Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex

Clip Studio Paint Ex Vs Pro 2024 – Comparison

Clip Studio Paint I one of the best digital painting software providers. It deals with the best and finest quality services that make your digital art more magnificent. The features of CSP are excellent and it provides two different software Ex and Pro. The user can choose the reliable one. But before choosing the best and appropriate one let’s Compare Clip Studio Paint Ex Vs Pro.

Through this read Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex, you can find which one is best Pro or Ex? Which is Clip Studio Paint Software is a better choice for beginners? What type of features and services does CSP offer? What are the prices of the CSP Pro and Ex?

Let’s Begin and find the answer to all the questions you want to know. Read the difference between Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex.

What is Clip Studio Paint Pro And Ex?

Clip Studio Paint is a Japan-based digital painting software provider. The company is powered by celsys. The software of the CSP is used for digital creation, painting, comics, illustration, etc. CSP is familiar with the requirement of the users. So, they provide two different software and each one is designed according to the need of the users. So here we will find which one do you want and fulfill your needs easily.

Clip Studio Paint Pro

Clip Studio Paint Pro

CSP Pro is easy to use software for beginners. To give a better start kick to an artist career pro is a reliable choice. As compare to the Ex package pro version is reasonable for you. The software carries all the rich features to make your painting experience beautiful. In this Clip Studio Paint Pro version, you will get numerous painting tools, coloring options, and a free library with more than thousands of assets.

If you ever used the services of Photoshop then Clip Studio Paint is the manageable software.

Clip Studio Paint EX

Clip Studio Paint Ex

Clip Studio Paint Ex is an advanced version of the Pro. It is a bit expensive but the best option for professional users. This software is easy to use for creating manga, comics, illustrations, etc. It offers you many other easy-to-use features with unlimited canvas.

Comparison Of Clip Studio Paint Pro And Ex 2024

BasisClip Studio Paint ProClip Studio Paint Ex
Single Page IllustrationYes Yes
Multi-Page Comics, manga, & IllustrationNoYes
Vector LayersYesYes
Animation ToolsLimitedUnlimited
Convert images and 3D models into lines and dot shadingNoYes
Print & Export Multi-Page DocsNoYes
Number of MaterialSameSame

Clip Studio Paint Pro is a good choice for beginners. You will get a great saving deal on it through the latest deal of Clip Studio Paint Discount Code. To know more about them let’s figure out the similarities and differences between Clip Studio Paint Pro and Ex.

What is the Specialty of Clip Studio Paint Ex And Pro?

Clip Studio Paint Pro is a nice option to create character art, concept art, and illustration. Otherside, Clip Studio Paint Ex is an excellent choice for comic creation, 3D art, manga, comics, and illustration.

What are the differences between Clip Studio Paint Pro and Ex?

Clip Studio Paint ProClip Studio Paint Ex
  • Single Page Illustration & Comics
  • Vector Layers
  • Limited Animation Tools
  • Limited 24 Frames
  • Customizable Paint & Brushes
  • Manage multiple pages
  • Convert  and 3D Models
  • Easy to create lines and dots shades
  • Numerous Animation Tools
  • Unlimited Frames for Animation
  • Export and Print Multiple Pages
  • 2D & 3D LT Rendering Function

In the Pro Version, you will get limited features and Ex gives you advanced features that make your art beautiful.

Also Compare between Clip Studio Paint Vs Corel Painter 2024 to find the better one.

What are the similarities of Clip Studio Paint Ex & Pro?

In both software, you will find few similarities. Before using this software let’s meet with the similarities of Pro and Ex.

  • Page Illustration and Comics- The creator can create comics and illustrations with both softwares. You have impressive color options black, white or multi-color. This function is available in both CSP Pro & Ex.
  • Vector Layers- Create fine lines, dotted shapes, and other layers. It maintains the quality of lines after scaling and transformation.
  • Customizable Tools- In this you will get a bunch of natural and easy to customizable brushes and pens. In both, you will find the equivalent features.
  • Number of Features- Multiple tools, color palette, brushes, and pens. In both, you will find similar features.

What are the prices of CSP? Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex Price Comparison

You can buy this software at a budget cost. You will get the option to add this software to devices accosting to your needs. CSP provides a monthly plan, annual plan, and one-time purchase option. You will receive a great saving Clip Studio Paint Coupon Code to save extra bucks.

Clip Studio Paint Monthly Plan Prices

PlansClip Studio Paint ProClip Studio Paint Ex
Single Device$4.49/mo$8.99/mo*
Dual Devices$7.49/mo*12.49/mo*
Premium Plans$8.99/mo*14.99/mo*
Smart Phone$0.99/mo*$2.49/mo*

Clip Studio Paint Annual Plan Prices

PlansClip Studio Paint ProClip Studio Paint Ex
Single Device$24.99/yr*$71.99/Yr*
Dual Devices$43.99/yr*$99.99/Yr*
Premium Plans$53.99/mo*$117.99/Yr*

Is Clip Studio Paint a One Time Buy Software?

Yes, Clip Studio Paint Is a Time Buy Software. You only need to use the Clip Studio Paint one-time subscription package to use this software.

Clip Studio Paint Pro- The Clip Studio Paint Pro costs $49.99. It is reasonable for all users.

Clip Studio Paint Ex- The Ex version of the CSP costs $219. It is expensive but good to use for the users.

Which version is best for beginners?

The Clip Studio Paint Pro version is best for beginners. Easy to use features that make your character art, concept art & Comic art.

Do professionals Use Clip Studio Paint Pro?

No, Professional Will not like the services of the pro version. We will suggest they use the Clip Studio Paint Ex version.

Which one is the better software? Clip Studio Paint Pro Vs Ex

If you are a beginner and want to use easy digital painting software services, Clip Studio Paint Pro is the best option for you.

But If you are professional

Then Clip Studio Pro is the right option in from of you. Both provide you the fine quality that makes your digital art skills more powerful and creative.

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