Cyberlink Powerdvd VS Corel WinDVD

Cyberlink PowerDVD VS Corel WinDVD

Are you confused about which media player or the video editing software you should buy for your device? Here, today I am going to discuss a hot clash between Cyberlink PowerDVD VS Corel WinDVD which is a very well-known media provider in the world.

At first, we will talk about Cyberlink PowerDVD after that we’ll cover Corel WinDVD. So that it would be easy for you to choose the best one.

Cyberlink PowerDVD

Cyberlink PowerDVD

Cyberlink Powerdvd is one of the most complete multimedia players for home theaters and PCs. And it plays more than DVD and Blu-ray discs.

Powerdvd is an all-rounder multimedia player where you can play video, audio, movie, photos make download and even play YouTube or Vimeo.

For those who like to be in cutting-edge entertainment, Cyberlink Powerdvd also offers you immersive 360˚ VR experience. With Cyberlink, you can enjoy YouTube streaming in better-than-original quality. With a new spatial audio quality which is as good as being there.

Features of Cyberlink PowerDVD

  • Cyberlink Powerdvd gives you amazing quality for home theaters with new ultra HD 4K and HDR video playback.
  • For the big screens, Powerdvd 19 has brought for the first time ultra-high-definition entertainment with 8K video.
  • 360-Degree VR- Experience 360˚ VR video with spatial audio. You can watch 360˚ video from every angle simultaneously and also can watch without a headset.
  • Media Casting to Steaming Devices: Support device as Roku®, FireTV™, Apple TV®, and Chromecast™.
  • True Theater: PowerDVD offers you TrueTheater HDR which enhances your video quality like it gives greater color depth, deeper black, brighter white compared to regular video.

Cyberlink Powerdvd comes with three different versions- Standard, Pro, and Ultra. Each version has different features according to their price. The cost of Powerdvd range between $59.99 – $99.99. You can get the use of Cyberlink PowerDVD Coupon to save your bucks too.

With Cyberlink Powerdvd you have the option to minimize video so that you do not miss any moment doing multitasking.

Even if you’re using Windows 10, you can enjoy the Ultra HD videos shot on your GoPro or iPhone photos in full quality. PowerDVD supports a wide range of files and formats including HEVC/H.265 video & HEIC image files, without installing any extra plugins.

There is also an offline feature with this media player where you can pin YouTube videos to watch offline or on a road.

So, this is about Cyberlink Powerdvd now let’s have look at Corel WinDVD.

Corel WinDVD

Corel WinDVD

Corel WinDVD is one of the world’s most recognized products with over 300 million copies sold. It is a leader in video playback and DVD software. With complete DVD and Blu-ray software you can create the movie theater experience at home anytime you want.

Windvd offers you new 4K support with a high-quality picture and Dolby digital sounds with powerful video and audio control. This WinDVD makes your video more stabilize, enhances color and you can enjoy smoother playback with higher frame support(240 frames per second).

You can get Corel WinDVD pro 12 at just $54.99. also, you get 30 days money-back guarantee encase if you found an issue with the product you can return it within 30 days. Before purchasing it you can find the relevant Corel WinDVD Coupon Code to steal some bucks.

Features Corel DVD

  • File Support – Corel WinDVD pro 12- supports all of the most popular formats, including Blu-ray Disc, BDXL, MP4, WMV-HD, DVD, AVCHD and HEVC (H.265).
  • 2D to 3D video conversion- You can convert 2D movies in full 3D definition and enjoy the lifelike viewing experience. Conversion is supported for DVD-video, and standard and high-definition video file.
  • Playback interface- With the modern interface you can create a playlist, take a screenshot or video clips of favorite scenes just using easy video and audio control.
  • Special audio effects- You can set audio to match your environment. If it’s a busy, noisy place you can set the control to ‘Noisy’ and boost the audio levels and if at home try ‘Theater’ effect.

You can also change the picture quality of videos in WinDVD as you want. Fine-tune to get just the way you want the picture quality with easy adjustment. Make use of presets to improve picture quality, adjust brightness, contrast and more.


With the help of this article, I hope you’ll be able to take the decision for the right multimedia player.

Both Cyberlink Powerdvd VS Corel WinDVD is good at their own and the price between two media players is also not so much of difference. Now, you can easily choose any one of these multimedia players according to your needs and keep enjoying the service.

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