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Test or Check Online SSL Certificate For Free

The SSL certificate is a security certificate. Any website that has this certificate shows that the content of this website is safe and trustworthy. Trust is the main and foremost thing that builds a relationship between a customer and a seller. SSL checker is a tool that checkers the certificate of any website. The SSL certificate includes the following information in it:

  • Domain name
  • Company name
  • Server name
  • Address of the company

Why Websites Need an Online SSL Certificate?

If you are going to start a business online like online selling, then you must acquire an SSL certificate. Any website that has this certificate gains automatic trust by the audience. Along with the quality of the product, the SSL certificate is also important to have.

SSL Certificate

When a person gives an order to buy soothing, he has to share his personal details of the bank or credit card, so how the customer is sure of the privacy? SSL certificate is the trust maker in this case. SSL checker also plays its role in trust making, and it helps in checking the status of the certificate.

The Working of the SSL Certificate:

Now you get that SL certificate is a security symbol that a website must-have. But how this certificate works? It is really simple to understand. The SSL certificate does the encryption of the website’s data so that only the real person or recipient can take advantage of that information. Other than the real recipient, no one can get that information, so there is no fear of hackers or spammers. SSL checker ensures the installation and validation of the SSL checker so that it will work optimally.

SSL Certificate & SEO:

The importance of the SSL certificate and SSL checker increases by the moment when Google has announced that the website having this certificate may have chances of attaining good scores. This decision by google was taken in 2014. According to Google, online security is damn important and crucial to maintaining. The SSL certificate saves the information by encrypting it that the hackers cannot get access to it. the SSL certificate has made nine shopping a really convenient way of shopping.

In recent times, you have seen the growing trend of online shopping due to this. SSL certificate has been made a standard now, especially for the websites which sell online. Google provides good rank only websites having SSL certificates and these websites have higher chances of getting search engine optimization. If any site has a padlock icon on its navigation bar, it means it is safe to use.

SSL Checker:

SSL certificate checker or SSL site checker is a tool that operates digitally. This digital tool can be used to run a server test and to check https certificate. This tool analyses if the SSL certificate is completely installed and validated enough to use. The credibility of the SSL certificate is analyzed by this tool so that you can access it if it is causing any harm to the users.

The SSL certificate is easy to gain as many companies offer it. This SSL certificate needs to be renewed every year. To renew the SSL certificate is quite easy and simple task, you have to provide your information like address, owner name, and contact details. These details have to use in the SSL certificate, later. The usage of the SSL checker is quite easy. You just need to add the domain name of the website.

SmallSEO Tools:

SmallSEOtools offers an SSL checker to check the validity of the SSL certificate of any website. This is totally free to use. For further details, you can visit The SSL checker of SmallSEOtools has the following benefits:

  • The SSL certificate helps in approving the identity of the website and provides the verification. After the SSL certificate, any other site cannot make any false or fake version. You will remain safe from the spammers.
  • It is 100% free to access and use.
  • It differentiates real and fake websites.
  • The tool provides no harm to search engine optimization and ensures the website’s progress.
  • It helps to make a trust relationship between the user and the business.

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