Optimize your WordPress website and make your faster

speed up your wordpress website

Speed is an important part for website. Which you must to improve for provide positive user experience. And now speed became an important part which Google consider for search engine ranking. If you can make a Godaddy $1 WordPress hosting website with lot of efforts but your website take quite more time in loading. Optimize your WordPress website and make your faster

Optimize your WordPress website and make your faster

How can I improve my WordPress website speed?

Now many tools are available in the market which helps you in detect your website speed. And they also help you in improve the site speed. When you are going to before optimization your website you need to check your WordPress website performance first.

Google Page Speed Insights

Google page speed insights is a tool which helps you in detect the speed issue. They also suggest you for improvement Google page speed insights available for mobile version and desktop website. The process is divided in two class user experience and technical dimension. They recommend you for changes in your website.

GT Metrix

GT Metrix is also a great tool for Analysis WordPress website. The best part of the tool is they provide a short description for each step with recommended actions. They also provide a option for comparison with other website.

5 Tips which help in make your website faster

5 Tips which help in make your WordPress website faster

  • Optimize the image size

The size of the image became a main cause of long loading time of website. Because people place more images in their website without optimize the size of image. You whenever you place the image in your website. You need to optimize the size before upload you can do it by software like Photoshop. You can also don’t it by WordPress plugin like WP Smush, EWWW Image Optimizer and other image optimization plugin.

  • Compress the CSS

The next part which you want to optimize in your website is Code and Java script. By reduce of JavaScript the speed of website will be improved. Many tools are available to do this task like CSS Minified, CSS Compressor. 

  • You can reduce the loading time caching

With the help of Caching WordPress plugins generate a static version of the website, the cache save in the Browser of user and improving the site’s performance. Following plugin are available like W3 super Cache, W3 Total Cache, Cachify.

  • Clean the WordPress database

The Database of word press website directly affects the site speed. Because many WordPress website use plugin for backups. So the useless material is, like comments, draft, and other article. Which you can delete from website but they will store in the database. So you need clear you database many plugins are available for make it easy. Like Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions, WP Optimize, WP cleans up.

  • Decrease your WordPress plugin

As you know that you can make your task easy in WordPress website through free plugin. But if you are using more plugins so its impact negative for the site speed. It is the duty of the website owner to detect and remove unnecessary plugins which you cannot use.

Benefits of Optimize WordPress website speed

With optimization the WordPress website speed you can decrease the bounce rate of your website. Which become more important for the website because speed = search engine ranking. If your website speed is fast so you can get best results in search engine. And now the new Google new update Rankbrain also works on the Bounce rate. So you must to decrease the bounce rate and CTR of your website.

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