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What Kind of Web Hosting Do Your Business Need?

So you have already purchased Domain Name and now you are looking for a web hosting which best suits your business. In this post I will tell you which Type of web hosting Service  is best for your business?

Type of Web Hosting Service & Advantage and Disadvantage

Creating a website and taking your business online to grow it, is the demand of the current era. As everything is getting online in this faster world you should make your online presence and grab the audience/customers before your competitor does. There are different types of web hosting available in the market which are Shared Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Managed Hosting for WordPress, Virtual Private Server (VPS), and Dedicated Server. Choosing and buying hosting completely depends on your type of business.

Important key points which will help you in choosing correct web-hosting plans

Type of Web Hosting Service

1. Shared Hosting– Shared Hosting is generally a server where many websites are hosted on the same server. It is the server which you don’t own but pay for particular amount of space. This hosting is available under budget and is the cost-effective as the cost splits and the price reduces.
It works well with sites which do not experience huge amount of traffic.

Best starter package
Cheap & available under budget pricing around $5-$20 per month
Great for small businesses or low traffic sites
Unlimited bandwidth and space considering some conditions

Risk of suspension for high resource usage
Security concerns
Not suitable for high traffic websites

2. Dedicated Hosting– As the name suggests the entire server is dedicated to your sites. You own the server and can run sites with high resource usage. A dedicated server allows you to do everything you want without any interruption. It is used by big companies and brands which are looking for advanced features and options.

Entire server is yours, you are the boss
Easily customization hardware, OS & security
No interference of other websites and resources

Expensive than others

3. VPS (Virtual Private Server) Hosting– A VPS server is an intermediate between shared and dedicated. In other words you can call it dedicated server at a low cost price with few limitations. In this the server is divided into multiple private servers and the websites operating on these servers do not interfere other servers unlike shared. The total administrative control over VPS software will be in your hands without any extra charges associated with hardware and maintenance which dedicated web hosting demands.

All benefits of dedicated with few limitations
Cheaper than dedicated hosting
No worries about downtime
Fixed amount of RAM & CPU

Less powerful than dedicated
Require more technical knowledge

4. Cloud Hosting
In cloud hosting you can host your every type of website from single to many depending on your need. The best part is that you have to pay only that much amount of money which you are using and can easily upgrade your plan without any additional charges.

Which Is The Best Hosting For You?

Don’t hurry, take your time and think the current need of your business, start-up. We recommend $1 web hosting plan for basic sites and blogging sites in starting. Shared hosting is suitable for small businesses and dedicated server is made for larger hosting requirements like heavy resources sites; e-commerce sites etc. and are quite expensive.

1$ web hosting– If you are planning to start a mini website or niche blogging site then you should go with $1 web hosting plan. It is the best web hosting plan for mini websites which do not cost much. If you buy this plan for a year then you will get one domain name free with this.

We hope now you are clear about which is the best web hosting plan for your business.

Do analysis prior purchasing, we hope you buy the best web hosting plan at best price…

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