SEO Agency vs. Digital Marketing Company – What’s the Difference

Simply put, an SEO agency provides search engine optimization services to companies so that their online visibility improves. Search engine optimization is the process of making changes to your website design and content so that it appears attractive to search engines. If your website is optimized better for Google and other search engines, there are chances that your website will rank high for the phrases and keywords which are relevant for your service or business.

One of the best advantages of joining hands with an SEO agency is that you get specialized experience assisting businesses to rank on the search engines. The SEO experts understand all that it takes to help you to bring increased organic traffic to your website through Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Additionally, an expert SEO agency employs experts in various aspects of search engine optimization.  The SEO professionals offer a wide range of services that comprise auditing the website, creating a customized SEO strategy, and executing tactics to help companies reach their SEO objectives.

The leading SEO agencies will treat a website as if it’s their website. It means they will strategize about a website’s SEO to increase the ROI and help companies attain their objectives. The agency takes care of every SEO angle and ensures that you are leveraging the SEO services. To know more, you can check out any Singapore-based SEO agency.

Some of the services that distinguish an SEO agency from a digital marketing company are:

  1. Provide an SEO perspective

Your SEO agency will provide you with an SEO point of view to any question you ask them. It will provide you with the same perspective when it comes to SEO tasks. The SEO professional might require time to generate a written response to a complex issue. You don’t need to wait for any standing meeting to derive short answers or have a quick chat.

  1. Let you know about SEO news

When there is an algorithm update, an SEO agency will inform you about it. The moment a new search result feature gets released that you can leverage, expect your SEO agency to update you about the same. You will get notified about every SEO updates and developments so that you can leverage its potential to increase your online visibility.

  1. An emergency responder

An SEO agency acts as an extension to your business. If you manage a crisis at hand and have put everything on hold, the SEO agency needs to do the same. They should also maintain specific deadlines on their current assignments.

  1. Research the keyword themes

SEO is also about contextual relevance. The keyword research decides the themes that your website content needs to throw light on the search engines. They study and update various SEO problems, such as your organization’s content strategy, risk assessment, and action item prioritization.

  1. Outline the SEO strategy and goals

It might get complicated to know what’s practical when you are setting your growth objectives. The agency needs to have a method for assisting you in setting reasonable and realistic targets. Depending on the goals, planned improvements, website state, and organic search performance, the SEO agency develops the SEO strategy for another year.

  1. Suggest a content strategy

The content strategy plays a vital role in your organic performance. The SEO agency might not be accountable for generating the website content, but it needs to have smart views on strategy. The agency personnel needs to create new content ideas depending on the organic search visitor behavior, site architecture, and search trends. An SEO agency should also provide opinions on how the content should get developed and designed. It gets done to ensure that it offers the maximum benefit to organic search performance.

  1. Performance report

Regardless of how closely you might have been working with your SEO agency, it needs to prepare monthly reports on all the executed or recommended strategies. It is necessary to make reports on the forthcoming months’ plans and their impact on the recommendation. It offers a true deliverable for your management to highlight progress and also provide a relevant activity timeline.

  1. Manage the webmaster tools

The Bing Webmaster Tools and Google Search Console provide comprehensive data about your website, including rankings, errors, impressions, crawl statistics, and traffic. An SEO agency needs to manage all these aspects regularly. When a message goes from any one of the engines via the webmaster tools, an SEO agency needs to investigate the same. The SEO agency should also report the findings.

  1. Audit the website regularly

Websites and search engines change! Your SEO agency needs to audit the website quarterly to assess its changes and address the negative changes. The SEO agency needs to use the audit as a roadmap of all the deliverables and activities that will help advance the SEO program. They will study each client individually and based on that assess what their requirements are.

  1. Recognize the technical problems

An SEO agency must uncover and resolve the technical problems that affect indexing, authority, crawling, and relevance. The moment it comes across a problem, the agency should update the company about it and the solution. Don’t expect the SEO professionals to know how to fix technical issues and coding. They need to work with developers to arrive at the best outcome. The SEO agency needs to test the problem and fix it before launching the website.

  1. Optimize individual pages

The SEO agency needs to optimize the content. In manual optimization, the SEO agency should target the pages that have the best scopes for revenue gains. Instead of concentrating on the individual pages, it would be useful to create scalable content, for instance, programmatically optimizing the title tags. Hence, your SEO agency needs to recommend automation for quick results.

These are some of the tasks that an expert SEO agency will provide you. You can research the best SEO agency, depending on your requirement and preference.

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10 Reasons Why Your Business Absolutely Needs SEO

SEO is Search Engine Optimization, which is used to increase and improve the overall traffic of the website. We are living in the digital age; therefore, the requirement of the SEO in businesses and companies is extremely important. Below are mentioned ten reasons that would give you a chance to understand the need for SEO by most of the companies and businesses. Your business start-ups are important for getting results in the future but if you are a student who doesn’t have time to study and write an assignment because engaged with SEO questions you can ask experts to provide you with an essay assignment help.

  1. Organic search

Organic search is of great importance as it is regarded as an integral part of the performance of the business’s website. It is also a component of the buyer funnel, which would then lead to the users getting engaged. It is common knowledge that Google dominates most of the market. Therefore, other search market competitors such as Bing, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and many others must struggle to get noticed by the public. But it does not mean that the search engines do not work, it is just that Google owns 75 percent of the search market, while the rest of the 25 percent is where the search engines work to bring your website to the top.

  1. Trust and credibility are built through a good SEO

The establishment of a strong foundation is the most important goal of any SEO. The SEO makes sure that the website can give a clean and effective user experience. Furthermore, it also works hard to make it easily discoverable by the users. Establishing authority is a time-consuming process. It does not simply happen overnight; it requires time and patience. But once it happens, your website will be able to earn the trust of your users.

  1. A better user experience takes places through a good SEO

Maximum visibility and organic ranking are the aims of all the SEOs. Google has the upper hand in it as it learned how to differentiate and understand a favorable and unfavorable user experience. A positive experience of the user will help in the overall success of the website. Internet users have a particularly good idea about their needs and demands. If they are not able to find what they need on your website, they will leave and find some other website. It would cause the performance of your website to suffer.

  1. Increase in engagement, conversions, and traffic

Small and medium-sized businesses’ success is based on the local search. It can be due to the traffic coming from the mobile phone, which has significantly increased in the past few years. With the help of the local SEO, your digital properties are optimized for a specific locality. It is done to make your website visible to people easily and quickly.

  1. Impact on the buying cycle

The internet has many benefits, but one of the major advantages of the internet from the user perspective is that the users can conduct research. Your messages related to good deals and innovative and revolutionary products will reach the users with the help of SEO tactics, which would force them to visit your website. It would positively influence the buying cycle.

  1. SEO best practices are always being updated

It is important for the SEO tactics that are being implemented on the website to be updated regularly, especially if it is a short-term engagement. As the world is changing fast, therefore, constant checking is required to keep the website updated. Also, It would keep the website on the first page.

  1. It helps in understanding the environment of the web

It can be not easy sometimes to stay updated due to the constantly changing environment of the web. Therefore, you need to stay informed about the changes that are taking place. And the tactics that are being used by the locals to keep their website up to date.

  1. It is a cheaper option

In the grand scheme of things, the option of SEO is not expensive. Everything requires money to work, and SEO does too. But it is a much cheaper option and true business investment.

  1. It is quantifiable

Although you cannot use ROI to calculate the return of investment of SEO, if proper analytics are used, you can find out if the usage of SEO is turning out to be beneficial for you and your website or not. It is not possible to understand the exact relation between the actions that take place, but we can understand how those actions will affect the overall growth and performance of the website.

  1. You are not getting the click if your website is not on the first page

The main purpose of using SEO is to get your website to the first page. If your website is not on the first page, then it is not killing the organic search game. About 40 percent of all the clicks take place in the first three ranking positions of the organic search. While about 30 percent of all the results on page 1 and 2 do not even get clicked.


It will always be beneficial for the website if a strong SEO is implemented on the website of the brand. That is why it is considered as the marketing techniques of the new age. Furthermore, using SEO is also important as the available data is increasing every day, and so is the competition.

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SEO Performance Check – Why You Need It for Your Website?

The meaning of search engine optimization is the process of making changes to your website to provide it more visible to search engines and increase your site’s rank. If you are looking to improve your SEO, then, you cannot jump on the bandwagon without any plan.

Hence, the best first step to develop your SEO strategy is to conduct an SEO performance check. If you are reading this term for the first time, then you need not worry as it is somewhat of an unknown commodity in the market.

Do you have questions such as; how can you check SEO performance? What are the benefits of performing this check? How to perform SEO analysis of your site? Need not worry; these questions are common, and conducting an SEO performance check is not a big deal.

Let’s get some information about it.

What is SEO Performance Check?

SEO performance check focuses on the opportunities on your site that you can address to improve the ranking potential in search engine results pages, also known as SERPs. It involves auditing your site and identifying where you can optimise for search engine bots.

With the help of this analysis, you can find what aspects of your SEO strategy are working in your favour and what aspect is dragging your website and becoming obstacles that are preventing you from climbing up the site ranking leaderboard.

Why Is It Essential to Conduct Performance Check?

Due to this performance check, you will get an insight into your website and see the flaws that are stopping your website from improving your site ranking. It will also help you improve your site’s content and technical aspects. And that will help you to deliver a better experience to the visitors.

With performance check, you’re not taking shooting arrows in the dark; you’re making strategic decisions, which reduce time and resources spent. Without a thorough SEO analysis, it’s nearly impossible to take decisions on how to improve your site’s ranking in SERPs.

If you want your website to rank higher, expand your customer reach, drive traffic to your website, and hit your business targets, then an SEO performance check is necessary.

How to perform SEO analysis? 

If you want to improve your SEO, then performing an SEO check is essential for your website. It will help you resolve the flaws of your website that is stopping it from getting unprecedented traffic.

What follows are some of the steps on how you can perform SEO analysis of your website:

Inspect Your Visibility on Google

To inspect your website, ask yourself some questions such as; how does your website fare on Google? What is the average position in the search engine results pages? How your website is ranked on Google?

When you begin your site’s SEO check, it’s essential to have an overall or cursory look at the bigger picture. First of all, identify how many of your site pages are ranked in the search engine and get a real understanding of your site’s visibility on Google.

Explore Different Titles and Headings

If you want to encourage users to click on your website, then the titles should be magnetic and engaging. The proper usage of SEO keywords is essential in both your titles and headings as it will keep your website relevant.

High search volume keywords can be challenging to rank, so try to find a long-tail keyword that is not as competitive, and it will boost your chances of showing up on the first page of a SERP.

Evaluate Your Page Speed

Your page speed can influence user experience and your site’s SEO so; always be ready to analyse your load speed regularly to ensure your website is running swiftly and efficiently. Use Google’s PageSpeed Insights for a quick page load speed test.

Go Through Your Website Content

If you want to perform a test on your SEO, then check your content. Content is pivotal in improving the SEO of your website. Look for any duplicate content, an SEO red flag, and choose to de-index or remove it if necessary.

Keep your content high quality and error-free. Begin with your most popular pages, and then go for the smaller posts and pages.

Assess Incoming Links

Links to your site that are hyperlinked on another site are known as incoming links, also referred to as backlinks. They can act as indicators to search engines that your website is a trustworthy source, and they can impact your SEO ranking for good.

Evaluate who is linking to your business and analyze the incoming links to your site. This will help you better to understand what you need to do to increase your search rankings.


Performing SEO check is essential as it will keep you up with your competition and will help you improve your website now and then. If you want to bring real traffic to your website and want to make a real presence on Google, then do regular SEO performance checks.

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Test or Check Online SSL Certificate for Free

The SSL certificate is a security certificate. Any website that has this certificate shows that the content of this website is safe and trustworthy. Trust is the main and foremost thing that builds a relationship between a customer and a seller. SSL checker is a tool that checkers the certificate of any website. The SSL certificate includes the following information in it:

  • Domain name
  • Company name
  • Server name
  • Address of the company

Why websites need an SSL certificate?

If you are going to start a business online like online selling, then you must acquire an SSL certificate. Any website that has this certificate gains automatic trust by the audience. Along with the quality of the product, the SSL certificate is also important to have.

SSL Certificate

When a person gives an order to buy soothing, he has to share his personal details of the bank or credit card, so how the customer is sure of the privacy? SSL certificate is the trust maker in this case. SSL checker also plays its role in trust making, and it helps in checking the status of the certificate.

The working of the SSL certificate:

Now you get that SL certificate is a security symbol that a website must-have. But how this certificate works? It is really simple to understand. The SSL certificate does the encryption of the website’s data so that only the real person or recipient can take advantage of that information. Other than the real recipient, no one can get that information, so there is no fear of hackers or spammers. SSL checker ensures the installation and validation of the SSL checker so that it will work optimally.

SSL certificate and SEO:

The importance of the SSL certificate and SSL checker increases by the moment when Google has announced that the website having this certificate may have chances of attaining good scores. This decision by google was taken in 2014. According to Google, online security is damn important and crucial to maintaining. The SSL certificate saves the information by encrypting it that the hackers cannot get access to it. the SSL certificate has made nine shopping a really convenient way of shopping.

In recent times, you have seen the growing trend of online shopping due to this. SSL certificate has been made a standard now, especially for the websites which sell online. Google provides good rank only websites having SSL certificates and these websites have higher chances of getting search engine optimization. If any site has a padlock icon on its navigation bar, it means it is safe to use.

SSL checker:

SSL cert checker or SSL site checker is a tool that operates digitally. This digital tool can be used to run a server test and to check https certificate. This tool analyses if the SSL certificate is completely installed and validated enough to use. The credibility of the SSL certificate is analyzed by this tool so that you can access it if it is causing any harm to the users.

The SSL certificate is easy to gain as many companies offer it. This SSL certificate needs to be renewed every year. To renew the SSL certificate is quite easy and simple task, you have to provide your information like address, owner name, and contact details. These details have to use in the SSL certificate, later. The usage of the SSL checker is quite easy. You just need to add the domain name of the website.


SmallSEOtools offers an SSL checker to check the validity of the SSL certificate of any website. This is totally free to use. For further details, you can visit The SSL checker of SmallSEOtools has the following benefits:

  • The SSL certificate helps in approving the identity of the website and provides the verification. After the SSL certificate, any other site cannot make any false or fake version. You will remain safe from the spammers.
  • It is 100 % free to access and use.
  • It differentiates real and fake websites.
  • The tool provides no harm to search engine optimization and ensures the website’s progress.
  • It helps to make a trust relationship between the user and the business.
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Top 5 Reasons Why Should You Audit Your Internal Links

The content is the king of any website. At all costs, the content must be made perfect to make the website successful. The SEO audit can help to do this. The relevant information is found on This helps to locate the usage of the SEO audit and how they are responsible for the good quality of your internal links. The basic reasons are given below:

  1. An SEO Audit Identifies Your Website’s Technical Issues

The best feature of a good SEO audit is to identify the SEO issues which are technical in nature. The technical SEO audit can help in relating the search machines better than the methods to crawl over the entire website. The Search Engine Journal is the one that describes this as one of the features which makes it a sound foundation. The work can be done on the site and the content does not need to work upon separately. The website speed is checked by the technical SEO Elements. 

The questions about the time in which the website might be launched are answered by the technical SEO options. The more time your website takes to get launched, the more users will avoid it. The best content may be present on your website but it may not attract the customers as the website takes too much time to get launched. Redirect must be minimum in a website which can cause the user to get irritated. 404 errors must not appear. This acts as a roadblock to the users and if it occurs on a continuous basis, the customers are bound to avoid your website. These must be fixed to make the user experience extremely seamless. The navigation of your website must be smooth and without any issues.

The issues of site architecture and the building of the URL structure is solved by the technical elements of SEO. The architecture of the site must be clear and definitive. There might be subfolders which store more amount of information. The URL may be short but the description should be apt. The user must not have any problem in deciphering the meaning of the site and the URL. The facility of crawling ability is the one that shows how easily a search engine may access your website. The action of good crawling ability can be achieved by using good SEO technical elements. The crawlability must be perfect.

  1. Identifies Your Website’s On-Page Issues

This is the method by which any optimization of the content is done easily. The term easy must be observed carefully in this respect. The change is relatively simple when one is using the technical SEO Elements. The SEO audit will be covering the following: 

  • Meta Titles & Descriptions: These are the titles that can be anywhere between the 35-70 characters and the keyword must be included. Meta Descriptions must be present below should 155 characters, the keyword must be added.
  • Headers: The headers must be given size as per the importance. The most important header must be the largest and this is followed by the others in the same method. The keyword must be included.
  • Content: The King of your article is your Content. The SEO is concerned about the article being completely around the keyword. But the article must not be stuffed with the keyword. The insert should be natural.
  • Internal Linking: The internal linking must be better to help the users to navigate by the insertion of links in the article.
  1. Identifies Competition

Building an online presence without looking at the competition makes you an absolute loser in the online platform. The essential factor is to identify your competitors and the minute observation of what your competitors are doing and what you may do to challenge their proposals. This can help to identify the competition and the identification of the strategy and then making your own to expand the business.

  1. Identifies Your Backlinks

Backlinks are an import part of the Google algorithm. This has not faced any kind of change in recent years. The trend to set the more reputable links in one’s content makes the content absolutely awesome and the rank if the site will become better with time. The domains are important as well which will be connecting back the links with your page. You must know where you are standing in the case of the SEO audit. The best thing is that you never have to pay for your backlinks.

  1. Helps You Build a Content Strategy

The content comes out to be a lot better when these steps are followed and the audit made by SEO is the one responsible for it. The SEO audit is responsible for the content strategy.


Thus, these are some basic reasons for which the SEO audit is important that one must keep it in mind while writing content.

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