3 Common Cybersecurity Mistakes That Cost Computer Systems Heavily!

If you have a business or a personal computer system, you must protect it from cybercriminals round-the-clock. Simply having passwords is not enough. You must protect your computer systems from virus infections, phishing, malware, and other security threats that you might be unaware of.

However, despite being aware of the importance of cybersecurity for their computer systems, many businesses and people commit mistakes whose consequences are often dear. These mistakes are mostly due to a lack of awareness and knowledge. Most businesses and people overlook and turn a blind eye to the importance of cybersecurity for their computer systems and only wake up when the damage has been caused.

So, what are these cybersecurity mistakes that businesses and people commit?

This post will look at the three most common cybersecurity mistakes that make your computer system an open playground for hackers and cybercriminals. Go through them one by one to learn how simple mistakes can be heavily risky to your computer systems and businesses.

Three common cybersecurity mistakes for your computer systems to avoid-

  1. Weak and vulnerable passwords

Cybersecurity experts state that strong passwords do not protect most computer systems. Businesses often have lax practices for passwords, and this is one of the key factors for inviting cybercriminals to your computer systems. Note that PINs or personal identification numbers and other letter and number-based codes are the first defense for business and private computer systems as well as mobile devices.

Weak passwords have always been a problem since the first user of computer systems decided to use the password 123456789 or qwerty for their supposed gateway for security. Similar unwise options for passwords can be the names of family members, pets, date of birth, and even the location of a place that can be easily associated with you are weak passwords. Good cyber hackers often break into two-thirds of passwords that are present in the online world today in just some minutes.


Experts in the field of cybersecurity recommend that you should use complex passwords for your computer systems. They should combine letters, symbols on the keyboard, and numbers. Even in order to remember your password and keep it closely associated, you can randomize it with numbers along with symbols so that it becomes hard for hackers to crack. For instance, hamburgers can become “8&5$@9!K*#.”

Again, cybersecurity experts state that using the same passwords for all of your computer system accounts is definitely not recommended. Even if the password is a strong one, if a smart hacker can crack even one of your accounts, it will be easy for him to crack the rest. It is like having a single key that opens all your doors.

Passwords often become vulnerable when you store them in the wrong manner. It is obvious that you might find it difficult to remember complex and long passwords so writing them down in a memo right on your desk is a foolish thing for you to do. Some people go to the extent of sticking their passwords on post-it notes on their computer monitors. If you have the habit of doing the above, it is equivalent to having no password for your computer systems at all!

Today, you will find many desktop and mobile apps that randomly generate, manage, and store difficult and complex passwords. They are a much safer option than the post-it notes that you leave clearly in the sight of others. At the same time, these apps give you the opportunity to change your passwords often, as experts in cybersecurity advise.

Professionals from esteemed Salesforce solutions company, Flosum recommends that You should enable multi-factor authentication where it is available, for instance, services and websites that need a password and some form of authentication like a one-time code for security that is sent to the inbox of your phone is a prudent step.

  1. Gullible and lax email practices

Cybersecurity experts regularly warn people not to click on unsolicited text messages, emails, and links that contain/open to attachments, however despite the repeated caution, people still commit this common mistake and fall prey to the menace of phishing, smishing (Phishing of SMS text and all sorts of social engineering scams.

Most of these emails contain false offers for jobs, warnings, and threats from tax, law, or bank authorities, complicated cons, and investment opportunities that actually seem too good to be real. You will find all of the above in present messaging systems, and they have evolved when it comes to sophistication and targeting specifically gullible people. New sources of data are often a trap that thieves, fraudsters, and other cybercriminals layout for you.

In order to stay alert, apply common sense and diligence. Your keys to 24/7 protection against cybercriminals stay intact when you avoid-

  • Emails that look or sound too good to be real.
  • Looks or even sounds suspicious; you need to verify the source by contacting the sender via phone, face-to-face, or any other credible means.
  • If the text message or the email is unsolicited, do not click on any of its links, nor should you open any attachment that comes with the email.
  • Never react with emotion as these emails are drafted in such a way to invoke a sense of enthusiasm, greed, fear, or urgency.
  • Pause and think.
  1. Poor network or system administration

There should be a competent and secure network present for users of computer systems in corporates and institutions. The facility must have a skilled system administrator that protects the infrastructure against the onslaught of cybercriminals. Effective administrative skills are responsible for installing and enforcing stringent security policies and the best practices that keep applications, processes, and users protected.

Unfortunately, there are instances where administrators fail to secure their network devices correctly like, for instance, they use passwords and default factory settings, or validation procedures, etc. They often do not give permission for data encryption and ignore monitoring user activities and privileges. This often invites cybercriminals and hackers to gain access to network assets and credentials.

Therefore, companies and individuals must keep the above three mistakes in mind if they do not want to compromise their computer systems’ security and avert potential online attacks. Businesses should have qualified and competent network administrators to identify loopholes and promptly safeguard computers from cybercriminals around the clock!

Why bitdefender is the Best Antivirus 2021

Bitdefender Antivirus:  Best Cybersecurity software

Bitdefender antivirus is one of the top leading cybersecurity software across the globe that provides an advanced level of protection from viruses, malware, online threats, worms, Trojans, and ransomware to your device. This antivirus software company started in 2001 by Florin Talpes and it is based on Romanian cybersecurity and antivirus solution company.  Bitdefender develops antivirus software, Internet security, endpoint security software, and other so many cybersecurity products. It offers varieties of antivirus software to you from which you can choose anyone from as per your needs and requirements. Bitdefender Antivirus is enough for doing fight with any virus or malware and provide the best security protection to your device.

The need for antivirus is important for any person who works online because it provides safety and privacy to your work and secures all your personal data. It always ready to fight with any cyberattacks and it is faster to detect and prevent the virus from your device.

Why Bitdefender antivirus is best?


Right now Bitdefender is one of the top choices of every customer who wants to buy an antivirus solution. It is best because of so many reasons.  Its performance, reliability, speed, response time, and other so many reasons which make it best from any other antivirus software. It is more demanded now because it has offered so many plans and its services along with a set of advanced features that make your device better and better. People choose it because it is available in a wide range in the market and also at affordable rates.

The need for Bitdefender antivirus is now increased because the fear of cyberattacks and hacking is also increased. Most of the people are doing their business online and they carried lots of data and personal information in their device. So to make secure all of this data and information Choosing Bitdefender is best for anyone because of its features. Here are the best features which Bitdefender does provide you.

  • Complete and Real-Time Data protection
  • Advanced Threat Defense
  • Network Threat Prevention
  • It also offers multi-layer ransomware protection
  • Web attack prevention
  • Anti-phishing
  • Secure VPN
  • Password manager
  • Safe online banking

Why you should choose Bitdefender antivirus?

The name of Bitdefender antivirus is now top of the world in the choice of antivirus. People easily choose it because it offers affordable prices for any of its plans. Bitdefender does work in any kind of device which is PCs, Mac, or anyone which you have. Right now the company has millions of customers because it is one of the most trusted companies of antivirus solution and offer a number of its services and plans from which you can choose it the best one as according to your needs and requirement.

Recently the Company also brings some additional plans which are also best for you. Choosing Bitdefender antivirus is best for you each of its plans will work to secure your data and prevent your device from any kind of malware and antivirus. Here are the best plans for Bitdefender which is available at on the easy price for you.

Type of Bitdefender

  1. Bitdefender Box: These plans offer a new way to secure your connected home. It is simple to use and provide best security protection to all of your devices. You can start this plan @ $149 which you can pay very easily.
  2. Bitdefender Premium Security: This plan works very fast to prevent or detect any of the new viruses or threats in your device. It offers an advanced level of security protection to your device. Start this antivirus plan @ $89.
  3. Bitdefender Total Security 2021: It is best in preventing your device from viruses, malware, Trojans, and ransomware. This antivirus is best to meet all your needs of the security of your device. The price of this plan is @ $44.99.
  4. Bitdefender Internet Security 2021: This Bitdefender antivirus prevents your device from any kind of viruses and malware in your Windows and MacOS. It offers a firewall to block intrusions which filter your network traffic easily. The price of this plan @ $40.
  5. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2021: It is one of the most demanded Bitdefender antivirus software in 2021.  It if lightweight antivirus which is best for your device. It offers real-time threat protection to all the Windows and PCs against many of cyber threats. But this plan @ $29.99 and enjoy the best security in your device.

So these are the top 5 best plans of Bitdefender antivirus and all of these plans are best in detecting and preventing your device from any kind of viruses or malware infection. You can choose anyone from it and host in your device for an advanced level of cyber protection.

Why ExpressVPN is Best, Fast, Secure and Reliable

ExpressVPN is a virtual private network who offer VPN service to secure device from any kind of hacking, viruses, and malware. Basically a VPN is a secure protection tunnel between two or more devices in which it helps and used to protect the web traffic from snooping, interference, and censorship. ExpressVPN is a form of VPN which allows you to browse the internet as widely and independently. The company ExpressVPN is founded in 2009 by the British Virgin Islands-registered Company.  ExpressVPN is generally used for getting a high level of privacy and security which encrypts all the data of any user and provides them a hidden IP address. ExpressVPN does offer the best functionality and right now the company has millions of active customers who can surely say that ExpressVPN is best in ease of use and good in all-round performance.

Why ExpressVPN is the best?


At present, there are numerous of VPN companies around the globe who offer VPN service but ExpressVPN is completely different from all those companies. It is one of the best security and privacy tools that protect your device from any kind of malware, online threats, and cyberattacks. Whenever you are using it, it allows you to use the internet as you want.  Many of the customers ask why ExpressVPN is best? At, present it is one of the most trusted VPN service providers which is best in high performance and does provide so many kinds of benefits to you when you are using it. People prefer more to use VPN because you will get a bunch of advanced features from it which surely increase the performance reliability and security of your device. Here are the features of VPN which you will get along any of its plans.

  • It gives an advanced and unique level of privacy
  • Network locks keep your identity secure
  • There is no logging policy while you are using it
  • Encryption of your data
  • Easy to setup
  • It is fast and reliable
  • You can use ExpressVPN up to 3 devices.

Benefits of using ExpressVPN

Basically ExpressVPN is best in providing 3 benefits that every customer wants when they buy VPN service. These 3 benefits will protect your device, provide secure online banking, and connection to your device and make your device best and reliable in use. Here are these benefits which you will take from ExpressVPN while using it.

  1. Increased security and privacy: The security and privacy of any device matter the most when you doing the maximum of your work online. ExpressVPN is best in providing advance levels of security and privacy to your device from any kind of online threat and hackers. It always allows us to use the internet with safety and privacy.
  2. Safety from tracking and hacking of your data: Right now the attack of hacking and tracking the data of any person is on the high pick. Most people use VPN service to control all these threats and if you feel that your device is facing any kind of problem-related with this then you should go with the ExpressVPN. This VPN does provide the best level of security and protection which saves your online data and other information from hackers.
  3. It also hiding your location of work: When any person works online they always want to secure his identity and online data which they heavily used. ExpressVPN is the best form of VPN in this matter who easily hides your IP address and any of your personal data.

Why people choose ExpressVPN? Is it also good for you?

The demand for choosing ExpressVPN is highly increased now and people choose it because it is one of that VPN service that is best in offering a high level of performance and reliability to your device. You can enjoy unlimited bandwidth and the choice of servers that VPN does provide you. ExpressVPN is also the most trusted VPN tool and it offers a VPN server over 3000+ servers along with 160+ countries.

Nowadays more people attract towards ExpressVPN because it is available at affordable rates in the market. The company offers the best price of this Von connection so that you can buy it easily and save more of your money. It is also good for you if your device will not secure from any kind of online threat and hacking. ExpressVPN is the best VPN server for you if you want to make your device secure and use the internet as widely as you want.

What makes Apple the best brand?

The beginning of Apple Incorporation was a really hard time. If we compared to the current time, there was no such large building, tons of manpower, and also trillion-dollar revenue. Apple had only a brilliant super mind Steve Jobs and two other partners (investors) Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. But just after 12 days, Ronald Wayne sold their shares and left the company. After the brilliant performance of Apple II, the company started hiring employees, and the growth of the company started. Today, many things exist that make Apple the best brand and very valuable brand too. It not only ends the monopoly of Microsoft but also comes up with a totally unique idea in the market.

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If you are active in today’s technology world, you definitely know that most brands share the same configuration and features. Only a few brands that could count on fingers, offers some unique features that differ from other brands. Apple is one of the rare brands that has all the features which makes it one of the best brands in the technology world.

10 Most Important Features that Makes Apple the Best Brand

Apple’s company has an interesting history that contains some important facts, which shows the true power of the company. From the beginning, the company has focused on making only the best products and building for the future. Time by time, the features are stated increased, and here are some of the best features that are appreciated by people.

New Technologies For Different Needs

What makes Apple Best Brand- New Technologies For Different Needs

The birth of Macintosh (1985) fulfilled the need for a personal computer for all the users. After that, the company made several products that did not exist before in the technology world. The invention of the iPod on 23 October 2001, broke all the records of tech products and took the company to the next level. From the starting to the current time, Apple has innovated more valuable products iMac, Macbook Pro, iPhone that raise the company growth and makes it the world’s one of the technology leading companies. Also, the critic’s gossips that Apple company lives in the 2 Year future and making products according to that.

Sleek and Solid Design

What Makes Apple best Brand- Sleek and Solid Design

In starting, all the products are heavy design and hard to take one place to another. But after time, as technology increases, the design has improved a lot. Apple offers a sleek, solid, and attractive design in all its products that attracts the users easily. If we talk about the latest Apple iPhone, it has a lightweight body with an amazingly slim design and also a very hard body that could harness every normal pressure. Such a collection of all these important features is rare to get at any other brand and that’s why people liked the Apple brand so much.

iOS Operating System

What Makes Apple so Valuable- iOS Operating System

Today, if we talk about smartphones then most of the smartphone making companies use Android operating systems. And, if we go through the laptop and PC, Windows is the common operating system that either comes Pre Installed or installed by the companies. But Apple is completely different from all the companies that are making tech gadgets. The company uses a house built iOS operating system that is far better than other platforms. It is more secure, user friendly, easy to use, and offers more features to the users. These features are the main reason why the number of Apple users is increasing dramatically.

Inbuilt All Core Services

Why Apple is so Successful-Inbuilt All Core Services

The next step of the operating system is the core services that must be available for the user’s pre-default. Some operating systems offer the core features to the users but not all the important features which are a must thing. But Apple products come with all the main services that are necessary for the users. For example, to get all the different applications it has Apple Store, for the Music, it has Apple Music (iTunes), iMessage for messaging, Facetime for video call and more, and iCloud for data storage. These features are quite amazing and rarely get from a single distributor and that’s what makes Apple so cool. 

No Compromise With Product Quality

Why Apple is So Special- No Compromise With Product Quality

One of the best things About Apple, it does not compromise with product quality while making it affordable. All the inventions from the starting date are highest in quality at that time. The company makes the outer body strong that could harness any low shock or damage. When you look carefully, you will find that a large number of tech companies aim to make cheap technology products. In this way, they forget to give the users what they are dreaming of or paying for. But Apple tries to offer both features at an amazing product quality and economic rate.

Built for Every Age Group User

Why Apple is Best Brand- Built for Every Age Group User

Apple has millions of users all around the world, who use its products or services. In this users list, all the age groups of people are included that shows how popular Apple is. Apple makes different devices for different age people and also some products can be usable by any type and do not need to be categorized. For the teenager, they have built an Apple iPod that has a large collection of songs for different reasons. For the students, Apple has an iMac by which they can learn computer subjects more efficiently. Also, for the business person, the company has MacbookPro, that is made with super configuration. MacbookPro has SSD, a higher processor, sleek, and portable design to carry at any meeting which makes it suitable for business persons. All these availability of products increase the demand for Apple and make it the best brand in the world.

Effortless Product

What Makes Apple best Brand- Effortless Product

A tech gadget should be easy to use and should have a simple user interface so the users can easily use it without facing trouble. But most tech companies are making products opposite to this theory. They are focusing on making some extraordinary products full of complexity. Honestly, most users who use technology gadgets do not have a technical background. So, if a product needs too much technical knowledge that it won’t be as popular as other devices. After looking at all these concerns, Apple focuses on offering effortless products that can be handled by beginners easily. Handling those products is as easy as drinking a cup of tea and that’s really a good thing.

Supportive Technical Experts

Why Apple is So Unique Brand- Supportive Technical Experts

Not a single product is perfect and does not require technical help from the experts. Whenever a new product is invented, the users face a little bit of a problem understanding its features. Also, it may contain some bugs that need a proper solution from the company experts. But not all the companies offer the best customer support who handle the product’s mistakes. Apple is a company that focused on providing supportive technical experts to users from the beginning of the company. Steve Jobs knows the value of user support and because of him now the company has become a trillion-dollar company.

First General AI Introduction to the World

What Makes Apple So Strong- First General AI Introduction to the World

Now everybody is familiar with Siri which is the most common Artificial Intelligence that generally introduces into smartphones. Before this, artificial intelligence was only limited to the tech experts, and normal users did not have a single idea about it. But on the iPhone, Apple introduces “Siri” artificial intelligence that comes with some unique benefits. Now the users can easily access the phone features with the voice commands which makes life easier for the blind peoples. Before that, there was no smartphone that offered such helpful features that help to live a better life. This invention creates a separate fan base of Apple and dramatically increases the sale of the product.

Marketing That Grabs Your Attention Easily

What Makes Apple So Special-Marketing That Grabs Your Attention Easily

Apple always gave importance to its products and that thing you can observe in its marketing campaign. The look of the product, carry concern, design, color complexity and the perfect use of the product, these are some common things that Apple always focused on its product marketing. Most of the technology companies where only focus on a limited platform and only focus on the product. Apple goes to the next level and uses all different platforms smartly and shows why you need the new product when you already have one. The upgraded features and the presentation of the product attract many users and business ideas people and make Apple the best brand.

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There’s no doubt that Apple is one of the greatest brands of all time in the technology world that does not need any introduction. Apple invented some great products that totally changed the way of life and helps a lot of people. MacIntosh, iMac, iPad, iPhone, MacbookPro are some of the greatest inventions of all time that make Apple popular. But the features and services offered by the company increases the number of users. Siri artificial intelligence helped a lot to handicapped people, and because of that Apple gained more respect. I hope this article helped you to understand that what makes Apple the best brand. If you have more points then you can share in comments sections. We love to hear from you. 

Five Reasons Why You Should Opt For a Dish TV

Times have changed. The vast expanse of the universe has now converged into small electronic boxes called TV, laptops, and mobiles that are easily and effortlessly accessible to everyone alike. Though the internet has made it possible for people to just stream news, or download movies or tv shows, there are many channels that restrict their broadcast to the internet and are still only available on TV.

People install cable TV in their homes to catch international programs and shows, but there is always the price factor that stops people from opting for this option. Furthermore, cable TV does not offer you a wide variety of channels due to technical limitations. We are living in an era where more than 400 TV series are being aired at a time, making it difficult for average cable companies to bring it all to you without running into technical difficulties. And those who manage to do so charge a fee that becomes unaffordable for many. But an average customer usually does not know much about the advantages of dish TV over cable TV. Here is what you need to know.


People today want variety in their television services, so they can watch all of their favorite shows or catch the news from all over the world without any hassle. Content providers are simultaneously embroiled in fierce competition to attract paying customers by offering as much content as they possibly can. But the variety alone is not the deciding factor. People want easy access to channels too. And that is only available with dish TV with utmost convenience.


One of the biggest deciding factors when selecting your TV service provider is the cost of the service. There are several service providers who have been ramping up their offerings of dish network by announcing many attractive deals. When competition is picking up pace now more than ever, it’s time to consider the networks that are offering the best service at the lowest cost possible. Check out the internet to explore the best dish tv promotion and deals before considering a content provider for your TV services.


The most prominent change you’ll notice when you get a dish TV is the quality of transmission. Even with your existing television set, you’ll notice enhanced picture quality as high definition signals are transmitted to you via dish TV as opposed to cable TV. Not to mention the overall color scheme and contrast that’s much higher and denser than the colors in cable TV.

Variety of channels

If there is one reason why one really opts for a TV service provider is the limitation of content available online. As compared to a cable TV, a dish setup box offer over 400 channels on average, giving you access to a wide range of viewing possibilities.

Better sound quality

Due to high signal transmission in dish TV, the sound quality is automatically enhanced and amplified, with clear vocal signals as compared to cable TV. Some service providers also offer true surround and Dolby digital-like sound that offers a truly immersive entertainment experience.

So what are you waiting for? With so many promotional deals out there to get the best Dish TV service, now is the right time ever to get DISH TV and take your TV entertainment to a whole new level.