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What Are the Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Server Hosting

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Dedicated Server Hosting

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Dedicated server Hosting

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Dedicated Server Hosting

Dedicated Hosting Server

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These days every next site is providing hosting services and as we know that a website needs a best hosting services to be hosted or to be live on the internet. When you opted for a dedicated server it simply means that the entire server is yours. And there are a number of hosting companies are on the internet who serves the best dedicated server hosting. But there a common question that arrives which company provides the best-dedicated server. So here we are to help you and through our blog. And to give the complete knowledge about dedicated server so it would help you to select the Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting company. Let’s start with having information about what dedicated server hosting.

What is a dedicated server hosting?

Let’s make it easy to understand you, the dedicated server means that a server that you are gonna purchase is completely yours. And you don’t have to share this server with any other user means that you are buying the entire server. and you will have full control over it and if there is any technical issue arrives then the company is available to you 24/7 hours. And much more benefit you will get in the dedicated server than another hosting. But first, we’ll discuss that what companies provide the best-dedicated server hosting and how to find the top 10 best dedicated servers.

Top 10 Best Dedicated Server Hosting Companies

Top 10 Best Dedicated Server Hosting

Some popular companies that provide the best-dedicated server hosting

  • the excellent dedicated server that comes with VPS, Cloud and reseller hosting. And the most beloved hosting company by users that gives 100% network and power time guarantee, backups, auto-migration, and best customer support service
  • the company is featured with the services such as Rebootless kernel updates and 1-click installs and free SSDs, free SSL and tier 1 network with redundancy and more. Inmotionhosting gets high reviews rating and good uptime and offers reseller hosting
  • Bluehost offers you RAID I mirror storage, minimum of 3 IP addresses per plan, Spec’d, modern hardware and maintained in-house. And also 50% off the first month for every new user.
  • fast and flexible service with fully managed support, easy scalable as demands increase, extensive security and mirrored storage for data protection. And people can save 20% for your first month.
  • and the most popular company in web hosting provider companies that avails you both Linux and window servers, unlimited MySQL databases. SSH access and support for multiple languages and top of the line fully redundant network and datacentre. People also can find the variety of featured-packed hosting plan.
  • the company is featured with high performance, security and fully manages server and RAID 1 mirrored storage for data protection also people can get 3 dedicated IP addresses per plan. And the cloud-based flexibility and scalability.
  • I&1 IONOS: the company serve you the dedicated service at the cheap cost and gives you Plesk Onyx control pane with setup free. And the company is also known as the budget hosting provider and get high reviews and rating by users.
  • Hostwinds: here people can get the high spec, feature-packed products with fairly priced, it is also known as a capable hosting provider. And having all system 1Gbps ports for the fully managed server.
  • OVH: the company I featured with having 25+ datacentre all over the world, expert level options and extras. And OVH is a giant hosting.
  • Godaddy provide best dedicated server hosting at low cost at your budget prices. You can start a powerful online business with Godaddy dedicated server with best discount offers.

What You Should Consider Before Selecting The Best Dedicated Server

Before purchasing a dedicated hosting service things that you must keep in mind are as:-

  • The predictability of bandwidth usage: Bandwidth is required to relate to how to know that how predictable your data traffic is.
  • The impact of downtime: the first thing that you should consider is that how you would gonna deals with potential downtime.
  • Server configuration: server configuration is the key factor that is the ability to have the total control over server you have purchased. And it is required full root SSH/RDP root access.
  • Control panel: the main thing to consider is that control panel option that makes easy to manage the application and can easily handle as like you want to run it.
  • Security: security is the most important thing that you must consider before purchasing and dedicated hosting server. You must consider location, physical security of datacentre and much more security options that you should consider.
  • Server management: this service includes things like OS updates application installation, patching, and server That’s checks the movements and health of our server and focuses on the performance and ensures that it is in top condition.
  • Best technical support: the best-dedicated hosting company will serve you their best service and resolve you every technical issue. Having a specialist IT team that provides you the solution of your every technical issue.
  • Best customer support: and the best-dedicated server hosting company offer you the facilities and always ready to help you. And 24/7 hours available to help you on phone, email, live chat and makes a meaningful relationship with the users.

 The Bottom Line

As we have discussed above the best Cheap dedicated server and things that you should consider before hiring a hosting company. A dedicated server provides a company of firm a high performance with having large storage. If you follow this blog tips then you would definitely find the best dedicated hosting server and able to compare the site among each other. And it might help you to select the dedicated server according to your site needs and wants. We hope that our blog would help you make you have some useful information and knowledge.

If you have made your mind to go with the dedicated server hosting you can go with the sites that we have mentioned above. Be careful about the security and control panel features. So let get involved with giving your business high performance and revenue from it. Get your preferable dedicated server and start handling your panel let get started your business.

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