Top 10 Windows Dedicated Server Hosting 2024

Creating a website is not a simple task because you need to know everything and build your online destination with commerce, Search Engine Optimization, Security, and other factors in your mind. The most important part is choosing the best web hosting. Normally users start with Shared hosting because it is the cheapest hosting ever but after the website reaches good level traffic and starts earning money then the users need to upgrade their hosting plan. The best type of web hosting is Dedicated Server Hosting. Here users get a server that is completely working to the user. Many genuine services and features make it the best web hosting type. But, the user wants to know which the Best Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Provider is, and here we give you the answer to this question. We listed the top hosting provider all over the world and all provide very amazing services to users.

Top 10 Best Windows Dedicated Server Hosting Provider 2024

We all know that web hosting is a very essential part to create a very genuine website. If you want to choose the web hosting provider then below we discussed.


1.      Hostgator

Hostgator is an already very popular web hosting company and normally millions of users are purchasing their web hosting services. When it comes to Dedicated Server Hosting then Hostgator is offering a very genuine service to users. The combination of High bandwidth, CPU cores, and RAM put it on the top of the list. It gets a 5-star rating for its customer support which is available 24/7 via live chat, phone call, and email ticketing. The amazing point if a 99.99% uptime guarantee but all you need to buy is money. The plans of its Hosting is expensive because it is providing such an amazing service.

2.      BlueHost

BlueHost is a web hosting provider that offer their hosting services at a very cheap rate. But, if you think that it is cheaper then its services not more impressive then don’t compromise with its quality. The customer support is very genuine and available 24/7, free backups, 99.98% uptime guarantee, free domain for 1 year, free SSL Certificate, and 4 CPU cores. So, all the services are very brilliant that help you in choosing the best Dedicated Server Hosting for your use.

3.      InMotion

InMotion offering a very genuine Web Hosting but the only reason it is Top Three Dedicated Hosting Providers is its various plans. Yes, if you go with it then you have to pay up to $519 per month but you will get 16 CPUs. Its uptime guarantee is 99.97%, great customer support, and the company offers 6 plans for its powerful server hosting. So, you will get almost everything that you need but you have to pay more for your services.

4.      A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting is known for its best support team. Many web hosting provider is not able to focus on customer’s problem and this creates a huge loss in their business. With A2 Hosting you will never face any issue related to your web hosting. But the only thing that you need is the uptime guarantee because the company offering a 99.95% only and the price is also high as compared to others.

5.      SiteGround

SiteGround doesn’t offer promotional pricing and its price is also expensive. The uptime guarantee is 99.98% but the other services are not too impressive. You will not able to get free backups and also low bandwidth with all plans. Normally the company offers three plans for Dedicated Server Hosting and it is suitable for large websites that need more CPUs.

6.      iPage

iPage is a very well-known web hosting provider and it can provide almost all the service but the only reason it is not able to enter the Top Ten Dedicated Server Hosting Providers is it does not excel at a particular area. All the features are best, free backups, and offering 3 plans for powerful server hosting. The best part is iPage offering a 99.99% uptime guarantee but not containing top position because its features are good but not as much as Hostgator and BlueHost offers.

7.      GoDaddy

GoDaddy is a very popular website builder platform. It is also a very genuine leading domain name vendors in the world. Many peoples go with GoDaddy windows hosting because of the complete business experience and it offers online marketing and web security tools. Also, you will get unmetered bandwidth but the storage of memory increases when you upgrade your plans.

8.      DreamHost

DreamHost is not able to provide very good web hosting but it excels at storage space through its plans come up to 64 GB RAM. The uptime guarantee that they offer is 99.95% which is not as good as other offers. The customer support is also lacking between phone calls or live chat. DreamHost offers 2 plans for their Dedicated Server Hosting one at $169 per month and another at $399 per month.

9.      Hostwinds

Hostwinds is a dedicated reseller that offers very cheap options with lots of storage. The startup pan of Hostwinds is $100 per month that is actually a very affordable price. The company offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, unlimited monthly data transfers, and the support team is available with a phone or live chat.

10.  Arvixe Web Hosting

Arvixe Web Hosting offering only for the traditional hard-drive-based servers. Its Dedicated Server Hosting starts at $131 per month which is an affordable price compare to above-listed companies. The company also offer a 99.99% uptime guarantee, lots of storage, but the only thing that the company needs to improve is customer support. The company is preferable for small websites and providing almost every service that they need.


In the end, we just want to say that the Popular top 5 Dedicated Server Hosting Providers is that which suits all the needs of the user’s website. Almost every service that you need is available in the above-listed web hosting providers. So, while choosing the best web hosting provider you have to consider which type of services that your website needs.

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