How to Create Your Own Server At Home for Web Hosting

How to Create Your Own Server At Home for Web Hosting – Beginners

We all want a place where we can store our files and data so that we can easily access them from anywhere we get an internet connection. A place where we can have our own music library and can share it with our friends or else. Photos and videos that makes easy to your family to get your photo library and videos. You can have own web page with your home server but the question is that how to create your own server at home. Here are this blog can help you to get your own server at home to get your web page.

Is it possible to create your home server at home?

Well, it is yes, you can create your own server at home but you can’t expect such things in your own created server or cheap home server build

  • High speed
  • High performance
  • Upload channel that generally very small
  • Static or semi-static IP is required unless you change it in DNS

What Things You Need To Create Your Own Server

So let’s start with knowing that the things you’re required to create your own server at home. It is simple to create with an inexpensive or integrated graphics processor and must have a dedicated PC. And there is a variety of web servers to select on suitable one according to your apps need such as Apache, Nginx, NodeJS, DB, MariaDB, Redis etc. Setup a home server can a great experience to get knowledge with lots of fun.

  • Get your dedicated PC with economical or integrated graphics processor
  • A broadband network connection
  • Monitor on keyboard
  • Burner, CD/DVD drive will be easy and handy to you if you are thinking to use the server for media.


You don’t need a professional computer and a server doesn’t have to be powerful for personal use. Many big companies use powerful machines like eBay use mega thousand dollar sun to run their website. But remember that we are creating a home server for personal use so it needs less power than an average computer needs.

Reasons why you should not use the old computer system for creating your home server
  • Unreliable
  • Space issue

The computer only has to do such simple tasks like receiving a request and then sending that data as requested. A computer with a 300MHz processor and 64MB of RAM would be enough for a perfect server.


You will need an Ethernet Card that we know as network interface card (NIC) and a server required NIC and that one will work with your preferred operating system. And you should be careful when buying NIC you can’t go wrong with it. You must check the model number on Linux drivers. And there are some big companies like 3Com and D-link both are reliable you can trust it. And the best network connection plays an important role and you will also need a reliable router. A router is a quite standard good today and has many features.

The monitor and keyboard

You will need a spare monitor and keyboard if you already having a spare desktop because using a monitor and keyboard are handier. So if you will be able to tuck away somewhere debugging and upgrading for future.  Now you are willing to switch your old spare computer with a laptop than you can do that also but you have to set up all again. it would be better if you plan that everything before starting.

The operating system

You can find the many choices for an open source operating system. You can install such things like Fedora, Ubuntu, FreeBSD, Gentoo and there is a long list is available on the internet. And also you are having another option that is Amahi to install the open source home server. You can get the heavy lifting by it to get you up, installing and configuring Apache, MySQL.

Here are some projects that you can do with server

  • Install APACHE
  • Set up IMAP mail
  • Set up Dynamic DNS
  • Set up DNS name server
  • Stop spam on your mail server


So we hope that you got some useful stuff over this blog and now you’ll be able to start thinking about it. Now you might be aware of some technical things that you needed when you are creating your home server. If you follow these things that we have mentioned above about how to build a home server network in our blog then you can easily create your own home server. And can easily access that server you just need the things that required and we have mentioned above. Get your own best 1 web hosting server and get own web page and create the home server.

Get ready to store your photos, videos and many things in your own server and let your relative download the videos you have stored on your web page. It would be easy for you to get your file and data from anywhere and you can easily share that things with your friends like your music collection that you have stored in your server and web page.

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