Use Instagram Videos In The Best Possible Way For Business

The possibilities and the number of things that you can do with Instagram video posts seems to have no limit just as the possibilities of being creative is endless. It is for this reason that you find these video posts in yours and almost in every other Instagram feed. In fact, it is the most common approach followed by almost all businesses irrespective of their size and type to use video posts to showcase their skill, product and promote their brands.

With that being said, it is also required to know that it is you and the careful planning that can make these video posts work for you and your brand just as the way you want. For this, you will have to have a clear set goals and objectives for your business and align it perfectly with your Instagram marketing strategy. These goals can be varied and many such as:

  • Conveying the message of your brand
  • Showcasing your product and skills
  • Introducing the culture of your company to the followers
  • Showing how your product is used and how it will affect the lives of the users in a positive manner
  • Creating a new and more engaged community or
  • Building your follower base.

There is so much to do and each of these jobs needs special planning and focus, as it is explained under, in order to make each of these a successful video post.

Promote your products

It need not much of an explanation that videos have tremendous ability to convey a message most strongly and clearly along with a load of information in the best possible and most convincing way. It only takes a short amount of time as compared to texts or standalone photos. It is, for this reason, video posts on Instagram are a huge asset for those types of businesses that are into selling products or services.

It is simple math and prudent thinking. Just imagine the quantum of the effect a 60-second video of your product will have in comparison to just one single image. A recent HubSpot survey indicated that:

  • About 64% of the consumers are more likely to buy any product online only after they watch the video of it first and
  • For any business, this happens to provide the best return on their investments.

Using these video posts, you will not have to buy Instagram views or likes. Instead, all of it will be generated more effectively and most importantly, more organically.

Apart from corroborating the fact that video posts have got immense power, these facts also reflect the usefulness of using video posts on Instagram by any business that wants to boost its sales volume.

Building more trust for the brand

You will be able to build trust among the people about your brand even more by sharing Instagram video posts. Trust is the most important thing for any business to build among its consumers to make them buy their product or services. This trust can only be built by conveying your brand message strongly.

  • The Instagram video posts will help you to do exactly that and
  • You can even introduce your company culture to them in the best possible way of using these video posts.

This great way to build trust with your customers and Instagram followers can even be greater if you make it a point to share loveable video content and those that are relevant and will provide value to your target audience.

Educate the audience

If you have a topic that you want your followers to educate on, then there is nothing better than the Instagram video posts to use. Intuitive videos can be the best tutorials about your product telling them different things such as:

  • How to use it
  • How they will be benefitted using it and
  • The value your product will bring into their lives.

Whatever type of product your deal it and however you want to make the video post, your focus while using Instagram video posts should be on sharing short and easy to consume content. This is a great and more effective strategy.

In short, the main point of using a video is to focus on a cool topic that will be enjoyed by your audience and what you think that they will be more interested to learn about. It is only then your video posts will pay rich dividends for your Instagram marketing strategy.

making great Instagram video posts

Now that you know about the usefulness and how to share your videos on Instagram, you must know how exactly you can optimize your video posts so that you get more traction.

  • Start with selecting the most eye-catching cover photo for your video posts. This will ensure that your followers are more engaged with your videos. It is just like you spend time to find a great photo for your feed, so must you invest quite a fair amount of time in finding a great cover photo for your video, but make sure that it captures the overall message of your video.
  • Do not overlook or simply rely on the sound while creating your video posts because Instagram videos usually autoplay in the feed but the sound does not start playing automatically. The viewers need to tap on the video in order to listen to the sound. Sound is very important for a video to make the viewers understand but at the same time, you must also remember that there may be people who like to see a video on mute. Therefore, make sure that your video can be clearly understood even without any sound.

Lastly, the length of the video is important but you should put in the best efforts in your creation to grab the attention of the viewers within the first three to five seconds! Do not fall for that 60-second hype. That means your video should be amazing right from the word go. It will ensure better completion and higher engagement rates on your video posts.

Author Bio: Karen Anthony is a Business Tech Analyst. She is very responsible for her job. She loves to share her knowledge and experience with her friends and colleagues.

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