Ecommerce Sales Using the Push Notifications

6 Effective Ways to Drive Ecommerce Sales Using the Push Notifications

Push notification marketing in the present mobile era is an equally efficient channel to email marketing in the previous desktop era. Push notification can boost eCommerce sales multiple folds when applied righteously. We endeavor to guide you by suggesting at least six (6) ways to achieve the same.

We know online shopping is the rising trend, and mobiles have added enough fuel in it thanks to mobility advantages. The web is full of figures depicting how email marketing has a high conversion rate and ROI for eCommerce businesses.

However, bolstering numbers of mobile apps and increased addictions of marvelous app experience have obsolete frequent email checking. And even web surfing through mobile browsers is not spared from it. 

If the target audience of your eCommerce exhibits a higher presence on smart devices, it is worth thinking about the most effective mobile-based marketing technique ‘Push Notification’ to push your causes and boost the online sales of your B2B eCommerce solutions. Yes, like emails, the opening rate of push notification on the mobiles are high, and the conversion rate follows it.

Herewith, I have selected only half a dozen tips to embark upon push notification marketing at a bit advanced level.

Experiment the power of words in push notification content:

Words are indeed powerful in themselves when used correctly in the right contexts and platforms. Words are capable of inspiring, exciting, and compelling readers to take intended actions.

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Like emails, we have the title of the notification to lure recipients at first glance. Multimedia content support within push notification is a bonus advantage to deliver your marketing message when you are trying to amalgamate visuals with texts. 

To be effective, track the fate of your push notifications using appropriate analytic tools. Try to learn from the ultimate competitors of your B2B eCommerce solutions. Moreover, you can run tests with your ideas or strategies using the correct words. Of course, AI and associated technologies can help you a lot in due course.

Use segment-based personalized content in a push notification:

To be the most efficient in push notification marketing efforts, personalization is mandatory. However, it should be based on various segments and cohorts. We can define segments based on user behavior with your business, demographics, psychographics, and buying preferences. 

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Similarly, registration and buying frequency or period can define your cohorts. If you can apply some effective power words or phrases with intensive, personalized approaches keeping segments and cohorts in mind, you might have a whopping CTR (Click-through Rate) for your notification campaign in B2B eCommerce solutions.

Select the right delivery time for push notification: 

Various studies on the opening rate of push messages and time have established a close relationship between both parameters. Many researchers have indicated that the afternoon is the best time to achieve a high success rate. Similarly, some days a week show higher responses for your push notification campaign. Many prefer Monday to Thursday for the same. 

Select interesting events for push notification:

We already are experiencing high traffic spikes during holiday sales in the November-December period in a year. Apart from the holiday sales, we have tons of opportunities to explore the personal events of your loyal patrons to send notifications with the best wishes and highly personalized marketing incentives. For instance, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Similarly, you can shout-out new arrivals or intimate opening/closing sales using push notification marketing channels. Flash sales are another excellent channel to embark on the push message campaign. It also facilitates you to proffer discounts, gift cards, coupons, and gifts via mobile notification. 

Use proximity marketing techniques with push notification:

Proximity marketing thrives on location-based services, including GPS & Beacon for retailers and whole-sellers both. If you have physical locations besides a strong online presence, you can use Geofencing technology to trigger push notification when your patrons cross the boundary. 

It demands highly contextual content and offerings to bring by-passers into your locations. In the era of omnichannel businesses, it works best for your B2B eCommerce solutions.

Send push notification that really cares about:

Ecommerce Sales Using the Push Notifications-4

Medication reminders for all-age people work best to increase loyalty and sales. Similarly, menstruation cycle, pregnancy, and child-care are women-specific concerns. The opportunities are high for the niche-specific products to sell high using push notifications. 

If you use it carefully by exhibiting how you care for the recipients by offering the right products with valid incentives, you can win a big game. 

Final Words:

I have illustrated just the tip of the iceberg by giving only half a dozen tips. However, avid eCommerce marketers or a leading eCommerce company, which is providing B2C & B2B eCommerce solutions, can help you by providing customized tips and services at highly competitive rates.

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