Godaddy transfer domain to another account

Godaddy Transfer Domain to another account

Godaddy is the most popular domain registrars that have a big domain online business. This is one of the best hosts that give the best service in hosting and domain. With GoDaddy, you have to perform various tasks also. As domain name transfer to other host and domain transfer one account to another.  For transfer a domain from one Godaddy account to another, you need to perform an accounting change.  Actually, it changes the ownership of the domain name from one Godaddy account to another.  It happened when a domain purchase by one Godaddy users to another.

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How can you change domain account?

You need to perform some steps to change a domain account. If you want to get started, the buyers first need to supply some details of the account.  They have to send their email address and customer number to Godaddy and Click more about domain transfer.

How to transfer a domain to GoDaddy

1-Process of transfer Godaddy domain

You have to take a few of steps as:

  • Sign in to Godaddy account.
  • Reach on a domain that you are transferring & click on this.
  • Unlock this domain
  • Get an authorization code on email by following instructions after selecting a domain.
  • Then transfer your domain to another account

2-Receiving Domain in another account

After transferring domain one account to another, there will be some steps to take on receiving the account.  Receiving account owner will get an email with some instruction to confirm the move of a domain.  After confirming you have to take steps as given below.

  • Reach domains settings page.
  • Here will be an additional settings option, click on Transfer domain to another Godaddy account.
  • An account change window will appear. Fill their email address that used for the shopper contact email.

4- Select I have… and enter the account login information, if you have the recipient’s customer number.

5- In the next option of Domain’s contact information, you have to select one among three.

Enter new details contact information for new registrant

Use details from specified customer account- information from the account which you entered all steps above.

Do not change- information currently assigned to the domain name you are moving.

6- Check the box Keep the current nameservers for this domain to retain the current nameservers for the domain name. If you don’t check this, Godaddy park the domain name when new registrant activates.

7-Click to next

8– If you have selected Enter new details, complete the followings and click to next.

Organization- From which new registrant is affiliated

I certify that the specified organization- that is an optional field, indicates you agree organization will be legal registrant

First name and Last name- The new registrant’s name

Address 1 and 2- The new registrant’s address

Country- Country of a new registrant

City, State, Postal Code- new registrant’s city, state and ZIP code

Phone- new registrant’s phone number

Fax-optional, new registrant’s fax number

9- Read all the Domain name change of registrant agreement. If you are agreeing to the terms, select I have read and agree to the domain name change.

10- You want to transfer the domain in between 60 days, deny changing of registrant and transfer domain before updating organization. And select I understand that if I want to transfer this domain.

11-Click on the finish, if you select do not Change

Once an email link is confirmed the changes of a registrant, the domain will move to the new customer account. And the new customer will be able to accept the domain name.

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