How to sell the domain on Godaddy

How to sell the domain on Godaddy – Buy And Sale Domain Name

If you are thinking to sell out your domain name then you do not need to worry. Godaddy is providing a platform for selling your domain through Godaddy Auctions. As we all know Godaddy is the largest domain register company but it is also in best platform provider for selling the domain name. You can sell a single domain or multiple domain names with Godaddy. By this article, you will get tips and tricks for selling the domain name in the online market. Check out this content and learn how to sell and value your domain name. Get ready to earn some bucks by selling your domain name at the best price.

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Point to be remembered while selling you Domain

Determine the value of your domain- you should decide the proper price of the domain. The best way of deciding the price is that make research for other related domain or you can use tools to determine what other similar domains have sold for. You will get an idea of pricing your domain and buy the Godaddy domain name.

Decide how you will sell your domain- Now it’s time to start looking best buyer for your domain. You can list your domain on a particular selling site. There are many options are given on the search engine but I will suggest to listing your domain with Godaddy Auctions.

Steps of Selling your Domain on Godaddy

  1. Log in Godaddy Account
  2. Click on Manage
  3. Click on Godaddy Auctions Listings option
  4. Choose the domain you want to sell
  5. Click on List for Sale option.
  6. Fill all the required details such as:
  • PayPal Email
  • Category
  • Sub Category
  • Auction Type
  • Starting Bid
  1. Once you read and check out all terms and condition then Click Finish Button.

Why you should Choose Godaddy Auctions?

If you choose Godaddy Auctions you will get lots of benefits of selling or buying the domain. You will get several options of listing your domain name. If you purchase a membership with Godaddy auction then you will get the free and simple listing option. You can also grab some advanced features of increasing your domain visibility.

Join Membership for Godaddy Auctions Sale

If you need Godaddy Membership then you can visit Godaddy domain Auctions page and buy it only at $4.99 yearly membership. If you have domain selling membership with Godaddy then you can list your domain free.


I hope so you find easy to sell domain with Godaddy as compared to others. You must use Godaddy services for selling out a domain name. The company offers you the best support and services to their customers and users. They help to be a smarter investor and make most of your time and money. Godaddy Auctions is the best option for domain selling and earn money. Godaddy team will always ready to help you through email, phone and chat options. Choose Godaddy for any kind of hosting services you want or want to start your own domain selling the business. Also when you purchased the hosting from Godaddy for affordable rates, you can easily save while renewing it by using GoDaddy Renewal Coupons.

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