Best Free Web Hosting

Best Free Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the thing without which no one can start their online journey. But every best thing comes up at any cost. And hence finding the best free website hosting is a big task. If you are among them who want to opt for a website with no cost hosting but looking for detail. Here you land on the best page. 

In this article, we are going to take a detailed analysis of which is best, why you should choose this or not. We also listed the best free hosting service provider in this article so that you can choose easily. You will even get to know the pros and cons of free web hosting and domain. So without wasting a time let’s start with the list of best free web hosting providers in the market. 

List Of Best Free Web Hosting

As many providers provide the best free website hosting but here we only concise the top 5 of them. You can take a view of them and can decide for yourself which is best for you!


This is the best free hosting provided by one of the major firms for getting any hosting at no cost. It came up with a website builder named “Zyro”. The visitors to your website would not see ads but there are still ads on the dashboard. Below are the few features provided by 0000WebHost in its free services:

Features of 000WebHost
  • You will get 3GB of bandwidth 
  • A MySQL database
  • 300MB disk space
  • A website but not any subdomain
  • No live support but a community forum

000WebHost doesn’t pay any charge for all these features. But if somehow you want to opt or upgrade your plan then there is an option for you as well. Since its plan starts from $1.99 so you can easily upgrade from free to cheap hosting.

Free Hosting

This hosting provider to provides the hosting in both of the domains: the free hosting and the paid ones. Once you sign up there either you can bring your domain name or can opt to FreeHosting for one. 

Features of Free Hosting
  • 10GB disk space and the unmetered bandwidth 
  • A MySQL database
  • One website with no subdomains
  • And a ticket support system

There are many other things available on this platform as well. Like time billed add-ons (i.e., SSL certificate or the additional mailbox). Hence you can improve yourself better here than any other platform without burning your pocket. There are a few things to keep in mind. If you belong to Brazil, Iran, Sudan, Syria, Vietnam, or Cuba locations then FreeHosting is not available there. 

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iFast Net is the provider that starts this free hosting service and names it InfinityFree. Through this, you can access the Installer i.e., Softaculous Script, and can install WordPress. Like any other service provider, this free hosting service does not offer domain registration. But there is an option for clients to use one they have acquired from another registrar.

Features of InfinityFree
  • You will get free subdomains, unlike the 000WebHost. 
  • Unlimited storage and unlimited bandwidth 
  • The 400 MySQL databases
  • Softaculous Script Installer that has more than 400 different apps within it. (WordPress too)
  • And a knowledge support base

Like 000WebHost once the website is published the visitor will not see any ads. But InfinityFree is a kind of free web hosting with cPanel at the backend. Even the website has a limitation on hits per day i.e., 50000 hits.

Google Cloud Hosting

This one is not free in terms of technology. But we are considering it as it offers a 1-year free trial that too with many features.

Features of Google Cloud Hosting
  • It offers an unlimited storage 
  • And the support through documentation
  • A website
  • You do not need any hype. A single google account is good to start. 

If we talk about its free access you can use the free trial for up to a year or if you used up $300 credit. Here you need to pay for only resources you will use. You can even use Google’s price calculator to help yourself to calculate your costs. 


This is too a part of the iFast Net firm. As the iFast Net provides a variety of web hosting services ByetHost is one of them. It offers a 

Features of ByetHost
  • 5 GB disk space and unlimited bandwidth. Even there you will get the statistics like disk space, bandwidth details, and the daily hist on the website. There is a dedicated panel known as VistaPanel for this data. It’s like the free hosting service with cPanel
  • 1 MySQL database. 
  • A subdomain is provided to you
  • You will get solid support here which is rare in the free hosting market. The 24/7 support through ticket support and self-service knowledge base is too included in the plan.  

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How can I host a website for free?

There are many ways to host a website free of cost but the most effective way is to opt for the best free hosting. There are various providers present in the market who provide hosting at no cost with few basic features. WordPress free hosting is one of the famous free hosting providers in the online market. Most of the new users choose this hosting over others. WordPress provides the best features in the free web hosting and domain

Is free web hosting worth it?

It depends on the client’s requirements and needs. If the customer is just a beginner and not sure about hosting then he must go with the best free web hosting. He can choose cheap web hosting services as these contain more features than the free ones. If for the client, performance does not matter and he can manage his things on his own then he is good to go with free web hosting else not.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Free Web Hosting

Since we have already discussed the features provided by various web hosting providers. Hence, we already get familiar with the pros and cons of free web hosting and domain. In short if we concise the summary or can say all points, there are more demerits than merits. If we talk about the advantages of the best free web hosting service, the main one is you are getting it at no cost. Well, if you are a new user then it’s okay for experimenting to opt for a free hosting provider. But if you are more subtle and want the best features then it’s better to choose a paying one. 

The things that make free web hosting bad are security-related issues. Even though the performance is not as good as the paid ones. The customer support is also that much supportive towards the customers who choose the free one. So you will rather solve the issues on your own than by customer support. So it’s better to choose wisely among the paid and free hosting services considering all the points. It will be best if you choose a cheap hosting provider.


After going through the detailed description and the features provided by each provider, we concluded this article. Since everything has merit and demerit best free web hosting services too. Here you will not get the things that you will get on the paid version. As said in one of the above headings, it totally depends on the user whether free suits him best or not. So choose wisely before opting for any option. And further, recalculate the things that are crucial in the future. 

FAQs– Best Free Web Hosting
Should I choose free web hosting or paid one? 

You can choose any one of them or can opt for a free one later upgrade it to the paid hosting.

What are the best free hosting service providers? 

There are many in this field with their merits and demerits. A few of them are listed above.

What is uptime?

Uptime is the time of the whole month when your website remains online.

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