Norton Security Premium vs Norton 360

Norton Security Premium vs Norton 360

In the market, you can see many different companies that do competition every month & year with their new production their related market same as some companies launched their products and therewithal upgrade version also. For instance, Norton company has been launched two antivirus software in the security market such as Norton security premium vs Norton 360 ensures to those users who are looking for mediocre security software for their devices. If you’re in dilemma to selecting one of them then, we’ll help you to take the right security software for your device for the long term at an affordable price in the below paragraph.

What Is the Difference Between Norton 360 vs Norton Security Premium?

Now here you’ll get the answer to your all dilemma in which Norton security premium vs Norton 360 which one is the best for you in the below paragraphs. Norton is a security platform that provides different subscriptions for real-time prevention of malware and threats. If we see its established date then, the Norton security platform came in February 1997 and Norton has also launched its spam email filtering on September 23, 2014. This security company comes in the no-one with other top security companies. Let’s take a survey and disclose both Norton security premium vs Norton 360 Reddit.

Interface – Norton Security Premium

There are three version Norton company have provided to their users first Norton security premium, second Norton Security Deluxe, and the last one is Norton 360 in the Norton plan list. We’re talking about Norton security premium in which you’ll get many freedoms such as Norton security identifying malware and threats and keeping your device safe online.

Features Of Norton Security Premium

Let’s emphasize its features meant which type of features you’ll get if you buy the Norton security premium in the below bullets.

  • Cloud Backup: In which you’ll get 10 GB storage for taking your backup such as cloud backup.
  • Password Manager: password manager ensures every Norton user that their password will be safe when they use this software security.
  • Secure VPN: Virtual private network will help you to protect yourself on the Internet when you’re surfing and change your IP address to an artificial IP address like anonymous.
  • Dark Web Monitoring: In which Norton searches for your personal information on the dark web and notifies you if Norton discovers potential threats and malware.
  • Webcam: If anyone tries to get access to your device’s webcam then, Norton security software will inform you about it and block unauthorized access.

Interface – Norton 360 With Life Lock

Norton 360 is developed by Symantec is one of the best and all-in-one security software suites for any device. It was released in 2007 for the first time. If your device is not on high alert for threats and malware then, you should buy this Norton 360 subscription in which you get all the essential features and services that you’re looking an affordable price. Let’s check out its pricing structure and features in the below lines. With it you can also get more discounts on Norton security service in 2024.

Features Of Norton 360 Life Lock

Here we have reaffirmed the features of Norton 360 that would be great for those people who have more need for security software on their devices.

  • Smart firewall: In simple words, if we talk about a smart firewall then, it is a way that monitors the communication of your computer with other anonymous devices.
  • Parental Control: In which your Norton security platform allows parents to restrict the content of their children.
  • Password Manager: This is one of the best and most flexible features in which Norton manages your all essential passwords.
  • Secure VPN: Get reliable and hard secure VPN services with security software in which you get two advantages in one subscription.

Restoration Team: While using the Norton security software on your device and getting stuck in any trouble the then, the Norton US restoration team will rectify your problem asap.

Pricing Structure Of Norton Security Premium vs Norton 360

Now we have reached the pricing structure of the Norton 360 coupon code and Norton security premium in which you can buy your preferred subscription as your requirements.

Pricing Structure Of Norton security software:-

There is a big difference between all plans and subscriptions of Norton security premium, Norton security deluxe, and Norton 360 life lock plan.

First, we have started with Norton security premium which comes at just $29.99 per year with its plan services. Second Norton security deluxe in which you’ll get its subscription at just $39.99 per year and the last one is Norton 360 which comes under $69.99 per year which you save 53% on this plan.

Is Norton 360 Life Lock Worth it?

Yes, Norton 360 life lock subscription is necessary for those people who facing malware and threats problems regularly Norton 360 comes at just $69.99 per year with one reliable and robust VPN that keeps you like anonymously on the Internet. With a personal recommendation, we’ll suggest you buy Norton 360 life lock pack with full access and lot’s more.

Is Norton security premium being discontinued?

Yes, Norton security premium has been changed into the Norton 360 at an affordable price and with full access to its features.

Is Norton 360 discontinued?

No, Norton 360 discontinued but, there have been changed features and services to get more advantages while using it.

Does Norton Premium include VPN?

Yes, the Norton security platform has its VPN service that offers to their users to work anonymously and change IP addresses into an artificial IP address in just seconds.

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