Importance of Web Hosting for Your Website Growth

Importance of Web Hosting For Your Website Growth

Do you know the importance of web hosting? Choosing best web hosting is very important for your business, start-up and is purchased by considering few parameters which are discussed below. Hosting is the main pillar of your website as all your crucial data is stored on your hosting. There are many leading hosting providers in the market and you can easily get confused in between them. Some top of the list are Godaddy, Hostgator, Bluehost, Big Rock, Interserver etc. Importance of Web Hosting for Your Website Growth business.

Importance of web hosting

5 Main Factors to Consider Before Buying Web Hosting


  1. Site Speed– It is the most important factor deciding your website performance. As half of the visitors expect to load a site within 2-3 seconds, if it takes more than this, the chances are higher that you may lose your potential audience.
  1. Security– It is important for both website owner and audience. You should ensure security before purchasing web hosting as the data and the data shared by users is crucial. It can also impact your SEO factor. Godaddy is secure site, the more Google trust on you. If your site is secure then are you free from online attackers.
  1. Uptime/Downtime– It is measured in percentage. The poor host quality, the more your site will be down which can impact your SEO rankings. Choose the best hosting provider who gives best security and if any issue occurs contact your host to resolve it as soon as possible.
  1. IP Location– It is recommended to choose hosting from your country as the location of your host can have impact on your rankings. This factor may be considered by some search engines to rank websites. It can also impact your affect your website’s speed.
  1. HTTPS– Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure, it is a combination of http with SSL/TLS to provide encrypted communication. Now days everyone is choosing HTTPS to protect the user data. Google also considers this as a little factor in rankings. If you want to switch from HTTP to HTTPS, contact web hosting to get SSL certificate.
  1. Tech Support– You may easily get stuck anywhere, to solve your problem tech support team is there. Before purchasing hosting you must ensure that someone is there for you to support 24/7. Many of the leading web hosting providers provides support day and night.

Your web hosting plays a major role in your website’s growth and SEO rankings. Take right decision and choose the best web hosting provider considering these points. As hosting is the backbone of your business/website and if your site is ranking good but are hosting issues and the site is not opening then it Is of no use.

I hope you buy the perfect web hosting for your business and make your online presence better than others. If You want to know more about hosting related question then just click on

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