PowerDirector 21 Ultra Vs Ultimate

PowerDirector 21 Ultra Vs Ultimate

Today, CyberLink PowerDirector becomes one of the best video editing software that provides two-lifetime versions, ultra or ultimate. Both these version have good & comes with advanced features of editing. With this, you can create or edit professional-level edits easily with what you want. But here is one question arise is that what I should choose between PowerDirector 21 ultra vs ultimate? So, here in this article, we will know the difference between PowerDirector 21 ultra and ultimate. So, let’s start this right here.

CyberLink PowerDirector – An Intro

CyberLink PowerDirector is an online award-winning video editing software to deal with & handle all your video customization. In this, there are numerous professional video editing tools to make & give videos a new look that you want. However, it contains an AI-preferred tool to manage a vast library of videos in one place. It has 300+ effects, themes & templates with fast speed.

Difference Between CyberLink PowerDirector 21 Ultra Vs Ultimate

Here, there are many aspects in which we can find the difference between PowerDirector 21 ultra and ultimate. So, let’s look at some difference between PowerDirector ultra vs ultimate so that you can know what’s unique between these two.

Features – PowerDirector 21 Ultimate Vs Ultra

If we talk about the features between PowerDirector ultimate and ultra, then some features are the same on both & some others are different. So firstly, let’s look at the same features that you can see on both versions.

  • Nested Video Editing
  • Video Pre-cut & Colour Match
  • Split Toning, HDR Effect & Multi-sample Chroma Key
  • Produce Images Sequence & Have A Video Blending Modes
  • Advanced 360-Degree Video Editing & Stabilizer
  • Convert Title & Pip to 360-degree objects or things
  • Right Distortions (Lens & colors)
  • Extra-large Thumbnails Preview
  • Hotkeys for Timeline Behaviour
  • Reverse Timeline Order

In PowerDirector 21 ultra vs ultimate, these are all the features that you can see mainly in both versions.

Now, look at some additional features that we will get only in PowerDirector ultimate version.

  • 4K Video Editing Preview
  • Library Preview
  • Have A Undock Library & TimeLine
  • Clip/Timeline Markers

Remark: If we ask from me, then I will prefer, if your work is done easily by ultra version, then there is no need to purchase its ultimate version.

Price – PowerDirector Ultra Vs Ultimate

If we talk about the pricing comparison between PowerDirector ultra & ultimate, then we can compare it in an effective way.

Price of PowerDirector Ultra 

First of all, the lifetime subscription price of PowerDirector 21 ultra is about $ 106.94 as a lifetime license. 

Subscription Price Of PowerDirector Ulitmate 

The lifetime subscription price of PowerDirector 21 ultimate is about $ 148.18 also for a one-time license.

Remark: Here, you have to make the Difference Between PowerDirector 21 Ultra and Ultimate as per your need. If your work is only done from the Ultra version, then purchase PowerDirector ultra. On the other hand, if you are looking for a business perspective or want to get new features, then you have to purchase PowerDirector 21 ultimate. Not only that but you can not make its price cheaper using the CyberLink discount code.

Editing Tools – PowerDirector 21 Ultimate Vs Ultra

Here are also, firstly we will know the same editing tools offered by these two. So, let’s look at the tools offered by both versions of PowerDirector.

  • Square Video Editing & Production
  • Has Video Import, Editing, And Export
  • Produce 120/124 fps High Frame Rate Video
  • Audio Ducking, Colour Presets & LUTs
  • Truetheater Color & Stabilizer
  • Keyframe Opacity Adjustments 
  • Screen Recorder & Built-in Audio Editor
  • Apply titles & images to the motion path & a video tutorial.

Above have some editing tools that you will see in both versions. Let’s find out the different ones.

  • AI Object Segmentation
  • Wind Removal of AI
  • AI Speech Enhancement
  • Sky Customization
  • Audio Smart Fit

Remark: For business & marketing purposes, it is a must to have the PowerDirector ultimate version instead of its ultra version.

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Unique Design Tools – Between PowerDirector 21 Ultra Vs Ultimate

In this aspect, you can also see some similar design tools and some different ones. So, here are some design tools that you can see in both versions.

  • Keyframe: Modify Anchor Point
  • Multi-cam & Video Collage Designer
  • Transition & PiP Designer
  • Adjust Particle & PiP Display Speed
  • Has Theme, Mask, Title, Paint, Menu & True360 view Designer
  • Crop, Zoom & Pan Tools
  • Snap Alignment, Motion Graphics Title
  • Sublime Room.

Let us know the unique design tools which you can see only in the PowerDirector Ultra version.

  • Selection Mask
  • Keyframe Interpolation: Hold, & Sketch Designer.
  • Shap Designer, Customize Particle & PiP Ending Sound.
  • Audio Scrubbing.

Remark: Here is the review of this comparison between PowerDirector 21 ultra & Ultimate for basic & work-done editing tools, you have to buy PowerDirector ultra. Although, you can grab all these mentioned tools in a pack of PowerDirector 365 using the PowerDirector 365 coupon code.

Professional File Formats – Comparison Between PowerDirector 21 Ultimate & Ultra

Here, we will talk about the file formats or support that create a difference between these two.

  • HEVC HDR10
  • HLG
  • Pro-res 4:2:2
  • Video File Import MXF AVC

These are some professional file formats & support that you can find only in PowerDirector ultimate version.

Remark: Here, we can clearly see that PowerDirector Ultimate is far away from the PowerDirector 21 ultra version right now.

Which Is The Better In PowerDirector 21 Ultra Vs Ultimate?

Powerdirector Ultra Vs Ultimate

As per my choice, both products have good and are capable of tackling any kind of video editing. But, here is the one winner and that is PowerDirector 21 ultra. Have you been shocked? Yes, there are some reasons behind the difference between PowerDirector 21 Ultra & Ultimate. Because this is available at an affordable price with almost all the basic & advanced functions of video editing. But if you are not fully satisfied with its basic features & want to get more, then you have to go with PowerDirector Ultimate.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below have some user queries related to the difference between PowerDirector 21 Ultra and Ultimate.

Which Is The Best PowerDirector Ultra Or Ultimate?

After deep analysis and covering all aspects, we can say the PowerDirector ultra version is a little ahead as compared to PowerDirector ultimate.

What Are The Price Difference Between PowerDirector 21 Ultimate And Ultra?

The main comparison between PowerDirector 21 ultra and ultimate is in its pricing. It means PowerDirector ultra is available at $ 106.92 and the price of PowerDirector ultimate is $ 148.14 for a lifetime license.

Is There Any PowerDirector Free Version Available?

Yes, there is a free PowerDirector version for Android users on their mobile phones by downloading from Google Play Store.