Lots of business owners and marketers are now opting for digital marketing as they find it more effective. However, that doesn’t mean traditional techniques are completely out for good. For instance, promotional flyers are still a thing and continue to get the job done.

With flyer maker tools like Venngage, it’s definitely a lot easier to create flyers, whether for print or online distribution. So what’s the future like for promotional flyers?

Integration of promotional flyers and digital marketing

Using printed flyers is indeed one of the oldest marketing methods. However, if you compare it to digital marketing, we can point out many differences in terms of their effectiveness. How about integrating them together? Well, that is possible nowadays, thanks to many tools we can use online. Venngage, in particular, helps you create your own digital flyers. It also offers free templates that you can use to kickstart the designing process. You don’t need to worry about the cost because it is free. All you need is a vision to be able to build excellent content.


Are Digital Flyers Boon or Bane

For some, a flyer is just a piece of paper, but it is no longer the case. It’s because flyers can now reach even those who browse the internet. And there is no question that digital pamphlets are useful for businesses, even in these times of pandemic.

The effectiveness of your flyer will still depend on the following factors:

1. Does your flyer have a catchy headline and call to action?

This is very important because some people don’t bother to read the content of a pamphlet if the headline is not interesting enough. It’s also the same when it doesn’t have a powerful call to action.

2. Does it have digestible sections?

Flyers containing paragraphs that are too long and texts without enough space can be overwhelming to readers. That is why it is essential to have appropriate sections and divisions for your flyers.

3. Did you use data visualizations like graphs or diagrams? If so, are they relevant to the message you’re trying to convey to your audience?

Data visualizations or infographics are frequently included in the creation of digital flyers. It’s because they are great tools to interpret data in a way that the audience would easily understand.

4. Did you select a readable font and the right colors for your flyer?

Fonts play an important role in marketing flyers whether they are digitally produced or printed out. You have to avoid using light fonts as much as possible. Keep in mind that the text should be easy to read. With Venngage, you won’t need to worry about fonts because they use the right ones in every template they offer.

5. Does your flyer have high-resolution photos?

Photos spice up flyers. Therefore, be wise in selecting the right images. They should be relevant to your concept and of course, they should be crisp.

If you find all of these overwhelming, we totally understand. Creating a digital flyer is not an easy task. Conceptualization, copywriting and designing demand a lot of work. Nevertheless, there are online tools that you can rely on to reduce your workload.

Venngage will help you figure out the concept of your flyer because they offer 500+ free flyer templates. You’ll surely find some flyer examples for business, for school, or any other purpose you might have for your flyer.


The good news: most flyer makers are very easy to use. You can definitely choose your preferred flyer template from it and customize it.

Below are detailed steps that you can follow:
1. To be able to enjoy Venggage, make sure to sign up with your Gmail or Facebook account.

  1. Once you’ve created your Venngage account, you can go ahead and enjoy browsing through the free templates available and pick a template that you would like.
  2. If you wish to add a personal touch to the template, you can certainly customize it. You can add images, logos, and your preferred fonts. For more details, you can always visit Venngage.


Although you’ll still need to come up with an original copy, you would no longer need to worry about the design with the help of Venngage.

This just proves that digital flyers have great benefits for entrepreneurs, marketers, and students. In addition to the fact that they are no longer complicated to make compared to before, they are also not expensive at all. Just be resourceful and you’ll find a lot on the internet.


They are not dead when it comes to marketing. Digital flyers exist and to be able to reap their benefits, you must be innovative and adaptable to constant change as a marketer.

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