Helping Guide – How to start a blog with Hostinger 2023

The blog is needful? If yes then Why?

If you are done your all work at the time and still make time for personal then why we said you to add a daily task in your worklist. Is not something that we talking to add in your work without any reason. We are talking about Blogging because if you have done it properly then it is a very productive practice that supports and benefits you personally, professionally, and financially. Many peoples like writing and many of them make it their profession and earn a lot of money by wrote on some topics daily. Blogging is needful to your personal as well as professional because personally you will get earning and professionally you will get support to your website. So, this is not a very complicated or tough task it is very simple that you do it for free as well as paid.

Choosing between Free Blog or Self-Hosted Blogging Platform

As we discussed above you can get it for free or paid both are available for you. But, Free Blog is really helpful, or should you go with Hosting? Many peoples are want to know that Free Blog is right or paid ones? So, it is simple that a free one is the best for giving start-up and after that, you need to go for paid features. Many platforms are available to give your free available without any hesitation like and you can very easily customization but here you will get many cons like your domain will come with a sub-domain, you have to face limit to use plugins, limited bandwidth, video time, memory space, and you will not able to place an advertisement. So, all the things are thrown your mind towards Self-Hosted Blog that will help you from all aspects.

Why Domain Name and Hosting is Important for a Blog?

Many people think that hosting and domain are not important if they create a blog but it is essential if you take it very seriously. Many people have done blogging only for time pass and entertainment for those a domain name is not an important part because they can run with a sub-domain also. If you want to make a very impressive blog and want to reach a very top position and high traffic then you need a Domain Name and Hosting. It is not very expensive and you can get your domain at just $1 to $13. Hosting is a very important part to host your blog with the best hosting provider. You can easily customize and host with a very genuine hosting provider. With it, you can boost to peak performance. All the things that you need to create and host are available to your hosting plans.

Choosing Hostinger to give a massive start to Blog is best

Starting a website is not too much easy because if you want to make your entire concentration on your blog then you have to do many extraordinary works for it. So, after choosing a domain you need to choose the best hosting provider and it is a very difficult task to choose one from many. The best hosting type for the start-up is shared hosting because you can get it only for $0.99 per month if you go with Hostinger. After that, you will get many amazing and genuine features and services that help you very much to give a very massive start. So, to say that Hostinger is really helpful to increase the performance of your blogging site is not wrong. You can get many easy to use services that never hesitate you and you not need more technical knowledge to create a very attractive blog.

How to Start a Blog with Hostinger?

As we discussed almost all the things that you need to start a blog. After that, your work did not end because you have to do many efforts to make it very professional and unique. Normally after setting all the things peoples want to earn money from it but for that, you need to do many things that help you. First, you need a very high level of organic traffic that is visiting from their queries and they expect all the queries are solved after they visit. So, you have to set your niche that almost loved by everyone. For best CMS, Hostinger is the best option for Blog because you will very easily start without knowing too much technical knowledge. If you want to know the steps then below we listed.

  • First, you have to visit, then you choose a plan, and after you choose to click the button “Get Started Now”.
  • You will get 3 plans Single, Premium, and Startup. Also, you will get $2.15 per month which is very affordable.
  • After that, you will redirect to Checkout Page and make sure for which time you have to pay for. By default, the selected plan is for 48 months and if you choose it then you will save up to 46% on your hosting plan.
  • After purchasing a hosting plan with Hostinger, you have to just click for installing WordPress and creating your blog. Many features and easy to use control panel is very helpful for you and you will very easily make as you want to create.

A complete discussion now going to end because all the things that clearly justify that How to start a Blog with Hostinger are listed above. So, just visit and give a very impactful start that helps you so much about reaching on top very soon. The helpful and easy control panel functions are very amazing. So, explore it and then start creating.

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