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Why free Web Hosting is most search by Beginners Website Builder

A web hosting is a service that allows an organization or individual to post a website online. Easy to startups your business with free web hosting providers that give the services and technologies needed for the website.  For these services and technologies, we have to charges some amount to host. There is a much-hosting company that is giving free web hosting service with sufficient features.  Domain name and hosting are essentials to put your website on the internet. Many hosts give free web hosting and domain name registration with the best free website builder. It makes your work easier with money saving offer.

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Free Web Hosting or free website hosting for Beginners – Free web hosting is a best for Beginners who want to create a website or small business website.  While there can be criticized for a lack of features, security and customer support with free hosting. But that can be more adopt for giving you a taste of having and maintaining a small website. Free WordPress hosting for a lifetime by Startups from many of website.

How to create a website free of cost?

To create a website free of cost we have to take some simple and easy to follow steps. And need to know the basic need of our website and purpose of it. A domain name, hosting, and content is the most important things to take place a website on the internet.

The purpose of the website

The first step you need to take is preparing a list of your requirement. What type of website do you want to have an e-commerce site? Get a personal profile site or business website.

Free Web Hosting

Free domain name and Hosting

If you have decided the purpose of your website then it will be easy to come up with a suitable domain name. Many free hosting and domain companies provide the service of free website domain name. Choose a user-friendly or most related to your website purpose domain name to create a free personal website. We want to tell you that $1 web hosting with free domain name deals is very good to get a free domain name with hosting.

Your Needs

If you are expecting to have a lot of visitors and you have a lot of pictures or files to share, then decide a bandwidth and disk space. For an e-commerce website, if you are accepting credit card, you need to consider advanced security options i.e. SSL certificate. A free web hosting will give you a basic necessity to active a website on the internet.

Find a Free web hosting service

When you have to find an idea about a website, then you need to find a web hosting service.  For it, you can search online top free web hosting service provider. But not necessarily always a topmost hosting provider company best for free hosting service also. So make a research and ask people for a suggestion.

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Basic things one should look for a free web hosting plan

  • Check you could create a free website with own domain name. If they don’t permit to do it, then they should provide a domain name related to your business.
  • A host should not force to ad banners on your website. So try to find a free web hosting no ads with it.
  • Must have efficient web hosting storage as 100 MB for beginners is enough
  • Efficient bandwidth or data transfer- 1000MB for a beginner.
  • A plan has email services.

If you have found all of these services that best suits your needs, then your website will be active online quickly.

Basic features of free web hosting that host always provides

Choose a free web hosting plan is an imperative decision. Always identify a reliable host which focuses on your task with many services.  Look at some of the most common features that a good free web hosting provider should offer.

Disk Space and Bandwidth

Disk space refers to the storage space assigned on a server by a host for a website. This will store website files, text, images, and audio etc. files of your website. And bandwidth refers to the amount of traffic that is allowed to your website.  If you use a lot of graphics then you will require higher storage and great bandwidth.

Website creator and ftp

If, you have not technical knowledge to build a website. Then look for a free website builder tool or application. Most of hosting provider provide this service free of cost on their paid or unpaid plans.

FTP stands for file transfer protocol that is for transferring your website files from your computer to server or vice versa. It allows you to download and upload website files on a host server. A good free website hosting host should offer 24/7 unrestricted ftp access.

Support and uptime

A technical support can be a need at any time when you are using a hosting service. So choose a host that provides full support of a technical team. If you have any network and server problems then you can simply solve with the technical team.

No any host promise to give 100% guaranteed uptime. Uptime measures the network monitoring, configuration, redundant hardware, and onsite back power supply. So always try to find good uptime by 24/7.


A free web hosting service provider should offer free email services to set up your email accounts as

Top Free web hosting 2023 service providers

Simple to think about a 100% free hosting but you should get also what you pay with free services. Means there are any additional charges added. Always chose a reputed, affordable and full-featured hosting provider. There are we shared a list of free web hosting providers that offer free web hosting sites list. All of have a big name in hosting world as a free web hosting service provider.

  • Web host
  • Freehostia
  • 5GBfree
  • com
  • Byethost
  • Awardspace
  • FreeHostingEU

Apart from these, there are many free website builder services are also available to build a website. Many hosting providers give a free hosting service with additional features for starting offer. After some time may you have to upgrade your plan at the few amounts of cost. But for check the working ability of site and performance of host that will be the best deal. So try this offer for their small needs. It is best for a starter or small business where there is no more budget for website building.

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