Get rid off from Hostgator Alligator

How To Get Rid Off Of The HostGator Alligator?

Hostgator is one of the best leading firms in the hosting world. Hostgator Alligator is the most popular icon in the hosting world. Its favicon is enough to know the name of the Hostgator web hosting firm. But when you buy a hosting plan from HostGator then it sets a default favicon on your website. Hostgator Alligator shows a brand name. If you want to know how to get rid off of the Hostgator Faviconthen here comes the best tutorial for you. On many websites, you saw its brand icon in the URLs it is known as Favicon.

What is a favicon?

What is Favicon

A favicon is a website icon that is also known as a shortcut icon, Tab icon, URL icon, and bookmark icon. A favicon is a small, iconic image that represents your website. You will find the favicon in the address bar of a web browser. Sometimes a favicon is similar to the logo of the website so it becomes easy for a user to identify your website. As you see in the alligator in the Hostgator website and the same alligator is found as the favicon of HostGator in its website Url.

What type of images and size of the favicon?

The latest version of favicon that is easy to recognize is the png, gif, and jpg format of the images. If you want to create your Favicon then you can create it with the help of the In this creating website, you will get want you to want to create a website easily.

The dimensions of the favicon are 16*16px size. But it also could be 32*32px or 128*128px you can set according to your needs.

You can choose the size of the favicon according to your desire. The size included in the size of favicon are:-

  • 16*16px
  • 32*32px
  • 48*48px
  • 64*64px
  • 128*128px

How to get a Favicon?

Generate favicon

Here are many awesome ways to create a favicon icon. The only thing you have to do is to create enter your website address or website title or tools that will take care of it for you. The platform where you can create your favicon is:-

  • io
  • Icons8

After creating a favicon of your website know how to remove Hostgator Favicon. After removing the favicon of the Hostgator set your website favicon.

What are the steps to get rid off from the Hostgator Alligator?

Steps to change Hostgator Alligator

A favicon is very valuable for your website. It makes your website easy to recognize for all users. It becomes a brand icon of your website. But before using your favicon you muc=st learn how to remove the default favicon of the Hostgator. Follow the easy steps and set your favicon.

1.     Create your Favicon File

Go with the above-mentioned favicon creator and create your favicon. You need to design the jpeg and png format logo and then convert it into a specific resolution. After creating a logo save it in.ICO. into your website root directory. (/public_html/). Try to create an icon with the 16*16px dimensions. For creating a favicon you can get help from the above-mentioned favicon creators.

2.     Upload the Favicon into the Root folder

  • Login to the Hostgator Cpanel
  • Find your find manager link and click on it,.
  • Ater clicks on it you will see the home & root folder. You will not find any icon there.
  • Click on the upload button to upload your created icon. Select the option of the overwrite existing files to remove any existing favicon file on the root directory.

3.     Upload the Favicon File in the WordPress themes Folder

Steps to change Hostgator Alligator

After successfully uploading the favicon in the root, you need to copy the favicon. Follow the steps now and upload your favicon on your website.

  • /wp-content/themes/
  • Upload the favicon in the theme folder
  • Edit Header.php

Header.php can be easily edited by using the WordPress Admin page.

  • Login into your website through and login to it.
  • Click on the appearance button then theme editor. Appearance>Theme Editor

On the theme editor page add the following line after the <Head> tags:-

<link rel=“shortcut icon” href=“/favicon.ico” type=“image/x-icon”> <link rel=“icon” href=“/favicon.ico” type=“image/x-icon”>

After pasting on it click on the save button usually the favicon will not change directly. I recommend you restart your PC to clear the favicon cache saved by the browser. Now you will get your created favicon and you get rid off of the Hostgator favicon.

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Another easy way to add your Website Favicon

Way to change Hostgator favicon
  • Login to your website through
  • Click on the appearance button then customize then click on the site title logo then go to the icon and change it as you want.

What Is The Benefit Of The Favicon?

A favicon will help many users to identify your website among many different websites. This will help you in creating your brand icon that becomes easy to recognize for all the users. If you create your website favicon then you will get multiple benefits:-

Benefits Of favicon
  • Detects your website identity & interface
  • Give kind of trust to your website
  • A favicon increases brand awareness among all the audience.
  • Load required pages faster than a bookmark
  • A favicon display on the google search engine besides the website title.

Conclusion:- How to get rid off of Hostgator Alligator?

With the help of the above-mentioned information, you will get to know about the favicon. And how to get rid off of Hostgator Alligator. With the help of the above mentioned easy steps, you change or create your website favicon easily.  The steps are easy to use and understand. Still, if you are facing trouble in changing its favicon then you can connect with us through the comment box or one of the best places is Hostgator 24/7 Support services.

So get set go and change the favicon of your website through the mentioned above steps. I hope you will succeed in this work very well through the mentioned details.

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