Best Web Hosting For WordPress

Best Web Hosting For WordPress

Whether you are planning to launch your own WordPress website or already running a website of yours. For a good result and high ranking for your web page, all you need is the best hosting. A perfect Web host can give you game-changing results for your website in terms of ranking. So, here in this article, we will let you know the Best Web Hosting for WordPress that will take you up to the next level!!!!

But before knowing the best WordPress hosting you must know what actually WordPress is? and how it works. This article is going to be very interesting and informative too. So just keep reading the content!!

Is WordPress good for website hosting?

WordPress hosting is a Kind of web hosting which is usually optimized to run only WordPress sites. It mainly focuses on the 3s methodology which means simplification, security, and speed. By using WordPress hosting, you will receive lots of advanced tools services that are specifically targeted to WordPress sites. 

WordPress values your time so that it may reduce your efforts by simplifying your workload.

But before letting you know about the “Best web hosting for WordPress” we just want to tell you that before selecting any web host there are some measures that you should be concerned about.

Measures Should Be Taken While Selecting Web Host

Every user needs to know all these points to grab the best and most reliable web hosting service provider company for himself. Below we mentioned all those points.

  1. Firstly, you need to understand the working and demand of your site.
  2. System update policy of servers.
  3. Do check signup and renewal price.
  4. Availability of refund policy/free trial
  5. Check the Reliability/uptime scores.
  6. Do it have all the required features which you demand.
  7. Backup policy for the site.
  8. Kind and quality of customer support.
  9. A number of servers and speed.

All the above measures can help you in selecting a perfect web host. But if you are still worried and getting confused after observing hundreds of Hosting companies then, do not worry at all!!!

Below we mentioned some of the top WordPress hosting companies that are performing very well and also have millions of trusted customers all over the world. 

Which Hosting Is Best For WordPress Beginners?

Maybe some of you are very new to this hosting world and as a beginner, you may get confused while selecting a cheap WordPress hosting. But here we are presented to reduce your headache. If the customer is just a beginner and not sure about hosting then he must go with the best free web hosting. So, below are the top 4 companies that you can consider whether you are a beginner or a professional. 

Bluehost (WordPress official)

The most reliable and trusted Hosting brand on our list is Bluehost. It is the best Hosting brand in almost every aspect specially in terms of the best quality servers. Most of the individuals are not aware of the fact that Bluehost is the only Hosting provider company that is officially recommended by WordPress org. for hosting Solutions. You can also buy various types of hosting at the lowest prices by using Bluehost Coupon Code that include shared web hosting, WordPress.

Bluehost was set up in the year 2007 and now it is leading with millions of customers worldwide. Most of the users also claim that Bluehost is the best hosting service for small businesses which stands in the #1 position. Bluehost also provides Free domain and SSL certification for users. But still, for more clarity below we mentioned some features of Bluehost that will help you for more clarification.

 Features of Bluehost

 Features of Bluehost
  • Domain and SSL certification at no cost.
  • Officially recommended by WordPress.
  • Money-back guarantees within 30 days.
  • Best customer care service.
  • Excellent uptime guarantee of 99.98% 
  • Free backups 
  • Databases & PHP support.


After Bluehost the next web host which stands in 2nd position in our list is Hosstinger. Hostinger comes under the most popular and genuine hosting company which is leading with more than millions of domains all over the world. 

It is providing plenty of exceptional features that may surprise you- VPS Hosting, Email Hosting, WordPress Acceleration, Unlimited subdomains, Unlimited bandwidth, 30-day money-back guarantee, and many more amazing features. Below we mentioned all the major features that Hostinger is offering for its users.

Features of Hostinger

Features of Hostinger
  • Good uptime and fast server.
  • The free domain name and backup
  • Very affordable prices.
  • Free SSL certification.
  • 20 GB free storage space.
  • Fast load time (382 ms)
  • 24/7 customer support ( live chatting)


GoDaddy has any valid reason to be on our list of best WordPress hosting services. GoDaddy is one of the largest Web hosting Companies in this hosting world. The figure of this web host is really shocking and unbelievable. It is dealing with around 44 million+ domains all over the Globe. GoDaddy has the largest domain registrars. 

They are offering various hosting plans as per the needs of the consumer like- VPS, Reseller, WordPress, shared, clouds, and dedicated servers. It also supports Developer-friendly tools like-  CloudLinux, Python, MySQL, cPanel, and multiple versions of PHP

Features of GoDaddy

Features of GoDaddy
  • Uptime guarantee for 99.90%
  • cPanel and website builder access
  • 100 GB website storage
  • Average uptime (99.91%)
  • Decent load time.


At the last you have one more option for “best web hosting for WordPress” and that is “DreamHost” web hosting. It can be a decent choice for you. This company is also one of the oldest web hosting provider companies. Dreamhost is powering more than 1.5 million websites across the globe. Let me just tell you the features which are being offered by Dreamhost.

Features of DreamHost

Features of DreamHost
  • Unlimited bandwidth 
  • Uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited storage
  • Easily affordable


Mainly we can conclude that in the race of Best web hosting for WordPress won by Bluehost. It is the best Web host at every point and users can choose it if they do not have any budget issues. Also, now we are well equipped with all the measures that can help us in selecting the best web host.

We hope that this article might be helpful and informative for you. We will be so glad to see you in our upcoming article. Just keep visiting our site!!

Most asked questions / (FAQs)

Which hosting is best for WordPress beginners?

The best hosting brand for WordPress is Bluehost which stands in the #1 position. Also, it is officially recommended by WordPress.

Which is the cheapest web hosting?

The most affordable web host on our list is Dream host which is also a very decent choice for your device.

Do I need Web hosting for WordPress?

Undoubtedly, you need reliable web hosting for WordPress, and for more clarity, you can go through the link mentioned below.

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