Top iOS App Development Trends

Top iOS App Development Trends in 2024 or iOS Developers

2024 is an exciting year for mobile app developers and iOS is not left behind. Apple is at the front line in digital innovation, putting up a tough competition to its counterparts OnePlus and Samsung. Mobile solutions, particularly apps are simplifying life every day in a big way. Among the services that provide these solutions is the giant Apple, which has been a force to be reckoned with since its inception. This brand is a haven for the best mobile apps, iOS apps to be precise. I can go on for hours talking about Apple’s latest app trends but today I want us to discuss 5 iPhone App Development trends of 2024 to understand better why it stands tall among the rest.

An overage iOS app goes for $0.50 which compared to Android apps is much cheaper and anyone can afford and use them.

  1. Augmented Reality

In 2017, Apple launched iOS 11, introduced the concept of Augmented Reality (AR) to all the iPhone app developers. Thanks to this powerful technology that infuses Apple’s ARKit framework, developers can now enjoy exploring wide potentials with AR. The framework has also included an AR interface that interacts with the displayed MAP used by newer patent applications. Apple Maps simplify navigation for iPhone users and they can get around unfamiliar areas with ease.

  1. Improved Security 

ARKit framework’s recent developments include set spotlights on app security. What makes iOS apps great is their global reach and everyone from all corners of the world can access them. That is why it is necessary to beef up app security. Apple focuses on app security to cater to its solid user base that are always transacting using sensitive information and would want assurance of their privacy. Hacking into an iOS app is nearly impossible. The new apps on its app store are very secure and Apple is working tirelessly to make their mobile apps more secure.

  1. Swift 5.0

Swift 5.0 has officially incepted the iOS app market this year and is all set for fantastic updates for iPhone users. This will also benefit iOS app developers. Swift 5.0 latest version has adopted more stable technology. This is beneficial to its Application Binary Interface and provides iPhone app developers better-embedded mechanisms for the Swift libraries. For this reason, developers can look up to Swift to develop new iPhone apps in 2024.

  1. Machine Reality and Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has changed our way of life, making daily tasks much simpler. Apple’s virtual assistant Siri can arrange meetings and manage schedules among many things. However, its developers need to work on this technology to improve their response time and accuracy. The Siri app is expected to analyze user’s activities like location to make appropriate suggestions. Additionally, the app is connected to the phone allowing personalized shortcuts.

  1. Apple Pay Integration

Mobile wallets are becoming popular nowadays and many are embracing the technology for its convenience. For this reason, I think it is safe to say that we are in the age m-Commerce age. Apps need to have payment gateway integration for premium versions that validate in-app purchases. iPhone and iPad users can integrate with various digital wallets with Apple Pay. This feature is becoming popular with apps for convenience.

  1. Wearable Devices

Apple is the pioneer of wearable devices and others are following suit. They gave us smartwatches to be precise. This should prompt app da envelopes to develop wearable devices for convenience. The number of wearable devices is going to increase by 245 million in 2024. This is according to CCS Insights. Wearable gadgets will contribute to $33 billion by the end of this year. Developers will have to create two simultaneous apps since they require an Internet connection to function.

  1. On-Demand Apps

Uber and Postmates have raised the stalks for on-demand apps. Apple has created a conducive environment for developers to create this sort of apps. Services like parcel deliveries, cleaning, shopping is more convenient because of the geolocation and payment service. Such apps are meant to simplify our daily tasks to make life a bit easy.

  1. IoT

We can’t conclude the list of iOS apps without mentioning the Internet of Technology. Satista has revealed that about 75 billion devices will be connected to the Internet by 2025. The technology has seen fields such as healthcare and e-commerce make good profits. Experts are on their toes trying to improve it so more sectors can benefit from it. If the trend continues we are likely to see smart cities run by apps soon.


There are many amazing possibilities that can be explored this year when it comes to apps. Apple has raised the bar and other platforms need to follow suit. There are apps available for different life tasks including health, finance, education, tourism, research, entertainment, and many other fields and industries. Developers should also develop apps that have demand to raise their development revenue. IOS Trending apps are also affordable, secure, and easy to use making them the best option for all sorts of users.

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