Hola VPN Review

Hola VPN Review 2024 – Why Should You Choose Hola?

Hola VPN is a popular name in the industry of VPN-providing companies. It was the first virtual private network brand that offered peer-to-peer services to its users. Hola VPN has over 180 million-plus users since its launch in 2012.

But according to the experts, Hola VPN is not a good service to choose from at all. Hola VPN shares user’s bandwidth with other users to give them a good service. So it means it gives you another user IP while another user has your IP to use. So in this Hola VPN Review let’s know more things like this about Hola VPN.

Hola’s peer-to-peer service is nothing more than a cheap move to attract customers. It only benefits the company while leading you to serious risks.

Hola Company also offers its users a freemium service. It means you can use its VPN without paying a single penny to the company. But it will contain some restrictions too such as data and time. The Hola VPN free time limit is only limited to 3 days. After that, you have to buy a premium or plus package of Hola VPN.

Is Hola VPN Safe or Not?

Using Hola VPN can be a big risk, especially for its free users. You might not give attention to the sign-up page of Hola Free VPN. At the time of your signing up, you permit them to share your bandwidth with them.

Now think about someone who is using your IP address for some illegal activity. You will get for the activity which you have never done before without even you knowing it. Hola VPN can make you a part of criminal activity and until you get to know about it, it would be so late.

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Does Hola work on Netflix – Streaming Services

Hola VPN Netflix

Hola was doing a great job in unblocking geo-restricted content of streaming sites a few years ago. But famous streaming sites (Netflix and others) were not happy with that. So they developed a smart detection to prevent their network from various proxies, VPN, and other tools.

After Netflix implemented advanced security, finding a VPN to unblock Netflix content is a challenge now. But same as other companies Hola claims that it can easily unblock Netflix geo-restricted content for users. You just have to buy the plus package of Hola VPN and it will make you able to access any content on Netflix of any country.

There is a high chance that Netflix does not let you access content with Hola Plus too. Netflix had data of most of the servers and IPs and block Hola VPN with ease. So after the Review Of Hola VPN, we can conclude that Hola VPN is not safe for Netflix.

Hola Free VPN Review – Time Limit, Daily Data Limit

Yes, as we have mentioned above in this Hola VPN Review that Hola has free service too. But it has more disadvantages than the better side of it.

Pros of Hola Free VPN: The first thing about Hola Free VPN is it is free of cost and you don’t have to pay any money for using it. It can easily avail your videos in 4K which is so amazing for sure. You will be able to unblock some sites easily with a massive network of Hola nodes.

Cons of Hola Free VPN: As we said the free service of Hola VPN has some limitations too for users. The Hola VPN daily limit of Netflix is only 1 hour per day. It will also share your bandwidth and CPU time with the company. The free Hola VPN can only work on browsing and if you try it on any software or application it might not work properly.

Hola VPN Plus/Premium Review 2024

The Hola VPN plus was formerly known as the Hola VPN premium. It might confuse most of the users who think that both are different. Plus subscription to Hola VPN gives you many benefits. It will provide you unlimited VPN time and you can connect it up to 10 devices too.

You can stream HD videos with the 1000 fastest servers and unblock any site with a no-log policy. It will also provide you high peak speeds with a huge network of Hola nods.

But you might have to face some negative things too. You cannot get a Hola VPN plus a free trial to try it first. You can face logging concerns too for overpriced service. The speed of the Hola Plus membership plan can also be low in some of the locations.

Price of Hola VPN Premium or Plus Plans

Price of Hola VPN Premium or Plus Plans

Hola VPN includes 3 kinds of plans to choose from. Every plan has a different duration to offer at different prices. So users can choose their plan of Hola VPN plus for PC according to their budget and period of usage.

  • Monthly Plan of Hola VPN: If you want to pay a monthly plan for the Hola VPN then it will cost you $14.99 per month. It is so costly to buy this plan even for any good earner.
  • 1-Year Plan of Hola VPN: By choosing this plan you can save your 49% money on Hola VPN. One Year Hola plus Plan costs you $92.26 for one year. It means you just have to pay $7.69 per month.
  • Hola VPN 3-Year Premium Subscription: This offer can be your favorite because to use it you just have to pay $2.99/ month. After paying $107.55 at once you can use Hola VPN for 3 years without having any problem.

The last two plans of Hola VPN can be beneficial for you if you need it for long period. But if you also think it is costly to buy then by using Hola VPN Coupon Code Company provide you some discount.

Does Hola VPN work for Torrenting?

If you are thinking to use Hola VPN for torrenting then it can be a big mistake. Users use virtual private network services to hide their private information from hackers or invasive hands. But unfortunately, Hola does not give you services for it.

Hola provides peer-to-peer services same as torrenting. It makes it more effective and dangerous at the same time. Hola VPN also blocks BitTorrent connections that are so good but keeping in mind its level of encryption it will be not good to use Hola for torrenting.

Does Hola VPN Keep Logs? Privacy Policy of Hola

Does Hola VPN Keep Logs

If you read the privacy policy of Hola VPN, then there you can see that the section of information they collect from users. They may collect your name, IP address, email address, screen name, billing information and so more. If you thinking that this data is safer with Hola Company then you are mistaken.

If you follow this Hola VPN Reviews 2024 carefully, you can see that safety and protection are not Hola’s priority. Hola VPN also claims the no-log policy as one of its specialties but that’s just a game of attraction for customers.

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