and all provide very amazing services to users.

Top 10 Best Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Provider 2020

We all know that web hosting is a very essential part to create a very genuine website. If you want to choose the web hosting provider then below we discussed.


1.      Hostgator

Hostgator is an already very popular web hosting company and normally millions of users are purchasing their web hosting services. When it comes to Dedicated Server Hosting then Hostgator is offering a very genuine service to users. The combination of High bandwidth, CPU cores, and RAM put it on the top of the list. It gets a 5-star rating for its customer support which is available 24/7 via live chat, phone call, and email ticketing. The amazing point if a 99.99% uptime guarantee but all you need to buy is money. The plans of its Hosting is expensive because it is providing such an amazing service.

2.      BlueHost

BlueHost is a web hosting provider that offer their hosting services at a very cheap rate. But, if you think that it is cheaper then its services not more impressive then don’t compromise with its quality. The customer support is very genuine and available 24/7, free backups, 99.98% uptime guarantee, free domain for 1 year, free SSL Certificate, and 4 CPU cores. So, all the services are very brilliant that help you in choosing the best Dedicated Server Hosting for your use.

3.      InMotion

InMotion offering a very genuine Web Hosting but the only reason it is Top Three Dedicated Hosting Providers is its various plans. Yes, if you go with it then you have to pay up to $519 per month but you will get 16 CPUs. Its uptime guarantee is 99.97%, great customer support, and the company offers 6 plans for its powerful server hosting. So, you will get almost everything that you need but you have to pay more for your services.

4.      A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is known for its best support team. Many web hosting provider is not able to focus on customer’s problem and this creates a huge loss in their business. With A2 Hosting you will never face any issue related to your web hosting. But the only thing that you need is the uptime guarantee because the company offering a 99.95% only and the price is also high as compared to others.

5.      SiteGround

SiteGround doesn’t offer promotional pricing and its price is also expensive. The uptime guarantee is 99.98% but the other services are not too impressive. You will not able to get free backups and also low bandwidth with all plans. Normally the company offers three plans for Dedicated Server Hosting and it is suitable for large websites that need more CPUs.

6.      iPage

iPage is a very well-known web hosting provider and it can provide almost all the service but the only reason it is not able to enter the Top Ten Dedicated Server Hosting Providers is it does not excel at a particular area. All the features are best, free backups, and offering 3 plans for powerful server hosting. The best part is iPage offering a 99.99% uptime guarantee but not containing top position because its features are good but not as much as Hostgator and BlueHost offers.

7.      GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a very popular website builder platform. It is also a very genuine leading domain name vendors in the world. Many peoples go with GoDaddy windows hosting because of the complete business experience and it offers online marketing and web security tools. Also, you will get unmetered bandwidth but the storage of memory increases when you upgrade your plans.

8.      DreamHost

DreamHost is not able to provide very good web hosting but it excels at storage space through its plans come up to 64 GB RAM. The uptime guarantee that they offer is 99.95% which is not as good as other offers. The customer support is also lacking between phone calls or live chat. DreamHost offers 2 plans for their Dedicated Server Hosting one at $169 per month and another at $399 per month.

9.      Hostwinds

Hostwinds is a dedicated reseller that offers very cheap options with lots of storage. The startup pan of Hostwinds is $100 per month that is actually a very affordable price. The company offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, unlimited monthly data transfers, and the support team is available with a phone or live chat.

10.  Arvixe Web Hosting

Arvixe Web Hosting offering only for the traditional hard-drive-based servers. Its Dedicated Server Hosting starts at $131 per month which is an affordable price compare to above-listed companies. The company also offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee, lots of storage, but the only thing that the company needs to improve is customer support. The company is preferable for small websites and providing almost every service that they need.


In the end, we just want to say that the Best Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Providers is that which suits all the needs of the user’s website. Almost every service that you need is available in the above-listed web hosting providers. So, while choosing the best web hosting provider you have to consider which type of services that your website needs.

The Best Dedicated Server Hosting 2020 for Gaming

Selecting a good Server is a problem for many users for today’s generation gaming is comes in trend very soon and normally peoples attracted to heavy games very easily. If you want to play a very genuine game in your system then you need the Best Dedicated Server Hosting for Games. Playing with a powerful server is to improve your experience very much and you will never face any issue and lack between your playing sessions. You can also able to customize a game more, play a different version of the most popular game, play with your friends online, and many more services that totally amaze you. It is similar to VPS hosting, in which you can get more RAM and the server is also completely for you.

How many Top Dedicated Hosting Server Providers are providing the best services?

The Top Dedicated Hosting Server Providers for Gaming are listed below that help you so much in playing any game without any restrictions.


1.      Hostgator

Hostgator is the best and genuine web hosting provider for Powerful Game Servers. Normally the company is already very popular and many users are known very well. It has proven reliable but the price that Hostgator offers at a very higher end. It offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee and unmetered Bandwidth. There are the three plans for powerful game servers stated at the Cheapest at $189 per month, Power at $249 per month, and Enterprise at $289 per month. But, if you go with its basic plan then you will not get a choice between SSD and HDD because that starts with next priced plans. You will get very genuine customer support that available 24/7 to help you. So, here all you need is available.

2.      BlueHost

BlueHost is also offering very genuine web hosting services and also comes on top whenever questioned about a good hosting option. It will also offer the best dedicated game server hosting starting at $79.99 per month for new user and normally $119.99 per month, enhanced plan $99.99 per month for new users and $159.99 per month for normally, and Premium Plan $119.99 per month for new user and $209.99 per month for normally. So, here you see that you will get many amazing offers at starting to choose any plan. You will get a Free SSL Certificate in all plans, fast speed, easy to use, secure, and 30 days money-back guarantee. As you see that BlueHost is more affordable than Hostgator. So you can choose it for the affordable servers for games.

3.      InMotion Hosting

InMotion hosting all the powerful Servers with SSD for no cost. It’s more affordable than other hosting companies because the plan starting at $115.69 per month currently with a special offer. But the regular price is a little higher and going up to $169.99 per month. There is the company offering 6 plans to people who want to shop for a Dedicated Game Server Hosting option. The first plan name is Essential plan, then Advanced, the Elite, the CC-500, the CC-1000, and the CC-2000. The uptime guarantee is a 99.99% along with DDoS protection and 24/7 availability of customer support. But you have to pay for more advanced services like Secondary drives, backup hard drives, hardware firewall, remote KVM, power supply, more memory, and better primary drives.


Basically different games need different requirements and all the requirements are fulfilled by a genuine Powerful Server Hosting. We listed the top 3 web hosting providers above and their services with the price range. At the top, Hostgator is offering a very brilliant service and suite all needs that a user wants to play a game. With it, you can install and play any game with the best features but you need to compromise with is the price. It is normal if you want a very brilliant and outstanding service then you have to pay more. On the second, BlueHost is providing the best and unbeatable service at a reasonable price range. You can see that here BlueHost is more affordable than Hostgator. And you will easily purchase it for their massive services.

At the last in our list is InMotion Hosting that giving almost all the services at very cheap rates. You can very easily afford it. If we compare it from the above options then it is cheaper than others. Here our discussion ends and you will get the best Dedicated Server Hosting for Games of 2020. All the hosting providers are giving you very genuine services.

5 Best $1 WordPress Hosting Companies 2020

When anyone is going to start their new web hosting plan they always want to buy web hosting from the most affordable company. There are numerous web host companies around the world who provide hosting services at different prices but here in this article we going to talk about those companies who provide $1 WordPress hosting. WordPress Hosting service is now the most needed for every WordPress website holder because it increases the speed, performance, accuracy, and reliability of your website. Choosing the best WordPress hosting company is difficult sometimes and because here are more options you will have when you going to choose it.  In this post we about one of the top 5 $1 WordPress hosting companies who offer hosting plan at $1 for you. Here you have a great chance to find out the best hosting company for buy WordPress hosting services from all these companies which we going to share with you.

Top 5 affordable WordPress Hosting companies in India

Here are the 5 most affordable WordPress web hosting companies that provide the most reliable plans in under the price of $1. You can easily choose any of web hosting companies from all this for and all this hosting company has most demanded in offers web hosting solutions to you.


  1. Hostinger: It is one of the most affordable web hosting company which is best for newly startups. You can start your plan @ $0.99/month.  With this, you can host one website and one email account to go alongside. It is also the best for WordPress websites. Here are the more features which you will get when you buy a hosting plan from Hostinger.
  • It offers bandwidth up to 100GB
  • 1 Free SSL certificate
  • 1 website
  • 1 email account
  • 24/7/365 best customer support
  • Uptime speed of 99.9%
  1. Namecheap: It comes on the 2nd number when we talk about the most affordable WordPress web hosting companies. Namecheap is known as the world’s best domain registrar and web hosting Provide Company is reasonable price.  With Namecheap, you can start your plan @ $1.44/month and in this, you will get a lot of best features. It is also affordable and good for WordPress website holders.
  • It offer to choose UK and US based data center.
  • It offers 20 GB SSD
  • Accelerated Disk space
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Host 3 website with any cheapest plan
  • Best uptime speed of 99.9%
  1. iPage: If you are struggling to find out the excellent web hosting services in affordable rates then choosing these hosting plans from iPage is best option for you.  It has a brand one and best value in the name of WordPress web hosting companies. It offers great features to you whenever you choose it. here are the features
  • Start your plan @ $1.99/month
  • Easy setup and superb reliability
  • You will also get free Domain for one year
  • Unlimited bandwidth and email accounts
  • It also offers a free WebSite builder
  1. GoDaddy: It is one of the world’s largest domain registrar companies around the world where you have so many options to buy domain names for your website and different kind of web hosting services. GoDaddy has a big name across the globe in providing the best hosting plans. It is also best for the WordPress website because it offers the best speed and uptime guarantee, the best value of your money. You can start a plan with GoDaddy @ $1/month. Here are the features which GoDaddy does provide you.
  • It offers the best load time speed to your website
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Unlimited storage
  • You can choose between cPanel or Plesk control panels
  • Award winning in providing 24/7 customer support
  • It also offers a free domain for the whole year
  1. BigRock: It is also one of the great web hosting company for a startup. It offers the best kind of features for any kind of website builder. You can start your plan with BigRock @ RS: 99/month which is around $1 for you. Here are the best features which you will get when you buy a web host plan from BigRock.
  • It offers unlimited Domains and email address
  • Unmetered disc space and bandwidth
  • 9% best speed of uptime
  • It offers only 20 GB space

What are the key points which you should remember while choosing WordPress web hosting?

There are so many options which any should remember when they going to buy WordPress web hosting. Choosing hosting services for WordPress website is difficult sometimes because there are lots of points that you consider before buying this. Here are the key points:

  • Value for money: There are lots of options for choosing the best WordPress hosting company but not all the companies are providing those things which you need the most. ‘Value for money’ is the first thing that every customer wants when they going to buy anything. You will get the best value for money when web hosting companies offer features like free domain. Free SSL certificate, CDN, and many more features like this.
  • Speed: Speed is one of the most important factors for any website. If your website doesn’t have the best and reliable speed, it means your website will not capable to obtain a huge traffic rate. So it is important that when you choose a web hosting for your WordPress website you will choose the one who offers the best speed to every to your website.
  • Uptime speed: It is also necessary for having the best uptime speed of 100%. Choose always hosting from those companies who offer best uptime guarantee along with every hosting plan.
  • Response time: Response time is also important for any website. You have to choose to host from that company that minimum provides a response time of 200ms for your website.

These all the points is important while choosing WordPress hosting company and the discussion which we does above about Best 5 $1 WordPress Hosting companies is best in providing all these features to you. So that you can easily choose anyone from them.

Helping Guide – How to start a blog with Hostinger

The blog is needful? If yes then Why?

If you are done your all work at the time and still make time for personal then why we said you to add a daily task in your worklist. Is not something that we talking to add in your work without any reason. We are talking about Blogging because if you have done it properly then it is a very productive practice that supports and benefits you personally, professionally, and financially. Many peoples like writing and many of them make it their profession and earn a lot of money by wrote on some topics daily. Blogging is needful to your personal as well as professional because personally you will get earning and professionally you will get support to your website. So, this is not a very complicated or tough task it is very simple that you do it for free as well as paid.

Choosing between Free Blog or Self-Hosted Blogging Platform

As we discussed above you can get it for free or paid both are available for you. But, Free Blog is really helpful, or should you go with Hosting? Many peoples are want to know that Free Blog is right or paid ones? So, it is simple that a free one is the best for giving start-up and after that, you need to go for paid features. Many platforms are available to give your free available without any hesitation like and you can very easily customization but here you will get many cons like your domain will come with a sub-domain, you have to face limit to use plugins, limited bandwidth, video time, memory space, and you will not able to place an advertisement. So, all the things are thrown your mind towards Self-Hosted Blog that will help you from all aspects.

Why Domain Name and Hosting is Important for a Blog?

Many people think that hosting and domain are not important if they create a blog but it is essential if you take it very seriously. Many people have done blogging only for time pass and entertainment for those a domain name is not an important part because they can run with a sub-domain also. If you want to make a very impressive blog and want to reach a very top position and high traffic then you need a Domain Name and Hosting. It is not very expensive and you can get your domain at just $1 to $13. Hosting is a very important part to host your blog with the best hosting provider. You can easily customize and host with a very genuine hosting provider. With it, you can boost to peak performance. All the things that you need to create and host are available to your hosting plans.

Choosing Hostinger to give a massive start to Blog is best

Starting a website is not too much easy because if you want to make your entire concentration on your blog then you have to do many extraordinary works for it. So, after choosing a domain you need to choose the best hosting provider and it is a very difficult task to choose one from many. The best hosting type for the start-up is shared hosting because you can get it only for $0.99 per month if you go with Hostinger. After that, you will get many amazing and genuine features and services that help you very much to give a very massive start. So, to say that Hostinger is really helpful to increase the performance of your blogging site is not wrong. You can get many easy to use services that never hesitate you and you not need more technical knowledge to create a very attractive blog.

How to Start a Blog with Hostinger?

As we discussed almost all the things that you need to start a blog. After that, your work did not end because you have to do many efforts to make it very professional and unique. Normally after setting all the things peoples want to earn money from it but for that, you need to do many things that help you. First, you need a very high level of organic traffic that is visiting from their queries and they expect all the queries are solved after they visit. So, you have to set your niche that almost loved by everyone. For best CMS, Hostinger is the best option for Blog because you will very easily start without knowing too much technical knowledge. If you want to know the steps then below we listed.

  • First, you have to visit, then you choose a plan, and after you choose to click the button “Get Started Now”.
  • You will get 3 plans Single, Premium, and Startup. Also, you will get $2.15 per month which is very affordable.
  • After that, you will redirect to Checkout Page and make sure for which time you have to pay for. By default, the selected plan is for 48 months and if you choose it then you will save up to 46% on your hosting plan.
  • After purchasing a hosting plan with Hostinger, you have to just click for installing WordPress and creating your blog. Many features and easy to use control panel is very helpful for you and you will very easily make as you want to create.

A complete discussion now going to end because all the things that clearly justify that How to start a Blog with Hostinger are listed above. So, just visit and give a very impactful start that helps you so much about reaching on top very soon. The helpful and easy control panel functions are very amazing. So, explore it and then start creating.

HostGator Vs Bluehost 2020- Which Hosting plan should you choose for hosting website?

Are you searching for the best web hosting provider? If yes so here you will get to know about two best hosting providers. In this article, a complete comparison of Hostgator vs Bluehost has been describing. Bluehost web hosting and HostGator web hosting both are best on their own. But it becomes the choice for an organization or individual because their features, plans, and pricing are different. So how could you get to know about each of them & their best plans of hosting? Every hosting provider has its strategy, pricing of plan what they offer but on buying of hosting you can save your money. If you use Bluehost coupon code or HostGator promo code and other discount deals. Let us know before about the HostGator company and Bluehost Company.

About HostGator and Bluehost

HostGator was founded at the place of Florida Atlantic University. The founder is Brent Oxley and headquarter is in Houston & Austin, Texas.

  • The HostGator domain has chosen on 22 Oct 2002.
  • The founder is Brent Oxley.
  • It got 112 active customers in the year 2003.
  • Later on, it has expanded at the international level by open an office in Brazil.
  • It gained around 100,000 customers in the middle of 2008.

Bluehost company has been founded in the year 2003. It was founded by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo, Utah. At the start, it provides power to the website that is 2M+ over worldwide.

  • On com, in the year 2007 more than 500,000 domain was registered.
  • It crossed 1 million domain registration in June 2008.
  • In 2010, it has taken by an endurance international group (EIG).
  • Bluehost launched VPS and dedicated hosting solutions in 2013.

What are the types of Web hosting offered by Bluehost and HostGator?

hostgator and bluehost products

There are many different Bluehost products that you can choose according to your need and the website’s requirement. These are:-

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting

HostGator company provides different hosting plans and types of web hosting.

  • Cloud Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Reseller Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Application Hosting
  • Window Hosting
  • Website Builder

Hosting Domain Provider – Bluehost & HostGator

save your money on bluehost & hostgator plans

HostGator and Bluehost also provide the Bluehost domain and HostGator domain registration plan. You can any extension like .com, .net, .org, and other extensions one year plan by Bluehost. Bluehost domain price for .com is $11.99/year and .org price is $8.99/year. Other domain extensions pricing is different but you can use the Bluehost domain discount coupon to get a discount on it.

Same as HostGator company provides domain registration plans and it .com plans to start at $12.95/year. Domain should be perfect that suits your website and match to the content and keyword you are using. It means the domain should be easy to remember and can pronounce by an individual. HostGator domain buy is easy for any user. It .tech extension price is $3.95/year, .site is $0.95/year, and .net, .org, .co, .info same price $12.95/year.

Best features of HostGator Hosting

  1. 98% Uptime
  2. Faster loading speed
  3. 24// customer support
  4. Multiple support channels
  5. One-click WordPress installation
  6. Free SSL certificate
  7. The free Domain name for 1 year
  8. 45-days money-back guarantee

Best features of Bluehost Hosting

  1. Fast web page loading speed
  2. 24/7 support to customers
  3. Free domain name with a qualifying plan
  4. 30-days money-back guarantee
  5. Free SSL certificate
  6. 1 Click WordPress Installation

Shared  web hosting Plans of HostGator & Bluehost

Shared hosting is best for small kinds of businesses, like for blogging and another small business site. If you are a beginner then you can choose this. HostGator shared hosting includes hatchling plan, HostGator baby plan, and business plan.

Get up to 60% off HostGator Baby Plan

hostgator shared hosting baby plan

If you choose the baby plan in HostGator then for purchasing this you have to pay more than Hatchling plan. But Use HostGator Coupon Code if you want to purchase this plan and save up to 60% on it.

Benefits of HostGator Baby Plan

  • Unlimited domain
  • 1 click WordPress installation
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free Domain included
  • Unmetered bandwidth
  • Free cPanel website transfer

Other HostGator plan is Hatchling and Business plan


Hatchling Plan ($2.75/mo*)


Business Plan ($5.95/mo*)

Single domain Unlimited domains
1-click WordPress install 1-click WordPress install
Free WordPress/cPanel website transfer Free WordPress/cPanel website transfer
Unmetered bandwidth Unmetered bandwidth
Free SSL certificate Free SSL certificate
Free domain included free upgrade to positive SSL
Free dedicated IP
Free SEO tools
Free domain included


Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans

Basic ($2.95/mo*) Plus ($4.95/mo*) Choice Plus ($4.95/mo*) Pro ($13.95/mo*)
1 website Unlimited websites Unlimited websites Unlimited websites
50 GB SSD storage space Unlimited SSD storage space Unlimited SSD storage space Unlimited SSD storage space
1 included domain Unlimited domain Unlimited domain Unlimited domain
5 parked domain Unlimited parked domain Unlimited parked domain Unlimited parked domain
25 subdomains Unlimited subdomains Unlimited subdomains Unlimited subdomains
Dedicated IP
Site backup Site backup
1 Microsoft-365 mailbox 1 Microsoft-365 mailbox 1 Microsoft-365 mailbox

Hostgator Vs Bluehost VPS Web Hosting

bluehost Vs HostGator VPS hosting plans

VPS means the virtual private server, if your business small or medium then it is the best VPS hosting for your business. Both Bluehost and HostGator gives more than 1 VPS hosting plan. Bluehost web hosting service is the best and affordable plan that you can buy. If you want to buy any plan of Bluehost or Hostgator VPS hosting then you can get a discount by using the HostGator discount coupon. Let’s compare the VPS hosting features of Hostgator VS Bluehost.

Bluehost VPS Hosting Plans

Standard ($18.99/mo*) Enhanced ($29.99/mo*) Ultimate ($59.99/mo*)
30 GB storage of SSD 60 GB storage of SSD 120 GB storage of SSD
1 TB Bandwidth 2 TB Bandwidth 3 TB Bandwidth
1  IP Address 2 IP Address 3 IP Address
2 Cores 2 Cores 4  Cores

HostGator VPS Hosting Plans

Hostgator offers three VPS hosting plans that are 75% off and one is 73% off.

Snappy 2000 ($19.95/mo*) Snappy 4000 ($29.95/mo*) Snappy 8000 ($39.95/mo*)
75% off 75% off 73% off
120 GB disk space 165 GB disk space 240 GB disk space
2 Core CPU 2 Core CPU 4 Core CPU
1.5 TB Bandwidth 2 TB Bandwidth 3 TB Bandwidth

HostGator & Bluehost Dedicated Web Hosting

bluehost Vs HostGator dedicated hosting plans

Dedicated hosting is best for medium or large businesses. A physical server provided that is completed dedicated to your website. Bluehost dedicated hosting and Hostgator dedicated hosting is faster than shared and VPS web hosting. Bluehost provides three dedicated hosting plans that are standard, enhanced, and premium. HostGator also provides three kinds of HostGator dedicated hosting plans is value server, power server, and enterprise server.

Advantages of Dedicated Web Hosting

  • Maximum performance
  • Advanced management
  • Unlimited database
  • World-class customer support
  • You do not need to share your resources as shared hosting with any other.
Enhanced plan of Bluehost ($99.99/mo*) Power server plan of HostGator ($119.89/mo*)
4 cores @ 2.5 GHz 8 core/16 thread
4 IP address 2 TB HDD or 512 SSD storage
10 TB Bandwidth Unmetered bandwidth
1 TB mirrored storage Linux or window OX
Cloud web hosting

hostgator cloud web hosting

Cloud web hosting is provided by the HostGator, this product service is not included in the Bluehost. So if you are searching for a cloud web hosting provider then it is HostGator that gives you the best plans. In cloud hosting, you will get resources from the multiple virtual servers. It does not let your website slow down, as it is reliable, scalable, and flexible. You can launch your website in the cloud hosting with a starting price of $4.95/month. There are three cloud hosting plans for HostGator with different plan pricing. But you can get a discount on purchasing it by using the HostGator cloud hosting discount code. Hatchling cloud, baby cloud, and business cloud but the recommended plan is Baby Cloud plan.

Benefits of HostGator cloud hosting

  • Automatic site backup and restore.
  • Website security from hackers, viruses, and malware.
  • Privacy protection.
  • Free SSL certificate & unmetered bandwidth.
WordPress Web Hosting – Hostgator Vs Bluehost

bluehost Vs hostgator WordPress hosting

WordPress hosting is perfect for your small or medium businesses. You will get three plans in Bluehost and Hostgator. Starter, standard, and business plan that is included in HostGator WordPress web hosting. Basic, plus, and choice plus plans are included in Bluehost WordPress hosting.

HostGator WordPress Web Hosting Plans

Starter Plan ($5.95/month) Standard Plan ($7.95/month) Business Plan ($9.95/month)
Free domain included Free domain included Free domain included
Free SSL certificate Free SSL certificate Free SSL certificate
1 GB backups 2 GB backups  3 GB backups
1 site 2 sites  3 sites
100k visits per month 200k visits per month 500k visits per month
40% off 50% off 57% off

Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans

Basic ($2.95/mo*) Plus ($4.95/mo*) Choice Plus ($4.95/mo*)
50 GB SSD storage Unlimited SSD storage Unlimited SSD storage
Free SSL certificate Free SSL certificate Free SSL certificate
1 website Unlimited websites Unlimited websites
5 parked domains Unlimited parked domains Unlimited parked domains
25 subdomains Unlimited subdomains Unlimited subdomains
The free domain name for 1 year A free domain name for 1 year A free domain name for 1 year
CodeGuard Basic Backup
Customer Support & Guarantee

Hostgator & Bluehost customer support

Both web hosting provider company gives you full support to the customers. You will get 24/7/365 support via phone call, live chat, or e-mail. A toll-free number is (866) 964 – 2867 for Hostgator customer support and 888-401-4678 is Bluehost customer support. Bluehost gives 30 days money-back guarantee and 45-days money-back guarantee.


faqs Hostgator & Bluehost

Can I upgrade my hosting plan later?

Yes, of course, Bluehost and HostGator both provide upgrading options on your hosting plan. Because after purchasing one plan you might require more resources, data, and protection. So here, on the Bluehost and HostGator, you can upgrade any plan. You might require to upgrade the shared plan from hatchling plan to baby plan or baby plan to business plan in HostGator.

Does Bluehost offer a cloud hosting service?

Cloud hosting is best for you because you get faster loading speed and it does not let you feel of fewer resources. But Bluehost is not offered cloud hosting, it provides dedicated, VPS, shared, reseller, WordPress, and domain registration services.

When will my website start working in HostGator?

To get started your website it can take 24 hours to 48 hours to record it DNS. Even it can start working before 24 hours.

Can I get my money back?

Yes, both Bluehost and HostGator provide every user money-back guarantee. But Bluehost provides 30-days money-back guarantee and Hostgator 45-days money-back guarantee.

Which hosting plan is best for my need?

It is clearly discussed above that helps you to choose the best hosting plan. Before purchasing any plan you should choose the type of web hosting like shared, VPS, dedicated, or other. If you are new and choose shared hosting then the hatchling plan is perfect for you. You will get all features provided in each plan. Do not worry because If you require more data and resources so you can upgrade this later on.

Get discount on Bluehost and Hostgator hosting plans

As we have discussed above both companies provided the best hosting plans. But you can choose any type of hosting plan as per your business size or website. If you are a beginner then HostGator shared hosting or Bluehost shared hosting will be the perfect choice for you. But if you are running a medium or large business website then you will require more resources and data with privacy, protection. So for your medium or large businesses reseller web hosting, dedicated hosting, VPS hosting, cloud hosting is best. It depends on your choice of plan you prefer to buy, but HostGator gives a discount if you use HostGator Promo Codes. Not only HostGator but Bluehost also provides hosting plans at the lowest price so that you can save money by Bluehost coupons.

How to get rid off of the HostGator Alligator?

Hostgator one os the best leading firm in the hosting world. Hostgator Alligator is the most popular icon in the hosting world. Its favicon is enough to know the name of the Hostgator web hosting firm. But when you buy a hosting plan from HostGator then it sets a default favicon on your website. Hostgator Alligator shows a brand name. If you want to know how to get rid off of the Hostgator Faviconthen here comes the best tutorial for you. On many brands websites, you saw its brand icon in the URLs it is known as Favicon.

What is a favicon?

What is Favicon

A favicon is a website icon that is also known as a short cut icon, Tab icon, URL icon, and bookmark icon. A favicon is a small, iconic image that represents your website. You will find the favicon in the address bar of a web browser. Sometimes a favicon is similar to the logo of the website so it becomes easy for a user to identify your website. As you see in the alligator in the Hostgator website and the same alligator is found as the favicon of HostGator in its website Url.

What type of images and size of the favicon?

The latest version of favicon that is easy to recognize is png, gif, and jpg format of the images. If you want to create your Favicon then you can create it with the help of the In this creating website, you will get want you to want to create a website easily.

The dimensions of the favicon are 16*16px size. But it also could be 32*32px or 128*128px you can set according to your needs.

You can choose the size of the favicon according to your desire. The size included in the size of favicon are:-

  • 16*16px
  • 32*32px
  • 48*48px
  • 64*64px
  • 128*128px

How to get a Favicon?

Generate favicon

Here are many awesome ways to create a favicon icon. The only thing you have to do is to create enter your website address or website title or tools that will take care of it for you. The platform where you can create your favicon is:-

  • io
  • Icons8

After creating a favicon of your website know how to remove Hostgator Favicon. After removing the favicon of the Hostgator set your website favicon.

What are the steps to get rid off from the Hostgator Alligator?

Steps to change Hostgator Alligator

A favicon is very valuable for your website. It makes your website easy to recognize for all the users. It becomes a brand icon of your website. But before using your favicon you muc=st learn how to remove the default favicon of the Hostgator. Follow the easy steps and set your favicon.

1.     Create your Favicon File

Go with the above-mentioned favicon creator and create your favicon. You need to design the jpeg and png format logo and then convert it into a specific resolution. After creating a logo save it in.ICO. into your website root directory. (/public_html/). Try to create an icon with the 16*16px dimensions. For creating favicon you can get help from the above-mentioned favicon creators.

2.     Upload the Favicon into the Root folder

  • Login to the Hostgator Cpanel
  • Find your find manager link and click on it,.
  • Ater clicks on it you will see the home & root folder. You will not find any icon there.
  • Click on the upload button to upload your created icon. Select the option of the overwrite existing files to remove any existing favicon file on the root directory.

3.     Upload the Favicon File in the WordPress themes Folder

Steps to change Hostgator Alligator

After successfully uploading the favicon in the root, you need to copy the favicon. Follow the steps now and upload your favicon on your website.

  • /wp-content/themes/
  • Upload the favicon in the theme folder
  • Edit Header.php

Header.php can be easily edited by using the WordPress Admin page.

  • Login into your website through and login to it.
  • Click on the appearance button then theme editor. Appearance>Theme Editor

On the theme editor page add the following line after the <Head> tags:-

<link rel=“shortcut icon” href=“/favicon.ico” type=“image/x-icon”> <link rel=“icon” href=“/favicon.ico” type=“image/x-icon”>

After pasting on it click on the save button usually the favicon will not change directly. I recommend you to restart your PC to clear the favicon cache saved by the browser. Now you will get your created favicon and you get rid off from the Hostgator favicon.

Another easy way to add your Website Favicon

Way to change Hostgator favicon

  • Login to your website through
  • Click on the appearance button then customize then click on the site title logo then go to the icon and change it as you want.

What is the benefit of the favicon?

A favicon will helps many users to identify your website among many different websites. This will helps you in creating your brand icon that becomes easy to recognize for all the users. If you create your website favicon then you will get multiple benefits:-

Benefits Of favicon

  • Detects your website identity & interface
  • Give kind of trust to your website
  • A favicon increases brand awareness among all the audience.
  • Load required pages faster than a bookmark
  • A favicon display on the google search engine besides the website title.

Conclusion:- How to get rid off of Hostgator Alligator?

With the help of the above-mentioned information, you will get to know about the favicon. And how to get rid off of Hostgator Alligator. With the help of the above mentioned easy steps, you change or create your website favicon easily.  The steps are easy to use and understand. Still, if you are facing trouble in changing its favicon then you can connect with us through the comment box or one of the best places is Hostgator 24/7 Support services.

So get set go and change the favicon of your website through the mentioned above steps. I hope you will succeed in this work very well through the mentioned details.

How long does it take to install WordPress Hostgator?

WordPress is the easiest way to create a website. Many of the best web hosting firms offer you the best web hosting services. A maximum web hosting provider offers WordPress web hosting. But in the Hostgator web hosting plan, you will get free WordPress web hosting services. You can easily install WordPress in shared web hosting, VPS hosting, and other web hosting. With the WordPress hosting plan of services creating a blog becomes too simple and easy for users. Only in a few minutes, you can install WordPress in any Hostgator web hosting plan.

Before installing this if you are thinking how much time this will take to install WordPress Hostgator. Here you will get a solution to all the questions that you are facing before using Hostgator free WordPress services.

How long does Hostgator take to install WordPress?

Hostgator wordpress Install Time

If you are going to install WordPress then it only takes 5-10 minutes to install. The process of installing WordPress is too simple for any user. A beginner is also able to install WordPress in Hostgator in a few minutes you only have to follow some steps to install WordPress in Hostgator.

If you want to buy a web hosting plan from HostGator and want to install the WordPress free of then follow the steps I am going to explain in this blog.

Also, Read… How to add Https on WordPress of Hostgator?

What are the steps to install WordPress in Hostgator?

Install WordPress services on Hostgator shared web hosting plan. This content aims to guide all the users who want to add the services of Hostgator in its hosting plan in less than 15 minutes. If you fo with the mentioned guidance then you can easily install WordPress just in a few minutes. The steps to install WordPress are:-

  1. Visit the Official siteHostGator Official Website
  2. Choose the web hosting section and choose a plan between Hatchling, baby, or business. If you want to start with the nominal cost then you choose the Hatchling plan.Hostgator Hosting Plan
  3. After selecting a plan, on the next page fill the required information that Hostgator asked before shop a hosting plan.Hostgator wordpress Details
  • Select a domain name & extension as you want.
  • Choose a hosting plan, price, and type username & password in it.
  • Enter your billing information email, name, company, phone number, address, and select the payment option from credit card & PayPal.
  • Add additional services as per your requirement.
  • Enter a Hostgator Coupon Code to save the maximum amount.
  • Review the order details as per your selected information.
  • Click on the terms and condition box and click on the Checkout Now.

This one is the process to buy a hosting plan from Hostgator. With the help of the above steps, you can easily own a web hosting plan for the Hostgator.

“Check your email account you will receive a link to login into the Cpanel. You will also get a username and password for login.

Now learn steps to install WordPress in Hostgator

  • Login into the HostGator Cpanel.Hostgator Cpanel Login
  • Find the software section and click on the quick install.Hostgator Quick Install WordPress
  • Click on the WordPress option appear on the screenHostgator Cpanel WordPress
  • Write the domain name on which you want to install WordPress.
  • On the next page write the blog title, Admin users name, First name, Last Name, Admin Email, check the terms and services box and click on the install.Hostgator WordPress Install
  • Once WordPress installed then you will receive the login user name and password.
  • Click on the login button and fill username and password and click login. Congratulation you successfully login into the WordPress site.

Through this process, you can easily install WordPress in Hostgator just in 10 to 15 minutes. So go with the mentioned detail and save your time and use the services of WordPress easily.

BlueHost Web Hosting Review 2020

BlueHost is one of the most trusted companies all over the world. Their plans are affordable and reliable. BlueHost has a good record for a long time. Although, we all know that nothing is perfect in the world. So, BlueHost has some cons also. We will discuss both topics the pros and cons of Bluehost in this BlueHost Review. This review is based on lots of experiments and surveys. We will also discuss the different packages and plans for BlueHost. After reading this article you will get almost everything you want to know about the BlueHost.

Background of BlueHost

BlueHost is started in 1996 by Matt Heaton That time BlueHost was known as then in 2003, after the successful startup, they renamed his company from 0catch to BlueHost. Currently, BlueHost is hosting more than 2 million websites that show the popularity of the BlueHost.

BlueHost has a partnership with WordPress for over 10 years. They maintain a special team to support WordPress. An engineering team is also there for the core development of WordPress.

Why should you Choose BlueHost?

BlueHost Pros and Cons

There are several benefits to BlueHost. If you are thinking that why should you choose BlueHost? Then we will give you the answer. Let’s begin.

  • Great uptime- BlueHost uptime is 99.99%. This is a good uptime. Any server needs to have good uptime. If your server’s uptime is not good. So, there is a strong possibility that you are going to face lots of difficulties in the future.
  • A free SSL Certificate-SSL Certificate is a must. If you want to secure your website. Bluehost provides a free SSL certificate.
  • Free Domain- When you thing to start a website the first thing you need is a domain name. Most of the companies take extra charges to give a domain name. But in the case of BlueHost, if you purchase hosting from BlueHost then you will get a free domain name.
  • Excellent Customer support-BlueHost Customer Support is very reliable and they are very supportive. When we called the BlueHost support team our call connected within 12 seconds. They listen to our problem patiently and help us. They answered every question very calmly and in an easy language. If you are not comfortable with the phone. You can use live chat and many features are available to support you.

Those were some reasons that why should you choose BlueHost or you can say the pros of BlueHost. I hope you got the answer. Now let’s take a look at the cons of BlueHost.

Cons of  Bluehost

As we all know that nothing is perfect in the world. Similarly, BlueHost has not only pros but it has cons also.

  • Renewal prices are high-You can get hosting or domain at a low price on BlueHost. But at the time of renewal, you have to pay more amount compared to the last amount. This is a common phenomenon with every hosting company.
  • No Free Site Migration- Mostly companies provide free site migration but in the case of BlueHost. You have to pay a specific amount for site migration.

The next most common question. Which is generally people ask me that is BlueHost good for beginners? So if you also want to know the answer so let’s move on to the next paragraph.

Is BlueHost Good for the beginners?

BlueHost for Beginners

Generally, beginners face lots of confusion while choosing a hosting plan. To solve this problem and to find out the answers. We did many types of research and experiments and we got that BlueHost is good for beginners. Why?

  • Customized cPanel- It’s difficult for beginners to manage expert cPanel. BlueHost provides a customized cPanel which is easy to use for beginners.
  • Easy to install and use WordPress-WordPress has a partnership with BlueHost that makes it easy to use. BlueHost maintains a team for special support for WordPress users. So, if you are using WordPress then BlueHost can be a good option for you.
  • Technical knowledge not required you don’t have technical knowledge. Still, you can easily understand and use BlueHost.
  • Free Marketing Credits- When you will spend $25 on Google ads then you will get free $100 Marketing Credits to use on Google Ads. Similarly, if you spend $25 on Microsoft Advertising then you will get free $100 Marketing credits to use on Microsoft Advertising.
  • 30 days Money-Back Guarantee- Still if you have any doubt? You can take a trail of BlueHost. If you don’t feel satisfied then BlueHost provides 30 days money-back guarantee. Cancel your plan and you will easily get your refund.

So, You saw that Beginners have lots of benefits. If they choose BlueHost. After that, you must know that BlueHost doesn’t provide the only web hosting. They provide multiple services. In this Bluehost Review, You will get to know about all its plans & services offered by them to its users.

Services of BlueHost

BlueHost provides many types of services like domain name, Web Hosting, full-service website, SEO service, pay per click service, we will discuss all the services and plans one by one so you will be able to select the best for your website. The very first service we are going to discuss is the domain name.

Domain name

BlueHost Domain Name

 If you are thinking to create a website then the very first thing you need is a domain name. The domain name is the address of your website on the internet. It’s very easy to buy a domain from BlueHost. You will simply find the domain search bar on the website. Just check the availability of your domain and if it’s available then take it.
The prices of domain names differ as per your choice of domain name extension. Now, what is the domain name extension? In very simple words, the last part of your domain name is known as domain name extension. Like, .com, .in,.net ,.blog. Here are some popular LTDs and their prices on BlueHost.

  • .com-$11.99/year
  • .org-99/year
  • .net-$12.99/year
  • .tech-$4.99/year
  • .co-$9.99/year
  • .website-$11.99/year

Bluehost provides a free domain name for 1 year if you are purchasing hosting from Bluehost. Otherwise, you have to pay to get a domain. The second and the most popular service of BlueHost is Webhosting. So, move to the next para to get the knowledge about the packages of Webhosting at BlueHost.

Bluehost Web Hosting Plan

Bluehost Hosting Plans

BlueHost is known for its web hosting service. It has many different packages at relevant prices and every package has different plans. Here you will get a quite brief description of all packages. These are all packages that BlueHost provides.

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

All packages are different and made to fulfill the different needs of the users. Here we are going to discuss the very first basic BlueHost shared hosting plan. So let’s take a look at the Bluehost Shared hosting plan.

BlueHost shared Hosting Plan

Bluehost Shared Hosting

Bluehost provides a very cheap shared hosting plan. If you are puzzled that what is shared hosting? So, Shared hosting is that type of hosting where multiple users share a single server. BlueHost provides 4 Shared Hosting plans.

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Choice Plus
  • Pro

The very first basic BlueHost Shared hosting plan starts with just $2.95/mo*. Although, shared web hosting is quite slow loading speed compared to other plans. If you are planning to start a website or blogging then the basic plan can be a  good option for you.  After that, if you want to start multiple websites or blogging or you want to do experiments. So, you can choose the Plus or choice plus plan. Here you will get all the necessary features to run multiple websites. Pro is the highest price plan among all BlueHost Shared Hosting plans but the Pro plan has most features as well. You will get High Performance in Pro plan.

BlueHost VPS Hosting

Bluehost VPS Hosting

Before starting the BlueHost VPS plan, Let’s take a look at the question. what is VPS Hosting? VPS hosting is a mixture of shared and dedicated hosting. Here you will get an environment of dedicated hosting. BlueHost VPS hosting has 3 plans.

  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • Ultimate

The first BlueHost VPS hosting Plan starts with $18.99/mo*. Here you will get your operating system. So, Bluehost VPS hosting has a good level of security.  The loading time is also good compared to the shared hosting plan.

BlueHost Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

BlueHost Dedicated Hosting has the highest price hosting Plans but this plan has the highest features as well. It has 3 plans of Dedicated hosting. So, let’s see the plans.

  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • Premium

BlueHost Dedicated hosting plan starts with just $79.99/mo*. If you are running an e-commerce or you want to upgrade your plan from VPS then BlueHost dedicated hosting is best for you. Here you are not sharing the server’s resources with anyone. All resources are to your own. BlueHost dedicated servers have a great level of security and high performance.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting

It has a special type of hosting which is specially customized for WordPress users. WordPress hosting has different plans. We will see all types of BlueHost WordPress Hosting one by one. First of all, let’s take a look at multiple types of  WordPress BlueHost hosting. There are three types of BlueHost WordPress Hosting.

  • BlueHost Shared WordPress Hosting
  • BlueHost WP Pro (new) Hosting
  • BlueHost WordPress e-commerce Hosting

Those were the types of WordPress hosting that BlueHost provides. Let’s get started with The first BlueHost Shared Hosting Plan.

BlueHost WordPress Shared Hosting Plan

BlueHost WordPress Hosting

It is the cheapest plan among all plans. BlueHost Shared Hosting has three plans. Every plan has some extra benefits. There are 3 plans.

  • Basic
  • Choice
  • Choice Plus

If you are a beginner and you want to start a website. Then the basic plan can be a good option for you. Here you will get all the necessary features to start and run a website. The price starts at only $2.95/mo*.

Plus plan is for the users who want to create more than one website. If you are interested and serious about blogging then the choice plan is a good option. Here you will get unlimited Websites, Unlimited bandwidth, and many more features to run multiple websites.

I will suggest choosing Choice plus plan instead of the Plus plan because the Plus plan and the Choice Plus plan has the same price. They both are $ 5.45. But Choice Plus plan has CodeGuard Basic Backup. Renewal prices may differ. Now let’s move on to the next Type of hosting BlueHost WP Pro hosting.

WP Pro (new)

BlueHost WP Pro

WP Pro is the new introducing website. BlueHost claim that WP Pro is their best Managed WordPress Hosting. The starting price is $19.95/mo*. WP Pro is the most expensive hosting among all WordPress Hosting but It has the most advanced features as well. WP Pro has 3 types of plans.

  • Build
  • Grow
  • Scale

Every plan is made from a different perspective. Like, build plan is made for the people who want to start a professional website. The growth plan is to build a large amount of traffic on the website. The Scale plan is basically for that kind of person who wants to start an e-commerce website. Scale plan has every advance features which are required to run an e-commerce Website.

BlueHost WordPress e-commerce

If a person wants to sell something online and have some budget problem then BlueHost WordPress hosting is one of the best options for him or her. It is specially customized for the WordPress e-commerce website. There are three types of BlueHost WordPress e-commerce hosting.

  • Starter
  • Plus
  • Pro

If the user is just going to start e-commerce then a starter plan suits this situation. This is very cheap. The starting price is $6.95/mo*. After that, If the traffic will increase on the website. you can choose the second plan that is the plus plan. Here you will get unlimited stores. Unlimited SSD storage. The third and last plan of the BlueHost WordPress e-commerce hosting. BlueHost WordPress Pro. Pro plan includes Plus plan. Pro plan has an advance feature that you will get BlueHost SEO Tool starts. It will help you to rank your website.

Other services

BlueHost Services

A party from Domain name and Web Hosting BlueHost provides other services as well.  These services are basically to improve your site.

  • Full-service website- In this service BlueHost’s professional website designers will design your website. They will add keywords and make your website mobile-friendly.
  • SEO Services- They will help you to rank your website with the best keywords and see your analytics to know the numbers of visitors.
  • Pay Per Click service-BlueHost team will make add campaigns to get instant traffic on your website. You will get the control over your daily budget and the place where exactly you want to show your add.
  • Website Migration-The BlueHost professional team will help you to migrate your site.

Those were Professional services provided by BlueHost. Now you got almost everything you want. So at the end. Let’s see what did we observe in this BlueHost Review.


We saw in this BlueHost review that Bluehost has a good record for a long time and uptime is best. BlueHost provides many great features to its users like free SSL Certificated, free domain, and excellent customer support.  It’s best for the beginners because here you will get a customized cPanel which is easy to use for beginners and many benefits like marketing credits and 24/7 customer supports. Bluehost has many types of Plans and packages. You can grab the benefits of all these services by using the Bluehost Coupon Code. With this discount code, you can easily secure maximum dollars on its purchases. There are several benefits that why should you choose BlueHost but on the other hand it has some cons also like renewal prices are high and transfer is not free.

An Introductory Guide to Digital Privacy

Privacy is visiting your physician behind closed doors. Privacy is closing your curtains when getting ready for bed. Whereas this type of privacy comes naturally in real life, in the digital space the issue of privacy is skewed. And this is mainly because most people don’t understand what online privacy entails.

What’s Digital Privacy?

It isn’t all about what you’re doing. Online privacy goes beyond that. It’s also about who you are. On the internet, personal data has a high value. It can be stolen, sold, analyzed, or collected.

There are numerous facets of privacy. And these include who you are and what you normally do. Typically, who you are is regarded as your personally identifiable information (PII). And this entails your name, address, phone numbers, date of birth, as well as your Social Security number. What you do includes the searches you perform, the articles you read, the things you purchase online, and the websites you perform.

Whenever you visit a website, use a social media platform, or download an app, chances are that the site is collecting data about you. People are doing a lot of things online through their computers as well as mobile devices. By making purchases, looking up medical records, interacting with friends, arranging vacations, or doing anything imaginable, you’re actually creating a huge database about yourself. And various companies are busy tracking your web activity and collecting that data so as to get a bigger picture of you.

Why You’re Being Tracked

A complete data set on your personal life can fetch some good cash. There are now several companies referred to as ‘data brokers’ that collect and store data on millions of internet users, which they analyze, package, and then sell without their knowledge or permission.

The data brokers gather and sell people’s information to other companies for various reasons, including targeted advertising, direct marketing, as well as credit risk assessment. Fortunately, this data is often made anonymous and doesn’t contain PII.

The Need for Privacy

There are certain things you want to hide, right? It could be the amount of money you make, your bank account number, or your medical records. Hiding such information isn’t bad. You really don’t want these confidential details to be broadcasted on your social network for the whole world to see. That’s why you should always strive to protect your right to privacy.

Privacy is all yours. It’s your information, your actions, your habits, and your patterns. So, you should dedicate your time and effort to protecting it in any way possible. Choose strong passwords and install a reliable VPN.  


Online privacy is extremely important. It helps you stay anonymous and undetectable. Plus, it goes a long way in safeguarding you against identity theft. Remember, hackers now have advanced tools, which they use to crack people’s passwords. And once they gain access to your account, the steal your personal data and then sell it to other organizations. So, take the right steps and protect your privacy. Also, learn more about privacy at Privacy Spark today and stay safe.

Which Bluehost Web Hosting Plan is Best for You?

Bluehost is the leading web hosting solution company. Bluehost provides many products but its main focus is on hosting. It’s founded in 2003, Its located in Provo, Utah by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth. Bluehost has many plans for the user but if you are confused about which Bluehost Webhosting plan is best for you so, this article is helpful to you. Bluehost Web hosting plan and features are user-friendly.

Bluehost Web Hosting plans & packages

Bluehost is the multiple hosting providers according to users’ needs. Either you want to host your website at a personal level or as an e-commerce website. You can choose the web hosting plan according to your website. These are given below:

 Why choose Bluehost

Shared Web Hosting plan

If you want to use its shared hosting plan than they are offering you four different plans to choose from. The Bluehost shared web hosting plans are as follows. Let’s check out the plan and choose the required one.

Bluehost Web hosting

Basic Plan

Bluehost Web hosting

Plus plan

Bluehost Web hosting

Choose Plus plan

Bluehost Web hosting

Pro plan

$2.95/mo* $5.45/mo* $5.45/mo* $13.95/mo*
1 website Unlimited websites Unlimited websites Unlimited websites
50 GB SSD Storage Unlimited SSD storage Unlimited SSD storage Unlimited SSD storage
Unlimited Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth Unmetered Bandwidth with Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic Unmetered Bandwidth with Site Backup – CodeGuard Basic
Free SSL certificate Free SSL certificate Free SSL certificate Free SSL certificate
Standard performance Standard performance Standard performance High performance
1 Included Domain Unlimited Domains Unlimited Domains + privacy +protection Unlimited Domains + privacy +protection
5 parked Domains Unlimited subdomains Unlimited subdomains Unlimited subdomains
25 sub Domain 1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days 1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days 1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days

Bluehost Web hosting plan is best for beginners:

If we talk about beginners so, a shared Webhosting plan is the best option to start a business. This is the starter plan of the Bluehost at the lowest price. It gives you a powerful and proven platform that perfect option for your new website. you can buy a shared Webhosting plan from the Bluehost official website. Click on Bluehost login and host your website quickly and easily after that you have to use a website builder tool to make your website. Bluehost gives you the best features like 24*7 customer support, Access to control, multiserver management, Site lock, Code guard, Domain Privacy+ Protection, Fully optimizable website and many more.

Features of BlueHost

If you like this plan you can continue with that and if you are facing some problem after buying and Bluehost is unable to solve it so, Bluehost gives money-back option your money will be refunded in working 30 days. its a totally risk-free deal for beginners you can start your business without waste our time with Bluehost shared Webhosting plan.

WordPress Web hosting plan

WordPress is a very known platform for all the people. The reason for its popularity is the WordPress is easy to use and understand. Anyone can easily optimize and control the features of WordPress. The BlueHost is mainly focused on WordPress Hosting. So the Bluehost WordPress Webhosting plan is as follows:-

WordPress Build Plan WordPress Grow plan WordPress scale plan
$19.95/mo* $29.95/mo* $49.95/mo*
Jetpack Site Analytics (Basic) Jetpack Premium Included Jetpack Pro Included
Marketing Center Business Review Tools Unlimited Backups and Restore
100+ Free WordPress Themes Bluehost SEO Tools PayPal Integration
Daily Scheduled Backups Jetpack Ads Integration Unlimited Video Compression
Malware Detection and Removal 10GB Video Compression Elastic Search
Domain Privacy + Protection Blue Sky Ticket Support Blue Sky Chat Support
1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days 1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days 1 Office 365 Mailbox – Free 30 Days

Bluehost Web hosting plan is best for WordPress:

Bluehost WordPress hosting is a better and easy way to build our website on WordPress. Bluehost and WordPress is the partner of each other from last 10years. so naturally, Bluehost offers a WordPress hosting option. You can optimize for using this particular content management system. It provides you excellent performance and security for your WordPress website. Bluehost offer optimized WordPress hosting which is high-performance hosting. There are many free templates in WordPress that make your website attractive.

Bluehost for WordPress

When you buy hosting with Bluehost you can host your website in just 1 click and within 5 minutes your website is launched. It gives you easy to use dashboard that is the best part you can read and build a website quickly and fastly. This platform helps to grow your website.

Bluehost launched more than 1 million websites which are only on WordPress sites. That’s why the Bluehost Web Hosting is Best for Beginners.

Bluehost Webhosting plan is best for Bloggers

Bluehost Webhosting plan is good for bloggers. It is an easy way to build a website from WordPress you can update and remove easily.  Bluehost provider is painless, it gives WordPress installation option free to its users. You can sign up for the Bluehost account and free one-click WordPress installation is included. Visit and ‘get start now’. Bluehost is the popular WordPress hosting provider. They offer WordPress hosting at a reasonable price, full-featured plans that include everything you need to get up and running with a website in no time.

VPS Webhosting plan

VPS Webhosting plan offers three plans :

VPS Standard plan VPS Enhanced plan VPS Ultimate plan
$19.95/mo* $29.99/mo* $59.99/mo*
2 Cores 2 Cores 2 Cores
30 GB SSD Storage 30 GB SSD Storage 30 GB SSD Storage
1 TB Bandwidth 1 TB Bandwidth 1 TB Bandwidth
1 IP Address 1 IP Address 1 IP Address


Reseller Webhosting plan

Reseller Webhosting plan offers four plans according to users:

R1 R2 R3 R4
$7.22/mo* 3Year@ $11.98/mo* $13.31/mo* $16.18/mo*
Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites Unlimited Websites
Free SSL Certificate  Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate Free SSL Certificate
40 GB Disk Space 50 GB Disk Space 100 GB Disk Space 200 GB Disk Space
800 GB Data Transfer 1000 GB Data Transfer 2000 GB Data Transfer 4000 GB Data Transfer
Unlimited Email Unlimited Email Unlimited Email Unlimited Email
Unlimited cPanel Account Unlimited cPanel Accounts Unlimited cPanel Accounts Unlimited cPanel Accounts


Dedicated Webhosting plan

Bluehost server

Dedicated Webhosting plan offers three plans :

Dedicated  Standard plan Dedicated  Enhanced plan Dedicated  Premium plan
$79.95/mo* $99.99/mo* $119.99/mo*
4 cores @ 3.3 GHz 4 cores @ 3.3 GHz 4 cores @ 3.3 GHz
1TB (Mirrored) Storage 1TB (Mirrored) Storage 1TB (Mirrored) Storage
15 TB Bandwidth 15 TB Bandwidth 15 TB Bandwidth
5 IP Addresses 5 IP Addresses 5 IP Addresses

Why Bluehost is the best Web hosting provider to choose?

Bluehost support team

Bluehost is one of the best Webhosting providers in the market. Bluehost is administered by Endurance International Group. Bluehost offers a wide variety of web hosting options. Bluehost provides your complete web hosting solution. When we build a website so its important to launch it with the best-hosting service. When we looking for Webhosting so, There are many questions in your mind regarding hosting. Bluehost gives you better performance and security for its users. There are many  reasons to choose Bluehost Web hosting which are given below:

  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Best plans at a reasonable price
  • 30days Moneyback GuaranteeF
  • Free Drag and Drop Site Builder
  • Free Domain name
  • Control Panel
  • 24*7 days US-based customer support
  • Easy to Use Dashboard
  • Full Suite of Tools

Bluehost Uptime


BlueHost will be the best pick of you for your business start-up. If you are having a mid-sized business and want to be live on the internet then nothing is better than BlueHost’s WordPress Hosting. Because it is cheaper and best in comparison of others you can use the BlueHost Coupon Code can save some amounts too. Above you will get to see the numerous important reasons to choose Bluehost web hosting.

Top ASP.NET Core 2.0 Features to Build Best Applications

ASP.NET Core is one of the huge cross-platform and open-source frameworks that allow the developers to build high performance and scalable web applications. The all-new ASP.NET Core 2.2 comes with the best in class elements by replacing the traditional .NET framework.

The new version comprises of .NET MVC, Web pages, Web API and SignalR to use them in one application yet individually. Due to such exceptional features, ASP.NET Core is a next-generation development platform and one of the most successful frameworks by Microsoft.

The users can make use of ASP.NET Core 2.0 with Visual Studio 2017 version 15.3. As the framework comes with the new features, in this article, we will be discussing the top used features of ASP.NET Core 2.0. Let’s get started with.


ASP.NET offers extraordinary support for using the asynchronous programming patterns. It is observed that Async is now implemented in all the common .NET framework classes and multiple third-party libraries. All of the modern applications spend most of their time and CPU cycles by waiting for the database queries, I/O operation and web service calls to get it done in an appropriate way. The Kestral frameworks and new MVC support as a strong reason behind the faster performance and extensive use of the asynchronous patterns of ASP.NET core.


Better Performance

It is better heard from all people how performance is one of the vital features for your software. And so you do not have to wait for the saying to get true as with the release of ASP.NET Core and the Kestrel web server, ASP.NET is regarded as one of the fastest web app frameworks available out there. Also, you can check TechEmpower for some cool benchmarks before trying your hands on ASP.NET Core. The redesigned version of the Kestral web server from its core helps to gain maximum benefits of asynchronous programming model be it lightweight or super fast.

Container Support with Cross-Platform

With the release of .NET Core, the developers can build ASP.NET applications and also deploy them on different operating systems be it Windows, Linux or macOS. The whole Microsft community has put loads of effort into making Linux a first-class user of the existing ASP.NET. It is seen that the containers are eating the clouds in current times. Docker, Kubernetes and various technologies are all becoming a rage. Microsoft Azure also supports the application deployment to the containers and Kubernetes.

Different Environment and Development mode

One of the interesting features of the ASP.NET Core is the new environment feature that helps you to differentiate variant parts of code easily according to the phases of the development, staging, production and much more. Before ASP.NET Core, there was no such specific way for code differentiation. Take an instance of ASP.NET Core to be used within your Startup.cs files for app configuration. For such a specific reason, you are required to display an exception page for the development phase in a detailed manner.

Different Environment and Development mode

Environments are perfect for making use of the variant CSS or Javascript files where you can use your CDN in production and the local files in the development. Have a look at the snippet ode for the Razor layout view.

Dependency Injections

This feature is regarded as one of the best features of ASP.NET Core. Also, it is heavily used within ASP.NET MVC itself for things such as logging contexts, database contexts, and other things that are transferred into your MVC controllers.

Dependency Injections

Unified MVC and Web API frameworks

Developers were making use of the MVC and Web API frameworks before ASP.NET Core because the MVC was tailored to create web applications to serve up HTML. Web APIs make use of XML or JSON to build RESTful services. In the latest version of ASP.NET Core, Microsoft has emerged all the WEb API and MVC to avoid the overlapping of both these frameworks. MVC can return JSON data rather than HTML and henceforth combining them was considered a good move to simplify the development. With the aid of ASP.NET Core, it comes with the new Razor pages for extending the MVC framework to encapsulate the controller and model aspects of a page with two-way binding. This works as a kind of replacement with WebForms for making similar use of the Razor syntax.

CSRF Protection

Security is the main aspect of these frameworks in order to prevent certain types of attacks. CSRF is coined by hijacking the authenticated session of the user when they perform an action and fails to initiate the same. For instance – when you log into your bank account and navigate a different website. Although that website can POST to your bank website for transferring the funds but it can be a bad idea. It can really harm your data if your online session is valid on the banking website but the bank does not fail to validate appropriate requests. ASP.NET is a good framework for preventing these types of attacks by generating anti-forgery tokens.

Wrap Up

Here, we come to the end of the article. ASP.NET Core is one of the great upgradtion when compared to the previous versions. We hope you have got some good reasons to choose ASP.NET Core 2.0 version. Till then – keep learning!


How to get $1 month web hosting

Surprisingly major hosting companies such as go daddy, Ionos etc. Cut down their prices to 1$ for first month of purchase. This happens because of high competition in the hosting industry every company wants to acquire more and more customer that’s why they offer fully featured web hosting at 1$. Although you will spend only 1dollar in hosting be careful at the time of choosing it also check out the renewal prices for How to get $1 month web hosting providers.

Cheap Services providers where you can get $1 month web hosting plan – offers you fully featured Godaddy web hosting at 1dollar. They have 3 types of dollar 1 web hosting plans in such as Shared Beginner, WordPress and window plans. Get with lots of exclusive features which no one in the market offers you. You can choose it from there or scroll down the list. – This website offers you a wide range of GoDaddy services at lowest price by offering coupons and promo codes of GoDaddy which you can redeem at GoDaddy to avail discount benefits. Onedollarwebhosting is providing shared, windows and WordPress web hosting at 1$. You can choose your hosting service as well as Domain name at 1 dollar from here plans and features are almost the same such as free domain, emails etc.

This website also helps you to get answer of your any query related to hosting domain coupons etc you can visit how to and blog section of onedollarwebhosting. – Godaddy one of the fastest web hosting providers in the world. Their web hosting plan at only 1 dollar you can directly choose your plan from Godaddy. You don’t forget to check out other services which may be related to your business.

Ionos – This is also in the race of cheapest web hosting and it also offers web hosting at 1$. Yes, it’s true that this is not a well-known brand but their features and services make this brand well known in the hosting market.

Top highlighted features you get from Ionos are Free domain, Email and probably a website builder trail this could be a better option if find some positive reviews about this provider.

Benefits to choose One Dollar per month

The thing is that here you cannot get any coupons for extra benefits rather than one dollar price. And also you have to find the page where you can get one dollar hosting. You can get best discount without using coupon. Get a direct link to one dollar offer page and helps you to save your time and efforts. Features and plans are the same that we discussed earlier in the upper list.

What type of website suits 1 dollar month web hosting?

There are lots of options for you to start your business online and make it a better place for your customer in one dollar, Start your own Blog and show of your blogging skills, every company requires a full-fledged site to show their work to client, Start your own e-commerce site and open up the possibilities of internet, online portfolio etc with one dollar.

Godaddy Business Hosting with Discount Coupon & Promo Code

What is Business Hosting?

It is very easy to understand for you & Faster for your visitors. Godaddy business hosting is the best power of a server, without the technical problem. This hosting delivers the same power and performance as a (VPS) Virtual Private Server without the pain of server admin.

Buy Hosting


GoDaddy Hosting

Buy a Domain


Godaddy Domain

Wordpress Hosting


Economy Godaddy Hosting

Windows Hosting


Godaddy Windows Hosting

Which type of websites needs Business Hosting?

eCommerce type of websites needs Business hosting because the speed of loading of a site is very fast. You know that now 50% of users leave those sites that have not better speed. So we recommend always buying Godaddy business hosting service to grow the business.

Why prefer to choose?

  • Super simple– No need for technical skills here. Best create a control panel for the regular user who just happens to need ridiculously powerful hosting.
  • Ultra-fast– get super-fast speed for your dedicated CPU, RAM and the memory resources that make your site speed faster.
  • Fiercely secure– all plans include Free SSL Certificate to keep secure your website visitor data safe.

Top benefits of Godaddy Business Hosting

Business Hosting Coupon Code

  • With business hosting, you will get easy to use a control panel like you are using with our shared hosting plan. You can easily manage your business hosting account with need any server administration skills.
  • Dedicated resources are available for you like memory and disk space.
  • Because dedicated resources are there with business hosting it means you have Complete Isolation and your website never be affected by another website on your server.

How many websites or domains manage by Godaddy Business Hosting?

With Godaddy Business Hosting you can host or manage unlimited website or domain and you can also upgrade your plan with just one click.

Best Plans & Pricing

Godaddy Business Hosting Plans with discount

The company offers you four business hosting plan.

  1. Launch= best for multiple basic sites and starts at $22.99/monthly.
  2. Enhance= for high traffic like WordPress, Joomla, and other sites. The plan starts from $40.99/monthly.
  3. Grow= great for advanced Commerce sites like Magento and plan to start at $49.99/monthly.
  4. Expand= best for photography and heavy resources sites starting at $69.99/monthly.

You can grab best deals and offers related to Business Hosting services from Godaddy and also get up to 50% off by using Godaddy Web Hosting Coupon available on

Compare Godaddy Shared hosting Vs. Business Hosting, Virtual Private server

Business Hosting Vs. Shared Hosting & VPS

Shared hosting is the best that is new on the web and low traffic website. Another hand business hosting is a great choice for e-commerce, high-traffic heavy sites resources and Virtual Private is good for Enterprise sites. Business and VPS Hosting are act as dedicated resources but in shared hosting your server are shared with each other.  You will get easy to use cPanel with all three hosting services. All three of them are best with their own service but I suggest if you are a thing to create big and high traffic website then Business Hosting Plan is best for you.

Godaddy Windows Business Hosting

Godaddy Window Hosting is the platform for those who want to use ASP and .NET scripts or Microsoft Exchange at an affordable cost. If you are looking for window hosting then Godaddy $1 Window Web Hosting is the best place to grab it. You will get Free Domain with Window Hosting yearly package. Shop high-quality domain and web hosting service with Godaddy. The company has everything for you related to the domain and hosting services. Godaddy Window Business Hosting Reviews is a good option for developers and small business owners.  There is no better option than Godaddy for best domain registration and web hosting services at low price deals.

What is Godaddy Window Web Hosting?

It is the hosting platform that runs the Windows Server platform and supports Microsoft programming languages such as Classic ASP and ASP.NET. Godaddy Window Web Hosting is one of the most powerful and flexible hosting services in the industry. You will get all the software and hardware to build a good website. You want more flexibility for Parallels Plesk Panel, IIS, Microsoft SQL Server 201 R2, and much more features for a website then Godaddy Window Hosting is the great choice for you.

Which features make is the Best?

There are lots of features of window hosting but I am going to share fem o them which I like most and feel Business windows hosting is the only best option.

  1. Easy to Use cPanelBusiness Plesk Control Panel is the best for managing server, applications, and email accounts with few clicks.
  2. 99.9% Uptime Guarantee– you will get 99.9% uptime for your websites with Godaddy business Hosting Server.
  3. Customer Support– The company always provide 24/7 customer support to their customers. For asking any question about hosting you can use a medium like a phone and an email.

Where to get Hosting Coupon Deals with Discount Promo Code?

You can grab money saving deals and discount by using Godaddy Business Hosting Coupon. It is one of the best deals for saving maximum cash on it. Also, find up to 70% off on Business Hosting Plan only with Godaddy. Make a search for updated coupons on hosting by visiting

How Need Godaddy Window Business Hosting Services?

The person who is using the following solution running window server given below:

  • ASP and/or ASP.NET
  • .NET framework
  • IIS
  • ColdFusion
  • C#
  • Visual Basics (VB)
  • Other Microsoft solutions

Why Choose Window Business Web Hosting?

If you want to develop or use a lot of Windows-based applications on your Website then $1 Web Hosting is good. It is one of the most affordable hosting services as compared to others where you will get 1 click install of 50+ applications, 24/7 server monitoring, Unlimited storage & bandwidth and much more.

Best 10 Website Builders & Top Free Blog Builder 2019

Top 10 Website Builders

Did you find the best Domain Name & Web Hosting providers USA? That’s great! Now you have best web hosting service provider for your website and all you have been set up to launch it. But what you need now? A website needs a look and overview which attracts online visitors. And how to make website is looking attractive? Use website builder, the best and primary tool for website. And the problem is that which one is the best website builder for your site. The beginners will want to know what the Website builder is and how it is helpful from Best 10 Website Builders.

What is Website Builder & How it is Helpful for You?

There are simple term and explanation for website builder. Website Builder is basically all in one tool which allows you to set up a website in a quick way with customization. You don’t need to learn any coding or do any kind of HTML editing for starting up a website. It helps you to save your time and build an amazingly dynamic website which can be eye-catching for online visitors. Now the difficult part is that which one is the best for your beginning. Here you will get the solution for your best pick.

Best Website Builder 2019 for Your Website

Hello beginner! Here I am going to pin down the Top 10 Website Builder providers. These top website builders are going to be the blessings for your business. The site builders are shared on different aspects to let you find the one which meets with your requirements. Let’s take a look to these Top 10 WebSite Builders.

  1. Org
  2. Wix
  3. Weebly
  4. Com
  5. Com
  6. Shopify
  7. Com
  8. Gator by HostGator
  9. Godaddy Site Builder
  10. Com

One of these website builders can be the helping hand for your website. They all are trustable and comes up with best output for website overview. Let’s start to hunt to select best one for you in all aspects.

1.      WordPress.Org

There is the high numbers of website were running along with WordPress. Well, you have to know that WordPress.Com & WordPress.Org both are different. The Self hosted WordPress has been ranked first because the familiarity and quality service. With WP you will have access to support your website Ecommerce Store, Drag Drop Page Builders, which amazingly helps your website to get customized in finest way.

2.      Wix

The cloud based Website builder known as the best and powerful site builder. You will get the utmost level of creativity with it. The best thing is that with Wix you don’t have to pay extra for hosting. It comes up with hosting. The hundreds of templates available to give you options. You will also get the drag and drop features with it.

3.      Weebly

One of the easy Site Builder to build a website, the templates, designs and whatnot you can have to craft your website. Actually Weebly is a hosted platform you don’t need to install externally apps. You can use the Weebly live page editor which will show you your work on it. And it’s also compatible for the eCommerce websites and let you build your desired one.

4.      Sitebuilder.Com

Websitebuilder.Com is good at many things which support your website to have enhanced looks. But bad at one thing and that is price. You won’t believe that Websitebuilder.Com gives you many things in really low rates. But the billing practice of Sitebuilder is quite bad which may give you thunderstorm. You will feel bit lag and fumble while going through payments.

5.      Squarespace

This website builder is popular for coming up with the site builder hosted along with beautiful templates & ease of use. The secure and robust platform provides you the security for your website and helps you to rise up in business. Move your cursor click and add the content at live. The website is also compatible for ecommerce websites.

6.      Shopify

Shopify is basically launched to help in you to build perfect online shopping website or say eCommerce portal. Yet, the company is popular and powering up to the half a million business at online platform. The fully hosted website builder solution is advanced and helps the user in many ways. The best thing is that with Shopify you don’t need to do manual backups.

7.      Jimdo.Com

If you tend to start blog based website then you can go for the Jimdo.Com. With Jimdo you can explore your creativity along with caring the dynamic look of your website. Jimdo Website Builder can easily help you to build in the other type of websites too with best editing and designing option. The simple and sober basic look can also give you the blog based look.

8.      Gator by HostGator.Com

Isn’t it great using the site builder by the best Web Hosting provider? Gator is the one the best product launched by HostGator all in one web hosting solution and website builder. The web hosting company comes along with 200+ templates and designs along with easy customization. Gator is the one of the best Site builders in the list.

9.      GoDaddy Site builder

Here is the one of top and leading domain name registrar GoDaddy’s Site Builder. Godaddy Website builder comes up with the classic and elegant site building option. The website builder is best for the professional’s one.

10.  Webs.Com

The Webs.Com is previously known as the one of the best and dynamic Website builder. But as far as passing time the templates, themes and designs becomes outdated. But people still go for the Webs.Com. If you were seeking for the simple and basic website builder tool, then will be the best pick for you.

So, these are the top selection of website builder which can help you to build the perfect website. Now rest is up to you to choose one of them and go for it.

Best cloud Hosting Providers in USA 2019- Top Cloud Hosting Servers

What is Cloud Hosting Services?

With a simple website hosting plan, you will get a defined resource on a single server. When you are working with a large project website, may be a problem of resources allocation. A single server hosting has no option to allocate extra space and bandwidth. In such a situation, cloud hosting is good where you purchase a set of amount space.  But it can be spread it according to your need. Get here Best cloud Hosting Providers in the USA at an affordable cost.

What is cloud hosting services

How does cloud hosting work?

Cloud is used to refer to several servers. Cloud server means the division of computing power. In it, power and storage capacity can be explored by many of servers.  Each server helps to complete a particular task. If one server is getting down or failure, another temporarily handles. There are clusters of a server that works together in running a website. In cloud hosting your website data spread across a number of servers instead of a single machine. A different server will be at different places that are connected together.

Comparison of Cloud hosting Vs. Shared Hosting

Cloud hosting Vs. shared hosting

VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting Server

VPS Hosting

Windows VPS Hosting Server

VPS Hosting

Linus VPS Server Hosting

VPS Hosting

Godaddy VPS Hosting

What is shared hosting?

Shared hosting is a web hosting type services where you can allow many websites to share on a physical web server.

Cloud Hosting Shared Hosting
Limited control and flexibility No Limited control and flexibility
Performance- is very fast of cloud hosting Shared hosting is not too fast as compared to cloud hosting
In pricing – higher than shared hosting Shared hosting is usually cheaper than cloud hosting packages.
Traffic- cloud hosting, websites can serve a huge number of visitors at a time In shared hosting, websites cannot serve a large number of visitors at a time

What should one check out before Buying cloud hosting service?

There can be different need of anyone to take the service of cloud hosting. Means required space, resources, and features but some key point is important to consider by all. These point or quality are for which a cloud hosting have their own unique specification to an others hosting server.

  • Plans
  • Bandwidth
  • Operating system
  • RAM

Plans are the first selected element because all features are the part of a plan. All hosting companies have their own plans and the options in it. So charges of plan and features provided in it should analyze and match up your requirement. If you have not needed more amount of space or bandwidth you can choose less bandwidth. You will pay for only which you are using. Choose an operating system from Windows, Linux, and UNIX which you need for cloud hosting. An operating system must have a maximum limit of RAM so that your website runs smoothly.

Which are Best cloud server hosting providers in 2019?

As we know web hosting is the unseen activity of the website.  To run a website online, we need hosting too. And cloud hosting is the best option to host your website. It is a good approach to get a balance between affordability and power. There are a lot of hosting providers which gives cloud hosting service. But we have to choose the best one.

Top 10 Cloud Server Providers Company

1. Hostgator Cloud Hosting

Hostgator is the best cloud hosting provider that gives all essential features. It gives a better uptime with free SSL security to keep your data safe. All plans have unmetered bandwidth and sufficient space. You can start a cloud plan at only $4.95 for a month. Hostgator is known for their greatest uptime and scalability.

2. Bluehost Cloud Hosting

It is known as the most trusted name in hosting the world. Bluehost gives you complete security of data with free SSL. A startup plan of cloud host is $6.95 per month that includes 100 GB SSD disk space, 2 GB RAM. It allows to 100 business account.

3. A2 Hosting Cloud Hosting

It is a cheaper and more flexible option for excellent service.  It charged $5 per month with all needed features. A2 hosting technical customer care service is always available to give full support. It allows to customized plan to fit your need.

4. OneDollarWebHostings

OneDollarWebHostings have all deals of Go daddy’s better security and uptime surety for your website. A basic cloud hosting plan charges $6.99 with 30 days refund policy if have an issue. It allows 100 business emails with an economic plan. And get 100 GB hosting space with unlimited bandwidth to processing your data online.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Godaddy Dedicated Server


Dedicated Server Hosting

Windows Dedicated Server


Dedicated server Hosting

Linux Dedicated Server


Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Hosting Server


5. InMotion Hosting

InMostion hosting is Cloud-based VPS hosting, fast cheap & reliable, perfect for all sizes of businesses.

6. Liquidweb Cloud hosting

Liquidweb is Hosting for mission-critical websites, 100% SSD-based cloud hosting.

7. Dreamhost

Dreamhost is One of the largest hosting companies in the industry, highly cost-effective Cloud hosting.

8. Amazon AWS

Amazon AWS is World largest cloud hosting, great for enterprise and Comprehensive service on cloud service.

9. DigitalOcean

Digital Ocean is best Cheap cloud VPS hosting, free SSD hosting, perfect for bloggers and web professionals.

10. Greengeeks

All hosts have their own specification in feature and storage. I have to choose the best one according to their needs on site.

Who is the best cloud hosting services for small business?

For a small business website, there are always need a small budget hosting with sufficient ingredients. Such budget website hosting usually one can get by a small host. That is new in the hosting field or has small hosting plans. Maybe performance or uptime would be down but for small business, they will work well. As per our experiences, Hostgator cloud hosting service is best for Small business.

Is cloud hosting best for WordPress website?

For WordPress site having a cloud server can be the best option. With cloud hosting server site owner will get a good site loading. If you have a blogger or WordPress e-commerce site, get an experience traffic spike. It is less expensive to dedicate and has no more charges also. A managed WordPress cloud hosting is ideal for website. With managed hosting service, one will get high performance with quality uptime. There are many of host that gives WordPress cloud hosting service with an affordable price to all. Inmotionhosting,, Hostgator etc can be the best option for cloud hosting for WordPress site. But Inmotionhosting can provide you with a good plan with an exclusive feature at a little amount.

How could you get free cloud hosting?

It’s a simple task, have to search only for the host. An Amazon web service is the largest cloud hosting provider. For a new customer, Google cloud platform offers a free trial.  Microsoft Azure provides free service with integrated features of storage, data, networking, and app. All other host is that can provide a free cloud server hosting. It can be for a specific time as the trial period for first time user.

Best Magento Hosting Providers 2019- Latest Versions 2 & 2.2

Magento is an e-commerce open source technology that is written in PHP language. It is one of the best eCommerce platforms with a flexible shopping cart system. Magento is a CMS platform with a powerful system which is easy to customize. For developing on a Magento website there is no need of having more technical knowledge. On taking some of the simple steps you can develop your eCommerce website. It is easy to install, have additional plug-ins, themes and offers highly flexible features. In additional quality, Magento generates SEO friendly well-optimized website.

Why do we need to choose the best Magento hosting provider?

This platform gives you a powerful option to reach or stay on the top of the competition. To make it so effective needs high maintenance in terms of hosting. Many of hosts are providing Magento hosting service, but we choose one that provides necessary server capacity. This means a server which can handle Magento platform with the unique needs of specified Magento website. We usually search a hosting company that provides best features website One dollar web hosting at a reasonable price.

What should we look for choosing a hosting provider for Magento?

Firstly you have to decide the hosting type- Shared, VPS, Dedicated and Cloud. Hosting type, you will select according to your need and budget.  Beyond type, there are other things as support, price, Magento experience etc.   Magento is the powerful eCommerce platform; it needs a web host to give a force its performance flow. We need to consider some important factors that you should check before choosing a Magento hosting provider.

  • Fully loaded optimized stack
  • Security
  • SSL & CDN
  • Built-in SpeedBoast Cache
  • Automatic backups
  • PCI Compliance
  • Multiple location Servers

What is Magento 2 web hosting solution and why we need it?

It is the newly advanced featured edition of Magento. Magento 2 has launched with a more friendly interface, security and better performance. Through it, e-commerce site owners can alter the basement system. Magento 2 provides more performance optimizing factors to lead a successful online store. Many additional technologies with existing tools are integrated to support Magento 2 performance optimization. To enhance customer experience and improving site performance, we need to use Magento 2.

Which are the best hosting providers for the Magento platform?

Magento is an easy way to sell their product or services online. It can use for developing any size website. Many hosting providers give the hosting service for Magento but we choose a host for some of the main factors. A good Magento hosting comes with preconfigured Apache, PHP, MySQL, payment gateway integration, free templates or themes etc.  There is top Magento hosting providers’ are-


Siteground provides the most optimized server with the latest speed technology. In a little amount of $3.95 per month, you could get start a basic e-commerce website. That can handle 10000 visits per month. Siteground have other plans for different servers hosting that are sufficient to meet ones need.  Every Siteground Magento hosting plan includes such specific features.

  • Multiple Location Servers
  • SSD storage
  • Free automated daily backup
  • Free CloudFlare CDN
  • cPanel and Softaculous
  • Free SSL certificate

2- A2hosting

A2hosting servers provide 2 x speeds with 99.9% uptime. It includes A2 optimized with the 1-click caching setup that most of the shared host does not allow. All plans have Turbo to allow your website fastest speed. Multiple servers at different locations or countries give the surety to fastest deliver your data. Main features of A2hosting are as follows that is included with all plans.

  • Green Hosting
  • Free Website transfer
  • Multiple Locations
  • Unlimited Storage
  • Free SSL
  • cPanel

3- iPage

iPage gives the best option to the starter or low budget small business store. Basic shared hosting has to charge only $1.99 per month. It has good uptime. iPage gives free domain registration to manage your e-commerce site budget.

  • Free SSL Certificate
  • 1000 free templates
  • Free drag and drop site builder
  • $200 free ad credits


InMotion gives you a complete support in SEO. It can load your shopping store with 20x faster speed. It has automatically included free SSD in all hosting plans. For the fastest loading website at an affordable range, InMotion will be the best option.

  • $250 ad credits with business hosting
  • SPAM safe free email accounts
  • Load up with 20X fast with SSD
  • Free SSL
  • Drag and Drop online site building

Which server is good for Magento hosting?

All hosts have their specialization field that consider according to needs. If someone searching for low amount package then he will go with cheapest Magento hosting service. As such as every good hosting provider company is best for their few of specific features. For Magento hosting, if you look for cheapest price iPage is good. That offers a basic Magento hosting plan in $1.99 per month with sufficient features and performance. If you are looking for the fastest speed ecommerce site which can take a lot of visitors, then InMotion is good for you. Siteground have several propriety software solutions to boost performance, security and reliability. It supports a manages service to manage your online business. If you do not consider money then Siteground can be the best choice for Magento hosting with a managed ecommerce website.

Best Web Hosting Provider in USA for Small Business- Top Companies 2019

When you are planning to start an online business USA. Then you should good web hosting who helps you to create an online website with full security and features. But you are confusing because search engine providing you many of results and pick up one of them is so difficult. So don’t worry I am here to solve this problem through my article where I am going to share some beat hosting provider of United State. Never avoid the Best Web Hosting Companies in USA.

Top 5 United Stated Web Hosting Companies

  1. Godaddy:-

it is well-known, respected and trusted US based web hosting provider all around the world. Most popular for domain name registrar and handling over more than 73 million domains and 30+ million customers under its management. The company offers you round the clock support to their clients.

You will get huge plans related to both personal and business websites. The company offers you all types of features and tools for creating any kind of website. Godaddy provides you almost all type of web hosting services at an affordable price.

    1. Hostgator:-

it is one of the oldest web hosting services provider on the internet. Hostgator has all services that can help to build a small, medium and large business website. It is one of the best and cheapest hosting providers in the world where you can save your maximum bucks.

Hostgator Shared Hosting Plan is a famous plan of the industry and best for those who are starting or wants to launch the first website on the web. It offers you a powerful hosting infrastructure for building an online presence. You will get 24/7 technical support with all type of web hosting services.

    1. iPage:-

it is of one most successful web hosting company where you will get domain registrations, shared, VPS and dedicated hosting, their platform is powering over one million websites. The company also provide eco- friendly and 100% wind energy hosting services.

Choose iPage web hosting who wants a simple, reliable server with an easy-to-use interface, in an affordable price range services. The company offers its services not only in the United States but all around the world.

    1. InMotion:-

      it is one of the top listed web hosting provider and one of the most independent hosting company in the world. InMotion offers products and services for all business types of websites. You will get great features with solid security, storage, and plan option.

    2. Onedollarwebhostings:-

  1. The company always offers top class services to their customers. The goal of the company provides powerful low cost web hosting to all small and medium-sized business.

    How to Choose Good Web Host Company for hosting a website?

    The web host contains some special features which are the symbol of Good Web Host. Some of them I am going to discuss below.

    1. Storage & Bandwidth– it is one of the most important features you should look for before choosing a web host. Your website contains high traffic, videos or downloads then look for the web host which provides the plan that gives you bandwidth in a large amount and if your website contains lots of images then look for the plan which provides you great storage space. Hostgator Shared Plan is the best option where you will get good storage and bandwidth for a small and medium-size business website.
    2. Cheap Web Hosting– The web host which always take care of their customers must offer affordable hosting services to make their valuable cash save. You can shop for hosting services only at just $2.49/ monthly with Godaddy Web Hosting and save your best.
    3. Great Uptime– Look for the web host which offers you 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. Godaddy provides you 9% Uptime Guarantee for your website.
    4. Cpanel– Get easy to use Cpanel with Godaddy $1 Web Hosting and get all easy features and setting option for managing your hosting account.
    5. Security– website security is one of the most important factors in choosing a good web host. The web host provides full protection against malware and threats is the best hosting provider. Godaddy offers full website protection by Secured and more option for website security like SSL Certificate, Backup service and more.


    Hope so now you can find your desire and best web host for starting the online business. If you are still confused then Best Web Hosting Companies in USA visit

How to Install WordPress plugin in cPanel?

WordPress is one of the best and most popular applications used to build a website on the web. If you want to create your own website or blog you can use WordPress Godaddy Hosting and save your bucks. Control Panel is the tool by which you can manage your WordPress website with Cpanel account. By using Cpanel you can install and reset passwords for the administrator account of the WordPress installation.

What is WordPress?

It is one of the easy ways of creating a website or blog without using a single line of code. WordPress is easy to install.

What is cPanel?

It is the web-based control panel for your website. By using the panel for WordPress you can easily set up your up emails, connect domains, upload files, install WordPress, and more.

Building a Site with WordPress is Easy way to Get Online

Building a website on the web is the best way of creating an online presence. WordPress is the best option because of it one of the most popular website building tools where you will get thousands of themes and plugins which allows you to design your website. Godaddy is providing all necessary tools for managing and hosting a website on the web. You can also grab low-cost WordPress hosting package for your website. if facing much more problem you can take the best help from WordPress Install plugins.

Steps for Install WordPress Plugin

  1. Log in to GoDaddy account.
  2. Click on Web Hosting.
  3. Next, to the login to cPanel account, you want to use, click Manage.
  4. Click cPanel Admin option.
  5. Go to cPanel menu and click Applications.
  6. Click on the WordPress option.
  7. Click on Install Application.
  8. Once you have done then click Install.

Benefits of using cPanel for WordPress

  1. Easy to reset administrator password– Now you can easily enable site administrators to change the password of any WordPress admin account.
  2. Auto-Update Option– Updating software is important for keeping your site secure from intrusion or infection.
  3. WordPress Manager WHM– with WHM you will get some extra benefit features which are design to make it easier and more intuitive for you to manage a server of WordPress instances.
  4. Site Development– every website needs updates after some time Cpanel make it easy for you because now you will be able to migrate the changes to your main site with a single click of a button.
  5. Email Management– this is one of the features given by the administrator of cPanel is that now you can create an email account directly from the WordPress admin dashboard.


Hope so now you know How to Install WordPress Plugin from cPanel? For more information, you can visit our website