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GoDaddy Cloud Web Hosting 2023 with Discount Coupon

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World’s largest technology provider hosting company Godaddy has expanded their service with Godaddy cloud hosting. It launches 4th generation web hosting that uses a cloud environment. Godaddy Cloud Servers allow users total control over cloud storage, bandwidth, CPU capacity, and server configuration. But after few time they stopped Godaddy Cloud web hosting service. After then Godaddy starts a business web hosting that known as Data Center on Demand business hosting. It provides high-quality services at a reasonable price. Now, it has been taken the wraps off cloud servers and cloud applications. That will help a company to build, test and scale cloud solutions on Godaddy’s infrastructure.

Does Godaddy have cloud storage?

Yes, it has online cloud storage, without any storage limit.  So, one can make online backups of large files like videos, photos etc. There is no limit of storage on how many files you can store. And working with online file storage is easy and intuitive that you can use any time stored files when you are using cloud storage.

Additional Features of Godaddy cloud web hosting

A lot of additional benefits, users could get with this cloud hosting GoDaddy service.

  • Godaddy gives 99.9% guaranteed uptime, so could get automatically back-up your data without any downtime.
  • Provide private networking to maintain secure communication and protocols among user servers.
  • Supports operating system as Ubuntu 14.04, CentOS 6 & 7, Fedora 23, Debian 8 and Arch Linux.
  • It can assign multiple permanent IPs to a single server flexible when required.

Alternatives of Godaddy Cloud Hosting Service

There are many another hosting also available that they provide cloud hosting service.  For a business purpose, one can move other hosting companies’ option. Many factors can be for which you have to consider a host for your website.


It can be an incredible alternative to small services and cloud hosting server also.  A basic cloud plan, hatching cloud gives 2 cores processor, unmetered bandwidth and unmetered disk space.


The primary plan of A2hosting for cloud server gives a relatively all hosting traits.  With A2Hosting, you can design your own personalized cloud hosting that permit you pay for that you utilize.


This platform is easy to maintain and cost are moderate.  It provides an option of single click back-up and restores.  Cloud ways are configured from basic web console that is simple to use.


Host1Plus packages give various plug-ins, tools, and add-ons. It can be a better cloud host at an affordable range of plans. Host1Plus provides cloud hosting globally, all over the world.

These four hosts can be the best alternative for cloud hosting from Godaddy. You can handle a website at cloud environment with a better price range and best feature.

 Godaddy Cloud hosting an overview

Godaddy cloud servers are integrated with cloud applications. This partnership provides one-click installation around 120 applications.  Godaddy cloud servers have come with a competition among Amazon and other providers. The newest cloud service of Godaddy is available in 26 languages in 44 countries.

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