How to Access and Use Hostinger Email?

How to Access and Use Hostinger Email?

Does most of your business work through emails? Do you need a web hosting service for your website as well as your email? Why not get a two-in-one service? If you are a hostinger user then the use of hostinger email is a must for you. Here you will get to know how to access Hostinger Email.

What is Hostinger WebMail?

Hostinger Webmail is a type of hosting service which provides website hosting as well as email hosting in one place only. It is a combination of a website and email hosting and is thus called- WebMail. It is more than an email, it is an all-in-one hosting platform. 

Why Should You Use WebMail Hostinger?

Using WebMail by Hostinger is a very beneficial option for you. With very little to pay, WebMail comes with many services which cover both your email hosting as well as website hosting needs. It is a fast, secure, and free of spam option that lets you access Hostinger Email. There are three packages to choose from, which provide you with features beneficial for you even if you are a beginner or a professional. 

What Are The Advantages of Using Hostinger Webmail?

Advantages of Using Hostinger Webmail

There are many advantages and uses of Hostinger Email. Some of them are mentioned below- 

  1. Great Uptime– the uptime rate of Hostinger WebMail goes up to 100% sometimes in the month. If you are a beginner with a small site, the uptime average of Hostinger Webmail will be more than enough for you.
  2. Great Loading Speed– Loading your website with Hostinger WebMail is lightning fast. The response time of the servers of Hostinger is just 43 milliseconds! And a faster website= happy visitor. 
  3. A free domain and a website builder– All the plans that Hostinger provides to its users come with an absolutely free domain, and a free website builder. This is a great thing especially for beginners, who surely need help building an amazing website for their business. 
  4. Easy user interface– The user interface of Hostinger’s WebMail is so easy that you can be fully affluent with it within days. 
  5. Unlimited features– The plans of Hostinger comes with unlimited benefits for the users, such as unlimited database, unlimited email accounts, unlimited bandwidth etc. 
  6. Cost- effective– WebMail is a very cost-effective and cheap option which comes with so many features. So why spend more to get the same features? There is also a 30-day money back guarantee with all the plans of Hostinger. 
  7. Customer support– The customer support team of Hostinger WebMail is brilliant in providing support to the users- whether new or old. Live support is available 24/7. 

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How to Create Email With Hostinger Webmail Services?

How to Create Email With Hostinger Webmail Services?

Creating an email with WebMail by Hostinger is a very easy process. Just follow these steps-

  1. Open the Hostinger WebMail portal. 
  2. Click on Email> Email Accounts. 
  3. Select the option “Add a new Email account”. 
  4. Fill in the credentials (username and password)
  5. Click on the button “create” which can be seen below. 

You will be able to see your email in the “Manage Email Accounts Section” and voila! Your account is created!

What are the steps to login to hostinger webmail?

It is a basic process to log in to Email Hostinger Webmail. All you need to have with you are the credentials of your account. Visit the portal of hostinger webmail, add your credentials into the login section, and click “Login”. 

However, you can also log in to a Hostinger Webmail account through the panel of WebMail, which is the “hPanel”. Here, you just need to go to the section “Manage Email Accounts”, where you will find your email. Click on that email, enter the password and you are good to go!

Is it necessary to buy Hostinger Web Hosting to access webmail?

In order to have access to the WebMail services provided by Hostinger, you need to get a subscription to the WebMail service. There are 3 WebMail specific plans which you can subscribe to in order to get the services of WebMail only. 

Is Hostinger webmail services free to use?

There is no option for Hostinger Webmail free login. However, they give you a 30-day money-back guarantee. This means that you can get a refund within 30 days of paying the subscription price if you do not find it the perfect fit for your business needs. 

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What are the issues of Hostinger webmail?

There are some problems that are associated with using Hostinger’s WebMail. These are discussed below- 

  • Some tools of WebMail require professional expertise and are difficult for beginners. 
  • There is no free trial for these services. 
  • Although the loading speed is good for beginners, large websites might not be satisfied with the speed due to large content on their websites. 
  • The uptime is also inconsistent, and can prove to be insufficient for big businesses. 
  • The control panel is not as easy and clear as compared to other web and email hosting services. 

Is it possible to connect hostinger Email to Gmail?

Yes. you can set your mail from any platform, including Gmail. For that, you will need to configure your Gmail account in a way that it sends Emails to the WebMail as your Custom Domain. You will need to follow these steps in order to do so- 

  1. Click on Add another email address option in the portal. 
  2. In the SMTP Server box, enter “”. In the Post column, select 465. 
  3. In the username box, enter your gmail id, and your password in the password box. 
  4. Check the box which says “secured connection using SSL”. 
  5. When you click on “Add Account”, you will receive a confirmation email on your Gmail ID. Open the code you received and confirm. 

Conclusion – Hostinger WebMail Services

Therefore, having WebMail Hostinger for your web hosting and email hosting needs is a good option. It is safe, secure, comes with many features and tools, and on top of it all, is an affordable option.

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