Hola VPN On iPhone

How To Use Hola VPN On iPhone?

VPN is the best way to give privacy on online activities. Users who have iPhones need VPN the most. It is because the iPhone works online most of the activities. This type of phone has less storage capacity so they stream, browse and do online shopping. Hola is the best software to use for expensive mobiles or any device. So, do you know how to use the Hola VPN on iPhone. This is the basic question of iPhone users.

How to Download Hola VPN on iPhone?

To log in to the Hola VPN on iPhone, you have to follow some steps which are given below.

  • Go to the official website of Hola VPN i.e hola.org
  • Click on the login option given in the upper right side corner
  • Click on the login with AppleID or sign in with the existing Email
  • Enter the Apple ID
  • Make some strong password
  • Then choose the country by clicking on the Hola extension.
  • And tap on connect

This is the simple way to use the Hola VPN on iPhone.  You can also follow these steps on any other device.

Benefits of Hola VPN on iPhone

Hola VPN is useful because it is easy to install and use. iPhone becomes the need of the people and its shows their standard also. But with the standard, privacy is also important. So, Hola VPN helps to give you privacy in your budget. It secures all the information which you browse or stream on your iPhone. Hola’s virtual private network does not contain any logs to store your history.

Hola VPN – Versions and Plans

Hola VPN has 3 versions free, Hola premium and Hola ultra. Each version has a different security level for the iPhone.

Versions of Hola VPN

BasisHola freeHola VPN PremiumHola Ultra


                No                 Yes                 Yes
Number of servers               500                1000               1500
Smart DNS                 No                   No                  Yes
Security & encryption                 No                 Yes                  Yes
Streaming quality                 SD                  HD                   4K
Connect device at a time                  1                   10                   20

Each version of Hola has different plans and prices because they provide different security levels.

Plans and Prices of the Hola VPN

Hola VPN Plans
         Plans       Monthly plan          1-Year plan          3-Year plan
Hola VPN Premium          $14.99/month        $7.69/month          $2.99/month
Hola VPN Ultra          $29.99/month        $19.99/month          $7.99/month

Hola VPN comes on budget with a full privacy feature. Grab an amazing opportunity to get a discount on the use of the Hola Coupon Code.

Where to apply for the Hola VPN Coupon Code?

To get an amazing discount to save lots of money, the gammatech.org site is the best option. Here, you can get all the best deals and offers with no compromise of security.

Why use Hola VPN on iPhone?

iPhone is easy to carry as compared to the tab, laptop, and PC. Nowadays people live in a cashless world. They like to use Google pay, Phone pay, Paytm, and other methods for online payment. Their iPhone contains all information related to online business, bank details, and transactions also.  So, the use of a virtual private network is a must. We recommend Hola VPN because of its fast internet service at a reasonable price.

FAQs – Use of Hola VPN on iPhone

How do you cancel Hola VPN on iPhone?

Step To Disable Hola VPN

Hola VPN gives a free trial only for the 3 days. So, if iPhone or any other device user is not satisfied with the Hola virtual private network. So, iPhone users need to cancel the subscription. Now cancel the subscription plan from the iPhone.

  • Click on the setting app of Hola VPN
  • Tap on the Subscription
  • Choose the AppleID
  • Click on the Hola VPN security privacy
  • And cancel the plan

Is it safe to use Hola VPN on iPhone?

Yes, it is safe If you get the paid version of the Hola virtual private network on the iPhone. We recommend paid version because the free Hola VPN is not secure. A free version of the Hola VPN contains logs that can store or sell your browsing information to a third party. You can try the ultra version of Hola VPN on iPhone. It does not have logs and contains smart DNS which is useful while streaming, downloading because of its fast internet speed.

Which version of Hola – Premium or Ultra

According to the features, both paid versions of Hola have similar features. But a few of them are different which are not available in Hola premium but Hola Ultra contains that features. You can buy this version by using Hola VPN promo code to get huge discount.

  • video Hola ultra offers video quality 4K while premium gives HD.
  • When you use the Hola VPN premium on iPhone or any other device, then it can connect up to 10 devices only. And the Hola ultra provides a facility for using the VPN on up to 20 devices.
  • Hola premium does not have smart DNS for fast internet while Hola ultra gives Smart DNS(Domain Name System) facility also.

Is Hola VPN best for the iPhone?

Yes, but depends on which version you are choosing. For budget, Hola premium is best but for more privacy and security, Hola ultra is best. Now keeps your standard high with full protection of online activities from the prying eyes.

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