What Are Reviews By The Users For AutoDesk Inventor?

Autodesk Inventor refers to advanced and specially designed software by Autodesk Inc. It offers the ability to design professional 3D mechanical designs, documentation, visualization, and simulations to artists and users. We have done an Autodesk inventor review so you would be confident while choosing this software.

Features of Autodesk Inventor

With the advanced and intuitive features of Inventor from Autodesk, users are able to tackle various challenges. We have mentioned below some of its highlighted functionalities.

Intuitive Interface

The company offers an intuitive interface to users that allow each feature to be direct in reach of them. Apart from modeling features, the company offers various drawing features to allow users to design clear, accurate, and detailed drawings. The software has the feature of BIM interoperability that allows the mechanical designers or artists to covert and configures the 3D designs in AutoCAD format into BIM objects.

Modeling Tools

3D modeling tools of Autodesk Inventor

Autodesk Inc. offers various advanced features like parametric modeling for allowing users to create and edit 3D models. There is also assembly modeling features that enable users to design machine design in assembled formats and many more.


Other advanced and intuitive features offered by the Autodesk Inventor software includes design automation like design configuration, automated frame designs for designing test structural frames along with numerous modeling features like model-based definition, content center, shape generator for designing and creating designs having high performance, flexible modeling, direct modeling, freeform modeling, and many more.

Simulation and Visualisation

With Autodesk Inventor, You can locate numerous simulation and visualization-based features like dynamic simulation, stress analysis, exploded views, and animations. Although this advanced software has helped numerous mechanical artists to design their 3D and 2D designs.

Now, we are going to define the users’ reviews associated with the Autodesk Inventor in a detailed manner. So, let’s dig a bit deeper.

User’s Reviews About Autodesk Inventor

We have analyzed the reviews of many Autodesk Inventor users and on the basis of their reviews. Therefore, we have analyzed this Autodesk CAD program. Read below to see what we have found.


Autodesk Inc has been offering its advantages through its software for more than twenty years. The company has undoubtedly achieved an impressive and mature stage in the software lifecycle. The journey and lifecycle of the company are offering powerful designing and rendering software that has not been easy. Although, it has every time launched software like Autodesk Inventor that made it possible for users to take up and tackle challenges. Even, the update released by Autodesk for the Inventor of mechanical designing always comes with something unique and more advanced.

The major feature that Autodesk Inventor is the support of higher resolution having 4k monitors along with the dockable windows. 


The availability of an assembly front for designing the mechanical designs in 3D formats is highly improved in the latest edition. The assembly design allows users to work along with the option of fabricated frameworks, jigs, and fixings for machine designs. Such features of this software is a real-time saver of machine designing.


Advanced freaming tools of Autodesk Inventor

The Autodesk Inventor software offers its users the feature of a frame generator and no doubt it offers amazing functionality. Autodesk has led the complete consideration over the naming process along with the strategies being used for designing the frames. Within the frame generator, offered tools and features are beneficial and helpful for users in designing a suitable frame like filters, new presets, etc. Using the tools and features of the frame generator, the designing of complex layouts becomes successful for mechanical users. The frame generator features offer facilities for the users to design circular tubes, I-section beams, C and T types of sections, etc.


Autodesk Inventor offers the feature of unwrapping enhancement tools that allow users to design complex and flattened mechanical designs easily. Using this feature, the users get an advanced feature of adding additional controls to the designs that ensure the alignment of the whole model into XY, YZ, and ZX. Users may also get the chance of converting the design into various planes along with retaining the shape and position as well during the process of designing.


The company of Autodesk Inventor has also worked a lot over the drawing creation front followed by Autodesk Inventor has worked a lot over the drawing creation front followed by offering some key points to focus on. The users are offered the option of sheet format templates where the artists are going to design their projects. Also, the availability of the system automatically populates the views option that allows the users to assemble parts and designs.

Additional tools are also available that allows the users to define the view state through various indications like hidden lines removal option, shaded views, fit to view option, and many more. The software also offers support for BOMs in assemblies along with the flat patterning of sheet metal parts. Thus, the users can easily insert the flatted and folded formats of sheets and design wherever required.

In short, the software enables the users to control the entire drawing style along with the controls for the strategies of draw the views of drawings, dimensions, formatting, and many more.


The aforementioned article deals with the reviews by the users or artists for the Autodesk Inventor. They have been using to design mechanical designs, stimulations, documentations, and visualizations in 3D and 2D formats. The company has opened the ways for mechanical artists or designers to convert their thoughts related to the new designs into actions. 

Autodesk releases its new updates keeping the concerns and feedback of its users depending upon their experience using the software. Whenever the software update of Autodesk Inventor, the users are able to find something new for allowing them to tackle their challenges to design 3D drawings.

How To Use Hola VPN On iPhone?

VPN is the best way to give privacy on online activities. Users who have iPhones need VPN the most. It is because the iPhone works online most of the activities. This type of phone has less storage capacity so they stream, browse and do online shopping. Hola is the best software to use for expensive mobiles or any device. So, do you know how to use the Hola VPN on iPhone. This is the basic question of iPhone users.

How to Download Hola VPN on iPhone?

To log in to the Hola VPN on iPhone, you have to follow some steps which are given below.

  • Go to the official website of Hola VPN i.e hola.org
  • Click on the login option given in the upper right side corner
  • Click on the login with AppleID or sign in with the existing Email
  • Enter the Apple ID
  • Make some strong password
  • Then choose the country by clicking on the Hola extension.
  • And tap on connect

This is the simple way to use the Hola VPN on iPhone.  You can also follow these steps on any other device.

Benefits of Hola VPN on iPhone

Hola VPN is useful because it is easy to install and use. iPhone becomes the need of the people and its shows their standard also. But with the standard, privacy is also important. So, Hola VPN helps to give you privacy in your budget. It secures all the information which you browse or stream on your iPhone. Hola’s virtual private network does not contain any logs to store your history.

Hola VPN – Versions and Plans

Hola VPN has 3 versions free, Hola premium and Hola ultra. Each version has a different security level for the iPhone.

Versions of Hola VPN

Basis Hola free Hola VPN Premium Hola Ultra


                No                  Yes                  Yes
Number of servers                500                 1000                1500
Smart DNS                  No                    No                   Yes
Security & encryption                  No                  Yes                   Yes
Streaming quality                  SD                   HD                    4K
Connect device at a time                   1                    10                    20

Each version of Hola has different plans and prices because they provide different security levels.

Plans and Prices of the Hola VPN

Hola VPN Plans

         Plans        Monthly plan           1-Year plan           3-Year plan
Hola VPN Premium           $14.99/month         $7.69/month           $2.99/month
Hola VPN Ultra           $29.99/month         $19.99/month           $7.99/month

Hola VPN comes on budget with a full privacy feature. Grab an amazing opportunity to get a discount on the use of the Hola VPN Coupon Code.

Where to apply for the Hola VPN Coupon Code?

To get an amazing discount to save lots of money, the gammatech.org site is the best option. Here, you can get all the best deals and offers with no compromise of security.

Why use Hola VPN on iPhone?

iPhone is easy to carry as compared to the tab, laptop, and PC. Nowadays people live in a cashless world. They like to use Google pay, Phone pay, Paytm, and other methods for online payment. Their iPhone contains all information related to online business, bank details, and transactions also.  So, the use of a virtual private network is a must. We recommend Hola VPN because of its fast internet service at a reasonable price.

FAQs – Use of Hola VPN on iPhone

How do you cancel Hola VPN on iPhone?

Step To Disable Hola VPN

Hola VPN gives a free trial only for the 3 days. So, if iPhone or any other device user is not satisfied with the Hola virtual private network. So, iPhone users need to cancel the subscription. Now cancel the subscription plan from the iPhone.

  • Click on the setting app of Hola VPN
  • Tap on the Subscription
  • Choose the AppleID
  • Click on the Hola VPN security privacy
  • And cancel the plan

Is it safe to use Hola VPN on iPhone?

Yes, it is safe If you get the paid version of the Hola virtual private network on the iPhone. We recommend paid version because the free Hola VPN is not secure. A free version of the Hola VPN contains logs that can store or sell your browsing information to a third party. You can try the ultra version of Hola VPN on iPhone. It does not have logs and contains smart DNS which is useful while streaming, downloading because of its fast internet speed.

Which version of Hola – Premium or Ultra

According to the features, both paid versions of Hola have similar features. But a few of them are different which are not available in Hola premium but Hola Ultra contains that features. You can buy this version by using Hola VPN promo code to get huge discount.

  • video Hola ultra offers video quality 4K while premium gives HD.
  • When you use the Hola VPN premium on iPhone or any other device, then it can connect up to 10 devices only. And the Hola ultra provides a facility for using the VPN on up to 20 devices.
  • Hola premium does not have smart DNS for fast internet while Hola ultra gives Smart DNS(Domain Name System) facility also.

Is Hola VPN best for the iPhone?

Yes, but depends on which version you are choosing. For budget, Hola premium is best but for more privacy and security, Hola ultra is best. Now keeps your standard high with full protection of online activities from the prying eyes.

Clip Studio Paint Vs Krita 2021

You might know about Clip Studio Paint that is digital art software to create illustrations, comics, and 2D animations. It gives its users a paid facility and a free trial of this software only. On the other hand, Krita is free and open-source software to create amazing 2D animations; digital paintings will some great digital artistic tools.

Both have some similar features and as well differentiation. It would be no lie there are some basic differences between Clip Studio Paint and Krita. So without wasting any time here let’s know about them both in this Clip Studio Paint vs Krita comparison post.

5 Main Differences of Krita Vs Clip Studio

Difference of Krita Vs Clip Studio

It can be hard for anyone to find differences between Krita and Clip Studio Paint. They both have good qualities of digital art software like 2D painting, comic character creations and so more. So after doing research we have provided the main differences between CSP vs Krita.

  • Krita is free digital art software whereas Clip Studio Paint only gives you a free trial and paid services. But CSP Company allows users to use Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code for some discount also.
  • Krita supports Kra, ora, TIFF, JPG, and more file formats. On the other hand, CSP supports BMP, PNG, JPEG, TIFF, and furthermore.
  • The Krita program also includes its own development company called Krita foundation. Clip Studio Paint gets developed by a Japanese firm name Celsys.
  • Krita can be used for various operating systems such as Linux, Windows, Android, and Chrome OS.
  • At the current time, the latest version of Krita is 4.4.1 while CSP’s latest version is 1.10.5.

Which One Is Easy To Use Clip Studio Paint or Krita?

As we have mentioned above that Krita is free-to-use software with no trial and subscription policy. It has some amazing software that can be easily used by any beginner with basic knowledge of digital painting. While Clip Studio Paint ex has some complex features to use by any newbie. And the ex version is a bit expensive but interested users can save it by Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code.

So in the comparison of Krita vs Clip Studio Paint ex, the clear-cut winner is Krita in terms of ease of use. But as a beginner, if you use the CSP pro version then you might use it properly after some practice or use if it.

Which One Artists Use the Most? Clip Studio Vs Krita

Clip Studio Paint Software

As being an artist I always search for software that can give me the best result with less effort. And this is what Clip Studio Paint did for me. There is no doubt that Krita is much easier to use by any beginner. But when it comes to making animation and illustrations, no one can replace CSP software.

After using both software one by one I find that CSP has better animation services in Krita vs Clip Studio Paint animation differentiation.

Should I Buy Clip Studio Paint Over Krita?

If you want to make digital art just for fun or your passion, then Krita can be your best option. But if you are a professional digital painter and trying to turn your imagination into reality then CSP will be the best.

As we said that Clip Studio Paint offers no free services for users. However, it also has hard to use but effective features for digital painters. And if you are a professional then yes, it will be a great choice to buy Clip studio paint software over Krita for your work.

Which Has Better Features Between Krita and (CSP) Clip Studio Paint?

Features can play a major role to choose any software for your work. So here are the features of both programs that will help you to understand this comparison of Krita and Clip Studio Paint.

Krita Clip Studio Paint
Free Services Paid Plans At Affordable Prices
Stabilized Beautiful Brushes Natural Brushes + Import Photoshop Brushes
Vector Tools Available Various Vector Features For Comics Making
Wrap-Around Mode Covert Images Into 3D Models
Resources Manager Print & Export Multi-Page Documents
Python Scripting Tools For Animation
2D Animation Story Editor

After doing this feature comparison of Clip Studio Paint and Krita I must say CSP wins this features battle. However, being free software Krita also provides great services. But it cannot match the level Clip Studio Paint digital painting.

Is Clip Studio Paint Better Than Krita?

Both Clip Studio Paint and Krita are great software for digital art and painting. But after doing this brief comparison of both we have to say that Clip Studio Paint is better than Krita.

However, CSP is paid software and Krita is free, but Krita can only work for a beginner. When it will come to make minor changes in your painting it can disappoint you. So if you want to choose digital paint as a profession then you should select Clip Studio Paint software over Krita.

UpTo $100 Off Norton Black Friday Sale & Deals 2021

The holiday shopping is here and we have something special for you that helps to secure your PC and your devices. We have brought to you Norton Black Friday Sale where you can stay protected from online threats at discounted rates. Norton is one of the well-known and top-rated antivirus software that provides great security features. This year Black Friday will be on 27th November 2021, and it’s a great chance for you to grab the discounts. This year Norton is bringing amazing discounts on their top security products that we have mentioned later in this article.

Products Available During Norton Black Friday Sale

Let’s have a look at the products of Norton you can take advantage of during this Black Friday sale 2021.

Norton 360 | Up to $70 Discount

Norton Black Friday Sale on Norton 360

Today the rate of cyber-criminals and online threats has increased very dramatically. It comes in 2 different variations:

Norton 360 Plans Black Friday Discount
Norton 360 Deluxe (1 Year, 5 Devices) Up to $70 Discount


Norton 360 Standard (1 Year, 1 Device) Up to $50 Discount

Features Of Norton 360 Deluxe

  1. Cloud BackUp: You can easily protect your important files by uploading them to the cloud with 50GB of data. It has also an automatic backup feature.
  2. Parental Control: With Norton 360 Deluxe, you will get parental control features for your kids.
  3. School Time: Focused on kids this feature will help you to manage your child’s remote learning environment.
  4. All Features of Norton 360 Standard

Features of Norton 360 Standard

Norton 360 has many advanced features that you can’t ignore if you really want a great online security

  1. Real-Time Protection: When you are online your safety is very important. Real-time protection is very important to keep you safe from malware attacks and online threats
  2. Secure VPN: You will get a secure and free VPN that helps you to keep your identity private from prying eyes.
  3. Password Manager: You’ll get Password Manager features to protect your confidential data. Files, credit card information, and others.
  4. Dark Web Monitor: Alerts you if any of your confidential data will be on dark websites.
  5. Cloud Backup: You can get 10 GB of cloud storage with this plan.
  6. SafeCam: Helps in blocking cybercriminals to access your webcam.

Overall, you can get up to a $70 discount during Norton Black Friday offers on Norton 360 products.

Norton 360 with LifeLock | Up to $100 Discount

Norton 360 with LifeLock is built with the core security features that help in protecting your devices. It has 3 plans that are undermentioned:

Norton Black Friday Deals on Norton 360 with LifeLock

Norton 360 with LifeLock Plans Black Friday Discount
Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate Plus (1 Year, Unlimited Devices) Up to $100 Discount
Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage (1 Year, 10 Devices) Up to $75 Discount


Norton 360 with LifeLock Select (1 Year, 5 Devices) Up to $55 Discount

Features of Norton 360 with LifeLock Ultimate

  1. Cloud Backup: You will get 500 GB cloud backup under this plan.
  2. Investment & 401(k) Activity Alerts: Get you notified if any fraud investment or transaction with your account had happened.
  3. Home Title Monitoring: Helps to protect any kind of fake loan activities in the name of your home.
  4. All Features of Norton 360 With LifeLock Advantage

You can get up to $100 off on Norton Black Friday deals on Norton 360 with the LifeLock Ultimate plan.

Features of Norton 360 with LifeLock Advantage

  1. Real-Time Protection: Helps in protecting your privacy by putting multi-layered advanced security features with real-time protection.
  2. Secure VPN: You will get a free and secure VPN with this plan that helps you to keep your identity and your device safe when you go online.
  3. LifeLock Identity Alerts: It will alert you if your personal information is used in applications for credit or services.
  4. Parental Control: You can easily manage your kid’s online activities to keep them safe from the internet world.
  5. Password Manager: Protect your personal files and confidential data with the Password Manager system with more secure and private passwords.
  6. Cloud Backup: Under this plan, you will get 250 GB cloud backup.
  7. Credit Card Monitoring: Monitors any type of fraud or changes with your credit cards.
  8. Data Breach Notifications: Updates you to protect your personal information.
  9. SafeCam: Notifies you if cybercriminals try to access the webcam.
  10.  New Identity Lock: You can easily protect your credit cards, bank accounts, and other utilities against cybercriminal by using Identity Lock

By looking at all these amazing plans and features of Norton you might don’t want

to ignore your online security. So, what are you waiting for? Avail of this amazing discount during the Norton Black Friday Sale to get huge savings on Norton Products.

UpTo 83% Off CyberGhost VPN Black Friday Sale 2021

CyberGhost VPN is one of the most famous VPN (Virtual Private Network) service provider and is used by many peoples. On this Black Friday, it offers Up to 83% Off for a three-year subscription on CyberGhost VPN Black Friday Sale.

It provides multiple features to prevent you from cyberthreat and cybercriminal also, it spoofs your real IP address. Get multiple Offers and Discounts on CyberGhost VPN using CyberGhost VPN Black Friday Deals

What is Black Friday? 

This Year Black Friday is on 27 November 2021. Black Friday is the most important day in the United States and the United Kingdom. This day comes after the thanksgiving. The companies offer huge discounts on their products and sell at an inexpensive price.    

About CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost VPN is Founded by Robert Knapp and was published in 2004. It is headquartered in Bucharest, Romania which means it is outside fourteen-eye security. CyberGhost has 6300+ servers in 90+ countries to get discounts and offers use CyberGhost VPN Black Friday Offers.  

CyberGhost VPN Black Friday Deals and offers

Get up to 83% off discount on CyberGhost VPN Black Friday Sale for a three-year subscription, price starting at $2.25 per month. 

Features Of CyberGhost VPN | Why choose CyberGhost VPN Black Friday Sale?

Features of Cyberghost Black Friday deals

CyberGhost provides multiple features to keep safe your online browsing activity such as:

  • Hide your IP- CyberGhost VPN hides your real location by replacing it with other networks. With this feature, your online activity will remain secure and prevent hackers to steal your delicate data and information.
  • Strongest Encryption–  It uses the safest encryption 256-bit which is used by military-grade and also preferred by professionals. With this strong encryption, even your ISP ( Internet Service Provider) can’t peep into your browsing activity. 
  • Wi-fi Protection-   CyberGhost VPN encrypts your online traffic and prevents you from all kinds of Cyber threats and keeps your Wi-Fi network secure. 
  • No Logs- It provides you a strict no-logs policy which means they don’t keep any record of activity over the internet. 
  • Secure connections- It keeps your private conversation, bank account details, and financial information safe by using 256-bit AES technology.
  • Netflix/ Torrenting- It provides you safe torrenting and unlocks Netflix. This is it’s one of the best features and gives P2p share. You can have access to Netflix from any location with good speed. 

If you are a gamer, this VPN can help you to unlock many gaming servers get this at an affordable price on CyberGhost VPN Black Friday Discount. 

Pros And Cons Of CyberGhost VPN 

Pros and Cons of Cyberghost Black Friday offers


  • It has a huge network around the globe.
  • Provides unique security features.
  • It Blocks online tracking
  • Blocks Ad and gives virus protection
  • Provides a strong choice of protocols and encryptions. 
  • It optimizes profile servers for various usage.
  • Support Multiple Platforms such as Windows, Linux, macOS, Android, iOS, and some other routers. 
  • It provides good speed.
  • Provides a 45-days money-back guarantee.
  •  Good for online streaming including Netflix.
  • Cheapest among all other VPNs providers. 


  • Speed is slightly lower than other VPN. 
  • No parent security.

Support/ Privacy 

CyberGhost VPN supports major protocols such as L2TP and IPsec. It also provides you strong protection with 256-bit AES encryption and also offers OpenVPN. 

Customer Support

CyberGhost gives you 24/7/365 days customer supports to its users. Most of your queries can be solved on the official website’s support page they have given all the solutions. You can also directly contact them through email they will resolve all your problems.

Use CyberGhost VPN Black Friday sale and offers, take the advantage of the huge discount and save your valuable money on this Black Friday. Don’t miss your chance check now. 

Where Kaspersky Key File is Stored?

After installing the Kaspersky product many users want to view details of the key file. Because many users do not have full knowledge about the antivirus and once they install the application they throw the packing of the antivirus which contains the activation key. This activation key is very important when you have purchased the multi-user security plans that support different devices at the same time. I have seen many queries of those people who throw or lose the cover of Kaspersky antivirus and then ask where the Kaspersky key file is stored

Super Easy Steps to Find Kaspersky Key File

There’s a super easy procedure to find the Kaspersky activation key into the store file. Also, you don’t have to be a tech genius to use this extremely easy step that could lead you to your Kaspersky activation key. Here are all steps that will make it easy for you to find the Kaspersky Key File.

  1. First, you have to open the administration console of the Kaspersky Security Center.
  2. After that, find the Additional / Application management folder in the above folder and then select the Kaspersky Lab License subfolder. Into this subfolder, you will have a number of keys that are stored into the Kaspersky Security Centre Key Storage.
  3. Now you just have to find which key you are looking for and copy-paste into your desired place.

Check out Kaspersky Black Friday Deals

How to find Which Kaspersky Key Belongs to Which Feature?

As you already know, after performing the above steps you will reach the main storage where Kaspersky Key File is stored. But now the question arrived at how a beginner identifies which key is related to which product. To clear this confusion here’s a simple tip that will help you to find the Kaspersky key file as soon as possible.

  1. After reaching the main storage place you will see all the alphanumeric key files that relate to different products and features.
  2. You will see the name of the application there with the activation key with complete details.
  3. A clear license description will be there that defines your product is on trial, commercial, or on subscription.
  4. You also see the expiration date of the application that you have installed into your device.

Incase you are planning to get Kaspersky Product then do check out Kaspersky Promo Code for some amazing offers.

Kaspersky Internet Security Review 2021 | Is it Safe to Use?

Kaspersky Internet Security is a security suite that offers excellent Internet Security to your device in premium one license. It helps you to provide malware protection, Anti-phishing, and web safety. This Internet Security Suite is basically designed to keep your confidential data safe over the Internet. It helps you to protect your information over the Internet. Kaspersky Internet Security Suite secures your devices against viruses, ransomware, and other unforeseen cyber threats. This Security Suite not only protects your device from Internet threats but also provides security from hackers and attackers. Kaspersky Internet Security 2021 comes with a lot of security tools like Anti-Banner, Anti-Spam, Software Updater, and PC Cleaner. These Internet Security Tools help you to give excellent security protection against online threats. In this Kaspersky Internet Security 2021 review, we will evaluate is it Safe to use? We have researched about the product and have conducted the unbiased personal Review of Kaspersky Internet Security. So let’s begin-

Kaspersky Internet Security Customer Review

Kaspersky Internet Security Customer Review


Kaspersky Internet Security Review 2021- Features, Pros & Cons, Pricing

Features of Kaspersky Internet Security

Features of Kaspersky Internet Security

Kaspersky Internet Security is one of the most amazing Internet Security Suite. It offers multi-layered security protection against hackers, scammers, and other online threats. The kaspersky Internet Security comes up with lots of amazing features to protect you & your information from online threats. Below are some of the most amazing features of Kaspersky Internet Security:

  1. Email Alert
  2. Internet Security
  3. Desktop Notifications
  4. Email Attachment Protection
  5. Intrusion Detection System
  6. Privacy Protection
  7. Anti-Spam
  8. Event Tracking
  9. IP Protection
  10. Web Security
  11. Detect Viruses
  12. Anti-Viruses
  13. Internet Usage Monitoring
  14. Web Threat Management 
  15. Safe Files

Benefits of Kaspersky Internet Security

Benefits of Kaspersky Internet Security

There are lots of additional benefits provided by Kaspersky Internet security which are not present in Kaspersky Antivirus. Below are some of the benefits of Kaspersky Internet Security:

Check out Kaspersky Black Friday Sale


Kaspersky Internet Security includes Antivirus protection. It will help you to protect your device against virus and other malware threats. This software offers a set of anti-spyware tools. It helps you to block pop-ups, remove spyware installations,  and automatically disabled the links of malware sites.Kaspersky Internet Security is an amazing software to protect your device from spywares.


While using the Internet there are a number of unauthorized access pops. The kaspersky internet Security suite helps you to block unauthorized access or attempts. In the recent update of Kaspersky, it shows that the software includes the protection of Wi-Fi and VPN connections. 

Parental Control

Kaspersky Internet Security offers Parental Control features. It helps you to keep an eye on your children’s activity. With this Parental Control you can get an online report of every activity of your child. This parental control allows for three different levels of access and can restrict usage during specified hours. It is one of the best features of kaspersky Internet Security.

Privacy & Identity Protection

With its Privacy & Identity Protection features, this software helps you to access your computer and other devices. The best part of this software is that it can help you to find your missing Android phones. If any of your smartphone is missing then this excellent software helps you to trace it & reset it. This excellent Kaspersky Internet Security provides privacy tools like Private Browsing, Webcam and Mic Protection, Anti-Phishing, Anti-Spyware, and Anti-Theft. These are the exclusive privacy protection tools which only work on Android and Mac.

Kaspersky Safe Money

Kaspersky Internet Security is one of the excellent online security software. The software offers Kaspersky Safe Money that protects your credential details, online accounts, and financial transactions. With kaspersky Safe Money, you can protect your online banking and shopping too. This excellent Internet Security Suite helps you to protect transactions on PC and Mac, stops hackers intercepting and reading data, and works with a range of browsers. 

Kaspersky Secure VPN

Kaspersky Secure VPN offers Secure Connection that is a privacy cleaner. The VPN helps you to wipe up all the traces of the browser and the users. This Secure VPN includes features like Military-grade encryption, Network safety monitor, protection for 200MB of traffic per device, per day. You can easily install Kaspersky Secure Connection VPN while Installing the product. It is totally Free of Cost. 

Pros and Cons of Kaspersky Internet Security

Pros & Cons of Kaspersky Internet Secuirty

Pros –

  • Blocks viruses, crypto lockers, attacks and more
  • Prevents Online trackers for collecting your data
  • It detects spyware hiding on your Android device
  • It protects payments with bank-grade encryption
  • Blocks unauthorized access to your webcam
  • Encrypts data you send and receive online through VPN

Cons –

  • Takes time during Installation
  • Lacks Windows 10 Support

Kaspersky Internet Security Pricing

Kaspersky Internet Security Pricing

Kaspersky Internet Security Review 2021– Kaspersky Internet Security offers excellent features at a very affordable range. You will get all amazing features and benefits at a very reasonable price. The company is also offering upto 50% off on Kaspersky internet Security by using Kaspersky Discount Code. You can get this excellent security suite at only $29.99 for upto 3 devices. Grab the special offer Now and get a huge discount on its products and services. 


Kaspersky Internet Security Review 2021– Kaspersky Internet Security is a great collection of the security tools that offers excellent security. It includes some of the excellent features like Safe Banking and other privacy tools that protect your identity while banking and shopping. In this Kaspersky internet Security Review we have cleared all the points that will help you to understand about this product in detail. I hope this review will help you to buy this product. 

What is the difference between CorelDraw and Illustrator?

You may be eager to know the difference between the CorelDraw and Illustrator, I understand! But before we start, I wanted to know; have you ever noticed that the design is everywhere around us? Just look around you, you got the proof, right? The place you are right now, the products that you use, advertising, even the digital device in which you are reading this post there is a design. In fact, life itself is the sweet of design.

 From writers to readers, retailers to buyers, the design is the thread that connects them all. To create such an attractive design, professionals make use of graphic designing software namely CorelDraw and Adobe Illustrator. So let’s have a look at these two graphic design programs and find out the differences.

CorelDraw & Illustrator Differences through Definition

What is CorelDraw?

CorelDraw is a vector graphic editor software program developed by Corel Corporation. It was originally released in 1989 for Windows and now available for Mac too. This software is a vigorous graphics suite with many brilliant features to help users design and edit graphics. The feature lets you adjust contrast, add special effects, and balance color. Also, this program is capable of working with multiple layers and multiple pages.

How many Versions of CorelDraw Are there

CorelDraw and Illustrator Difference

What is Adobe Illustrator?

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphic editor software program developed and marketed bt Adobe Inc. Originally designed for Mac in 1987, available for Windows as well. This software is for creating drawings, illustrations, and artwork using its robust features. Illustrator includes many advanced drawing tools to reduce the time for creating wonderful illustrations.

Both are Vector Graphic Editor

Did you notice something common? If you have noticed then you see that both CorelDraw and Illustrator are for vector graphic design. That means both the application are for the same purpose.

Now, the question arises what is a vector graphic design?

Vector graphics are computer graphics images that are defined in terms of 2D points. Or you can say that they are images or pictures not captured through the camera. For example – the characters in animation films like Kung Fu Panda.

The vector designs can be scaled up to any size, larger or smaller as they are not pixel-based. Images created using these programs won’t lose image quality.  They are much versatile, flexible and easy-to-use. They are often used to create a high-definition illustration for web use, in games, and for quality work.

Key differences between CorelDraw and Illustrator

CorelDraw and Illustrator

First of all, you need to understand what kind of design you want to do. Both applications help you do the logo design and illustration kind of job. As they both are vector graphic software, they allow users to design and manipulate computer images using geometrical and mathematical commands. So, what are the key differences between CorelDraw and Illustrator?

The answer is – CorelDraw is a creation of Corel Corporation in 1989, whereas Illustrator is owned and created by Adobe System in 1987.

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics software and is used to create everything from gorgeous web and mobile graphics to logos, icons, book illustrations, product packaging, and billboards. While CorelDraw is a professional graphic design software with vector illustration used for designing signage, logos, web graphics, print projects, visiting cards, big hoardings, etc.

The illustrator offers you peak performance, improved effects, simplified vector paths and freedom gradients to give your objects and artwork a more natural look and feel. CorelDraw, on the contrary, comes with more precision and control tools, user-requested enhancements, and gives you more freedom to explore and enhance creativity.

For your imagination and creativity, Illustration offers powerful features for photography, video, design, UX, and AR. Wait! Even CorelDraw is a tough competitor. It holds some time-saving tools that Illustrator is unable to offer or require an extra plugin. CorelDraw offers some unique features such as Symmetry, LiveSketch, Shadow effects and Pointillizer (inspired by the Pointillism painting technique).

Both the application are highly preferable by the designers. Besides, they both are well-founded for graphic design. Therefore it’s really hard to compare between these two. However, they claim to use their software by millions of designers and artists.


Now, it all comes down to the question ‘’ what’s the purpose you’re looking for graphic software?”  Both the software are masters in designing and creating high-quality images. It depends on the experience and utilization of the product. I hope this article has cleared your doubts and queries of differences between CorelDraw and Illustrator.

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Cyberlink Powerdvd VS Corel WinDVD 2021

Are you confused about which media player or the video editing software you should buy for your device? Here, today I am going to discuss a hot clash between Cyberlink PowerDVD VS Corel WinDVD which is a very well-known media provider in the world.

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At first, we will talk about Cyberlink PowerDVD after that we’ll cover Corel WinDVD. So that it would be easy for you to choose the best one.

Cyberlink PowerDVD

Cyberlink PowerDVD

Cyberlink Powerdvd is one of the most complete multimedia players for home theaters and PCs. And it plays more than DVD and Blu-ray discs.

Powerdvd is an all-rounder multimedia player where you can play video, audio, movie, photos make download and even play YouTube or Vimeo.

For those who like to be in cutting-edge entertainment, Cyberlink Powerdvd also offers you immersive 360˚ VR experience. With Cyberlink, you can enjoy YouTube streaming in better-than-original quality. With a new spatial audio quality which is as good as being there.


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Features of Cyberlink PowerDVD

  • Cyberlink Powerdvd gives you amazing quality for home theaters with new ultra HD 4K and HDR video playback.
  • For the big screens, Powerdvd 19 has brought for the first time ultra-high-definition entertainment with 8K video.
  • 360-Degree VR- Experience 360˚ VR video with spatial audio. You can watch 360˚ video from every angle simultaneously and also can watch without a headset.
  • Media Casting to Steaming Devices: Support device as Roku®, FireTV™, Apple TV®, and Chromecast™.
  • True Theater: PowerDVD offers you TrueTheater HDR which enhances your video quality like it gives greater color depth, deeper black, brighter white compared to regular video.

Cyberlink Powerdvd comes with three different versions- Standard, Pro, and Ultra. Each version has different features according to their price. The cost of Powerdvd range between $59.99 – $99.99. You can get the use of Cyberlink PowerDVD Coupon to save your bucks too.

With Cyberlink Powerdvd you have the option to minimize video so that you do not miss any moment doing multitasking.

Even if you’re using Windows 10, you can enjoy the Ultra HD videos shot on your GoPro or iPhone photos in full quality. PowerDVD supports a wide range of files and formats including HEVC/H.265 video & HEIC image files, without installing any extra plugins.

There is also an offline feature with this media player where you can pin YouTube videos to watch offline or on a road.

So, this is about Cyberlink Powerdvd now let’s have look at Corel WinDVD.

Corel WinDVD

Corel WinDVD

Corel WinDVD is one of the world’s most recognized products with over 300 million copies sold. It is a leader in video playback and DVD software. With complete DVD and Blu-ray software you can create the movie theater experience at home anytime you want.

Windvd offers you new 4K support with a high-quality picture and Dolby digital sounds with powerful video and audio control. This WinDVD makes your video more stabilize, enhances color and you can enjoy smoother playback with higher frame support(240 frames per second).

You can get Corel WinDVD pro 12 at just $54.99. also, you get 30 days money-back guarantee encase if you found an issue with the product you can return it within 30 days. Before purchasing it you can find the relevant Corel WinDVD Coupon Code to steal some bucks.


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Features Corel DVD

  • File Support – Corel WinDVD pro 12- supports all of the most popular formats, including Blu-ray Disc, BDXL, MP4, WMV-HD, DVD, AVCHD and HEVC (H.265).
  • 2D to 3D video conversion- You can convert 2D movies in full 3D definition and enjoy the lifelike viewing experience. Conversion is supported for DVD-video, and standard and high-definition video file.
  • Playback interface- With the modern interface you can create a playlist, take a screenshot or video clips of favorite scenes just using easy video and audio control.
  • Special audio effects- You can set audio to match your environment. If it’s a busy, noisy place you can set the control to ‘Noisy’ and boost the audio levels and if at home try ‘Theater’ effect.

You can also change the picture quality of videos in WinDVD as you want. Fine-tune to get just the way you want the picture quality with easy adjustment. Make use of presets to improve picture quality, adjust brightness, contrast and more.


With the help of this article, I hope you’ll be able to take the decision for the right multimedia player.

Both Cyberlink Powerdvd VS Corel WinDVD is good at their own and the price between two media players is also not so much of difference. Now, you can easily choose any one of these multimedia players according to your needs and keep enjoying the service.