SEO Agency vs Digital Marketing Company

SEO Agency vs Digital Marketing Company – What’s the Difference

Simply put, an SEO agency provides search engine optimization services to companies so that their online visibility improves. Search engine optimization is the process of making changes to your website design and content so that it appears attractive to search engines. If your website is optimized better for Google and other search engines, there are chances that your website will rank high for the phrases and keywords which are relevant for your service or business.

One of the best advantages of joining hands with an SEO agency is that you get specialized experience assisting businesses to rank on the search engines. The SEO experts understand all that it takes to help you to bring increased organic traffic to your website through Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Additionally, an expert SEO agency employs experts in various aspects of search engine optimization.  The SEO professionals offer a wide range of services that comprise auditing the website, creating a customized SEO strategy, and executing tactics to help companies reach their SEO objectives.

The leading SEO agencies will treat a website as if it’s their website. It means they will strategize about a website’s SEO to increase the ROI and help companies attain their objectives. The agency takes care of every SEO angle and ensures that you are leveraging the SEO services. To know more, you can check out any Singapore-based SEO agency.

Some of the services that distinguish an SEO agency from a digital marketing company are:

  1. Provide an SEO perspective

Your SEO agency will provide you with an SEO point of view to any question you ask them. It will provide you with the same perspective when it comes to SEO tasks. The SEO professional might require time to generate a written response to a complex issue. You don’t need to wait for any standing meeting to derive short answers or have a quick chat.

  1. Let you know about SEO news

When there is an algorithm update, an SEO agency will inform you about it. The moment a new search result feature gets released that you can leverage, expect your SEO agency to update you about the same. You will get notified about every SEO updates and developments so that you can leverage its potential to increase your online visibility.

  1. An emergency responder

An SEO agency acts as an extension to your business. If you manage a crisis at hand and have put everything on hold, the SEO agency needs to do the same. They should also maintain specific deadlines on their current assignments.

  1. Research the keyword themes

SEO is also about contextual relevance. The keyword research decides the themes that your website content needs to throw light on the search engines. They study and update various SEO problems, such as your organization’s content strategy, risk assessment, and action item prioritization.

  1. Outline the SEO strategy and goals

It might get complicated to know what’s practical when you are setting your growth objectives. The agency needs to have a method for assisting you in setting reasonable and realistic targets. Depending on the goals, planned improvements, website state, and organic search performance, the SEO agency develops the SEO strategy for another year.

  1. Suggest a content strategy

The content strategy plays a vital role in your organic performance. The SEO agency might not be accountable for generating the website content, but it needs to have smart views on strategy. The agency personnel needs to create new content ideas depending on the organic search visitor behavior, site architecture, and search trends. An SEO agency should also provide opinions on how the content should get developed and designed. It gets done to ensure that it offers the maximum benefit to organic search performance.

  1. Performance report

Regardless of how closely you might have been working with your SEO agency, it needs to prepare monthly reports on all the executed or recommended strategies. It is necessary to make reports on the forthcoming months’ plans and their impact on the recommendation. It offers a true deliverable for your management to highlight progress and also provide a relevant activity timeline.

  1. Manage the webmaster tools

The Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console provide comprehensive data about your website, including rankings, errors, impressions, crawl statistics, and traffic. An SEO agency needs to manage all these aspects regularly. When a message goes from any one of the engines via the webmaster tools, an SEO agency needs to investigate the same. The SEO agency should also report the findings.

  1. Audit the website regularly

Websites and search engines change! Your SEO agency needs to audit the website quarterly to assess its changes and address the negative changes. The SEO agency needs to use the audit as a roadmap of all the deliverables and activities that will help advance the SEO program. They will study each client individually and based on that assess what their requirements are.

  1. Recognize the technical problems

An SEO agency must uncover and resolve the technical problems that affect indexing, authority, crawling, and relevance. The moment it comes across a problem, the agency should update the company about it and the solution. Don’t expect the SEO professionals to know how to fix technical issues and coding. They need to work with developers to arrive at the best outcome. The SEO agency needs to test the problem and fix it before launching the website.

  1. Optimize individual pages

The SEO agency needs to optimize the content. In manual optimization, the SEO agency should target the pages that have the best scopes for revenue gains. Instead of concentrating on the individual pages, it would be useful to create scalable content, for instance, programmatically optimizing the title tags. Hence, your SEO agency needs to recommend automation for quick results.

These are some of the tasks that an expert SEO agency will provide you. You can research the best SEO agency, depending on your requirement and preference.

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