Save up to 75% during the Norton Cyber Monday Deal

Upto 75% during Norton Cyber Monday Sale – Best Discount Deal 2023

Norton is a very popular brand dealing in both anti-malware and internet security software. For making your system secure, you can own this software. And the amazing thing is that the great Norton Cyber Monday Sale is coming. During this sale, you can enjoy amazing offers and deals, which can provide a lot of benefits to your costs. So, own a Norton antivirus at that specific time and get amazing benefits. And in case, if you want to know a bit more about this sale then read the below sections too.

Is Norton 360 Cyber Monday is the same as the Black Friday Sale?

Norton provides both Cyber Monday and Black Friday Sale and both of these sales are completely different. The Norton 360 Cyber Monday Sale gets live during the day of Cyber Monday. Every year Cyber Monday Sale gets live on the very first Monday after Thanksgiving. And this year it is on the 30th of November. That means this sale will start from that date.

On the flip side, the Black Friday Sale begins around the time of Black Friday and that is on the 27th of November. So, this sale will start at that time.

So, this is the major distinction between these sales. And from this, it can be concluded that both of these sales are completely different.

On which Norton Products can I grab the discount

Norton primarily deals in Antiviruses and apart from this, it also provides VPN. You can get Norton Cyber Monday Discounts on almost all the Norton antiviruses. But we have bought the products on which you can find the hottest deals and these are:

Great Norton Antivirus Product Range

  • Norton 360 Deluxe: This is an anti-malware software provided by Norton. This software can be used on 5 devices simultaneously. With it, you will get 50GB of cloud storage and also provides parental control. With this, you can also enable Dark Web monitoring and secures your Webcam.
  • Norton 360 Standard: This antivirus software can be used in 1 device at a time and delivers all the basic protective features. This also ensures to keep your Webcam safe and provides 10GB of cloud storage. Although, you cannot access the parental control with this software.
  • Norton 360 with LifeLock: This is the most popular product that Norton provides. Under the LifeLock category, you can find 3 variants differentiated on the basis of features. The minimum price that one has to pay for owning this product is $99.99/year.
  • Norton Secure VPN: It is the only VPN in which Norton deals and you can buy it by paying $39.99 for a year. With this VPN you can anonymously browse the web and it can be used on 5 devices simultaneously. It is also supported in multiple OSes like Windows, iOS, Android, etc.

So, these are the major products in which Norton deals, and during the upcoming Norton Cyber Monday Sales, you can find a discount on these products.

Is Norton Cyber Monday Sale provides worth for your money?

Norton is a very popular antivirus brand and all of its antiviruses are of great quality. These are also very reliable and provide great performance. However, these are a bit expensive too and this becomes difficult for users to own. And that why Norton Cyber Monday Deals are very popular as these provide great discounts.

During the previous year’s sale, Norton delivered up to $90 off on its all LifeLock products. And on its various antivirus plans, it allowed you to enjoy $50 to $70 price cuts.

So, from this, we can easily conclude that the Norton Cyber Monday Offers are very good. These allow you to enjoy Norton Plan at very low prices and it provides worth for the money you spend.

Savings up to 75% during the Norton 360 Cyber Monday Deals

During the previous year’s sale, Norton allowed you to own any of the Norton software by paying too little. And this year, you can buy either Norton antivirus or VPN by paying 75% less than the actual price. This year, Norton is providing up to 75% off on all of its antivirus plans for the Norton 360 Cyber Monday Deals. This means that you will have to pay 1/4th of the actual listed prices.

So, make yourself prepared for grabbing these amazing deals.

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