What makes Apple the best brand?

The beginning of Apple Incorporation was a really hard time. If we compared to the current time, there was no such large building, tons of manpower, and also trillion-dollar revenue. Apple had only a brilliant super mind Steve Jobs and two other partners (investors) Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. But just after 12 days, Ronald Wayne sold their shares and left the company. After the brilliant performance of Apple II, the company started hiring employees, and the growth of the company started. Today, many things exist that make Apple the best brand and very valuable brand too. It not only ends the monopoly of Microsoft but also comes up with a totally unique idea in the market.

If you are active in today’s technology world, you definitely know that most brands share the same configuration and features. Only a few brands that could count on fingers, offers some unique features that differ from other brands. Apple is one of the rare brands that has all the features which makes it one of the best brands in the technology world.

10 Most Important Features that Makes Apple the Best Brand

Apple’s company has an interesting history that contains some important facts, which shows the true power of the company. From the beginning, the company has focused on making only the best products and building for the future. Time by time, the features are stated increased, and here are some of the best features that are appreciated by people.

New Technologies For Different Needs

What makes Apple Best Brand- New Technologies For Different Needs

The birth of Macintosh (1985) fulfilled the need for a personal computer for all the users. After that, the company made several products that did not exist before in the technology world. The invention of the iPod on 23 October 2001, broke all the records of tech products and took the company to the next level. From the starting to the current time, Apple has innovated more valuable products iMac, Macbook Pro, iPhone that raise the company growth and makes it the world’s one of the technology leading companies. Also, the critic’s gossips that Apple company lives in the 2 Year future and making products according to that.

Sleek and Solid Design

What Makes Apple best Brand- Sleek and Solid Design

In starting, all the products are heavy design and hard to take one place to another. But after time, as technology increases, the design has improved a lot. Apple offers a sleek, solid, and attractive design in all its products that attracts the users easily. If we talk about the latest Apple iPhone, it has a lightweight body with an amazingly slim design and also a very hard body that could harness every normal pressure. Such a collection of all these important features is rare to get at any other brand and that’s why people liked the Apple brand so much.

iOS Operating System

What Makes Apple so Valuable- iOS Operating System

Today, if we talk about smartphones then most of the smartphone making companies use Android operating systems. And, if we go through the laptop and PC, Windows is the common operating system that either comes Pre Installed or installed by the companies. But Apple is completely different from all the companies that are making tech gadgets. The company uses a house built iOS operating system that is far better than other platforms. It is more secure, user friendly, easy to use, and offers more features to the users. These features are the main reason why the number of Apple users is increasing dramatically.

Inbuilt All Core Services

Why Apple is so Successful-Inbuilt All Core Services

The next step of the operating system is the core services that must be available for the user’s pre-default. Some operating systems offer the core features to the users but not all the important features which are a must thing. But Apple products come with all the main services that are necessary for the users. For example, to get all the different applications it has Apple Store, for the Music, it has Apple Music (iTunes), iMessage for messaging, Facetime for video call and more, and iCloud for data storage. These features are quite amazing and rarely get from a single distributor and that’s what makes Apple so cool. 

No Compromise With Product Quality

Why Apple is So Special- No Compromise With Product Quality

One of the best things About Apple, it does not compromise with product quality while making it affordable. All the inventions from the starting date are highest in quality at that time. The company makes the outer body strong that could harness any low shock or damage. When you look carefully, you will find that a large number of tech companies aim to make cheap technology products. In this way, they forget to give the users what they are dreaming of or paying for. But Apple tries to offer both features at an amazing product quality and economic rate.

Built for Every Age Group User

Why Apple is Best Brand- Built for Every Age Group User

Apple has millions of users all around the world, who use its products or services. In this users list, all the age groups of people are included that shows how popular Apple is. Apple makes different devices for different age people and also some products can be usable by any type and do not need to be categorized. For the teenager, they have built an Apple iPod that has a large collection of songs for different reasons. For the students, Apple has an iMac by which they can learn computer subjects more efficiently. Also, for the business person, the company has MacbookPro, that is made with super configuration. MacbookPro has SSD, a higher processor, sleek, and portable design to carry at any meeting which makes it suitable for business persons. All these availability of products increase the demand for Apple and make it the best brand in the world.

Effortless Product

What Makes Apple best Brand- Effortless Product

A tech gadget should be easy to use and should have a simple user interface so the users can easily use it without facing trouble. But most tech companies are making products opposite to this theory. They are focusing on making some extraordinary products full of complexity. Honestly, most users who use technology gadgets do not have a technical background. So, if a product needs too much technical knowledge that it won’t be as popular as other devices. After looking at all these concerns, Apple focuses on offering effortless products that can be handled by beginners easily. Handling those products is as easy as drinking a cup of tea and that’s really a good thing.

Supportive Technical Experts

Why Apple is So Unique Brand- Supportive Technical Experts

Not a single product is perfect and does not require technical help from the experts. Whenever a new product is invented, the users face a little bit of a problem understanding its features. Also, it may contain some bugs that need a proper solution from the company experts. But not all the companies offer the best customer support who handle the product’s mistakes. Apple is a company that focused on providing supportive technical experts to users from the beginning of the company. Steve Jobs knows the value of user support and because of him now the company has become a trillion-dollar company.

First General AI Introduction to the World

What Makes Apple So Strong- First General AI Introduction to the World

Now everybody is familiar with Siri which is the most common Artificial Intelligence that generally introduces into smartphones. Before this, artificial intelligence was only limited to the tech experts, and normal users did not have a single idea about it. But on the iPhone, Apple introduces “Siri” artificial intelligence that comes with some unique benefits. Now the users can easily access the phone features with the voice commands which makes life easier for the blind peoples. Before that, there was no smartphone that offered such helpful features that help to live a better life. This invention creates a separate fan base of Apple and dramatically increases the sale of the product.

Marketing That Grabs Your Attention Easily

What Makes Apple So Special-Marketing That Grabs Your Attention Easily

Apple always gave importance to its products and that thing you can observe in its marketing campaign. The look of the product, carry concern, design, color complexity and the perfect use of the product, these are some common things that Apple always focused on its product marketing. Most of the technology companies where only focus on a limited platform and only focus on the product. Apple goes to the next level and uses all different platforms smartly and shows why you need the new product when you already have one. The upgraded features and the presentation of the product attract many users and business ideas people and make Apple the best brand.

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There’s no doubt that Apple is one of the greatest brands of all time in the technology world that does not need any introduction. Apple invented some great products that totally changed the way of life and helps a lot of people. MacIntosh, iMac, iPad, iPhone, MacbookPro are some of the greatest inventions of all time that make Apple popular. But the features and services offered by the company increases the number of users. Siri artificial intelligence helped a lot to handicapped people, and because of that Apple gained more respect. I hope this article helped you to understand that what makes Apple the best brand. If you have more points then you can share in comments sections. We love to hear from you. 

Quality in Production Processes

Ensuring quality in an organization’s production processes is essential to avoid a defective end product. The Quality Department of a company is in charge of controlling and assuring the quality of the final products of an organization through its production processes. Techniques such as statistical process control (SPC) are often used.

Quality, Throughout The Entire Production Process

Quality should not be offered solely and exclusively in final products but must be present throughout the entire production process, including manufacturing. The Quality Department of each organization is committed to quality assurance as part of quality management aimed at providing confidence that quality requirements will be met and being key to ensuring production efficiency. In other words, it is up to this department to control and supervise quality throughout the entire production process that takes place in an organization.

The number of organizations that implement the ISO 9001 standard is increasing, due mainly to the evolution that this concept has undergone in the last century.

In the 1950s, the quality was a luxury that few organizations could afford. A decade later, quality came at a high cost, expanding the circle of organizations. In the 70s it became a sales instrument; 10 years later, it is an instrument for the benefit of organizations, to become a strategic issue within each organization in the 90s. As you can see, the history of the ISO is marking a before and after in the quality process.

Today, betting on quality is a philosophy that aims, by achieving the balanced satisfaction of the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, the long-term success of an organization. Quality has been managed to move in the same direction as the organization, and in line with its objectives (profitability, growth and security).

Why go for quality?

Why bet on quality in the product management process? The answers to this complex question branch out into various domains. We find financial reasons, commercial reasons, technical reasons, external conditions and the environment of the company.

For financial reasons: poor quality is simply expensive for both the company and the customer, and consequently has associated loss of profits.

For commercial reasons: quality will help us to better deal with negative factors (increase in the price of energy or raw materials as well as market demands), improve the customer’s point of view regarding the quality/price ratio and Lastly, it manages to maintain or improve the brand image, achieving loyal customers and market development.

Regarding the technical reasons, we find that quality improves technical performance, it also improves the properties linked to its use (reliability, maintenance and lifespan), as well as mastering the technique (improving and normalizing the process of manufacturing as well as inspection methods and procedures).

Quality also influences the improvement of external relations that are maintained with industrial customers, with consumer associations, with public authorities and with ecological associations.

Finally, the implementation of quality improves the internal environment of the organization. The biggest premise to follow is satisfaction for a job well done.

In short, a higher quality in the production processes generates advantages for the organization such as less waste, fewer repetitions, fewer rejections, fewer claims and fewer returns, which translates into lower costs and higher productivity.

Phases for The Implementation of A Quality Management System

production process

The quality in the production processes of an organization is implanted in an organization following three stages:

Evaluation and Planning

The first thing to do is make a clear definition of the quality management system to be implemented and establish its work team, evaluating the possibility of having external support or not, for example, a consultant.

At the internal level of the organization, it is necessary to appoint a project coordinator who is responsible for designing, developing and implementing the quality system in the organization’s production process, as well as having the continuous support of the management team.

In the same way, it will be necessary to prepare a budget and maintain the commitment to compliance, together with the training needs for the implementation of the system, as well as designing the best system in order to guarantee that all members of the organization receive all the necessary information regarding the implementation of the quality system.

The success of the implementation of a quality system will be conditioned by the answer to these seven essential questions:

  • Project or task: What needs to be done?
  • Objectives: What do we need / want? What do we want to achieve it for?
  • Results: What should be obtained? How do we recognize the achievement of the objectives?
  • What “inputs” do we have?
  • What “inputs” do we need?
  • What are the basic conditions for implantation?
  • What concrete steps need to be taken to achieve that result

Implementation Phase: System Documentation

The regulations require that the quality management system is documented. Such documentation must be simple, effective and reflect the reality of the company.

The basic documents that the quality system must contain are:

  • Management manual
  • Procedures
  • Work instructions
  • External documentation
  • Quality plans
  • Records
  • Management policy
  • In addition, external documentation such as current legislation, user manuals, supplier documentation, technical documents, etc. may be used.

Regarding the phases in which the quality system documentation will be carried out, we find three:

Quality manual: Description of the company and its history, Quality Policy and Quality objectives. Being very important the process of dissemination of the quality policy and objectives within the company.

Process mapping: definition of the company’s processes and process levels, in addition to their interactions.

Structure and development of procedures, documenting those that are deemed appropriate.

Audit of the System

Once the documentation phase is completed, an internal audit must be performed on the system to verify its correct operation. The result will obtain a clear image of the extent to which the quality system has been implemented and works in practice.

Once the quality management system is working and the first internal audits of the system have been carried out successfully, it will be time to decide whether or not you want to certify this Quality Management System, following the ISO 9001 standard: 2008.

Quality Control in Production Processes

Quality control is defined as “the set of measurements and analyzes related to the characteristics of an element”. Quality control starts from an element, product or service that is carried out, in order to verify compliance with the previously established requirements.

The degree of quality will be “the indicator of the properties and characteristics of those products / services that are destined for the same use and for which a relationship between benefits and cost is maintained”.

When quality control is carried out in production processes, a double objective is pursued:

Check the conformity of the product with respect to its design specifications.

Identify the causes of variability to establish correction and prevention methods, and to ensure that manufactured products meet design specifications.

Quality Chain ​​Reaction

As we have seen so far, high quality has an impact on all phases of an organization’s production process summarizes it this way:

Quality improvement -> Few failures, few delays, better use of resources and reduced costs -> Improved productivity -> Market Capture with higher quality and lower prices -> Staying in business -> Provides work and more work.

6 Effective Ways to Drive Ecommerce Sales Using the Push Notifications

Push notification marketing in the present mobile era is an equally efficient channel to email marketing in the previous desktop era. Push notification can boost eCommerce sales multiple folds when applied righteously. We endeavor to guide you by suggesting at least six (6) ways to achieve the same.

We know online shopping is the rising trend, and mobiles have added enough fuel in it thanks to mobility advantages. The web is full of figures depicting how email marketing has a high conversion rate and ROI for eCommerce businesses.

However, bolstering numbers of mobile apps and increased addictions of marvelous app experience have obsolete frequent email checking. And even web surfing through mobile browsers is not spared from it. 

If the target audience of your eCommerce exhibits a higher presence on smart devices, it is worth thinking about the most effective mobile-based marketing technique ‘Push Notification’ to push your causes and boost the online sales of your B2B eCommerce solutions. Yes, like emails, the opening rate of push notification on the mobiles are high, and the conversion rate follows it.

Herewith, I have selected only half a dozen tips to embark upon push notification marketing at a bit advanced level.

Experiment the power of words in push notification content:

Words are indeed powerful in themselves when used correctly in the right contexts and platforms. Words are capable of inspiring, exciting, and compelling readers to take intended actions.

Ecommerce Sales Using the Push Notifications - 2

Like emails, we have the title of the notification to lure recipients at first glance. Multimedia content support within push notification is a bonus advantage to deliver your marketing message when you are trying to amalgamate visuals with texts. 

To be effective, track the fate of your push notifications using appropriate analytic tools. Try to learn from the ultimate competitors of your B2B eCommerce solutions. Moreover, you can run tests with your ideas or strategies using the correct words. Of course, AI and associated technologies can help you a lot in due course.

Use segment-based personalized content in a push notification:

To be the most efficient in push notification marketing efforts, personalization is mandatory. However, it should be based on various segments and cohorts. We can define segments based on user behavior with your business, demographics, psychographics, and buying preferences. 

Ecommerce Sales Using the Push Notifications -3

Similarly, registration and buying frequency or period can define your cohorts. If you can apply some effective power words or phrases with intensive, personalized approaches keeping segments and cohorts in mind, you might have a whopping CTR (Click-through Rate) for your notification campaign in B2B eCommerce solutions.

Select the right delivery time for push notification: 

Various studies on the opening rate of push messages and time have established a close relationship between both parameters. Many researchers have indicated that the afternoon is the best time to achieve a high success rate. Similarly, some days a week show higher responses for your push notification campaign. Many prefer Monday to Thursday for the same. 

Select interesting events for push notification:

We already are experiencing high traffic spikes during holiday sales in the November-December period in a year. Apart from the holiday sales, we have tons of opportunities to explore the personal events of your loyal patrons to send notifications with the best wishes and highly personalized marketing incentives. For instance, birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Similarly, you can shout-out new arrivals or intimate opening/closing sales using push notification marketing channels. Flash sales are another excellent channel to embark on the push message campaign. It also facilitates you to proffer discounts, gift cards, coupons, and gifts via mobile notification. 

Use proximity marketing techniques with push notification:

Proximity marketing thrives on location-based services, including GPS & Beacon for retailers and whole-sellers both. If you have physical locations besides a strong online presence, you can use Geofencing technology to trigger push notification when your patrons cross the boundary. 

It demands highly contextual content and offerings to bring by-passers into your locations. In the era of omnichannel businesses, it works best for your B2B eCommerce solutions.

Send push notification that really cares about:

Ecommerce Sales Using the Push Notifications-4

Medication reminders for all-age people work best to increase loyalty and sales. Similarly, menstruation cycle, pregnancy, and child-care are women-specific concerns. The opportunities are high for the niche-specific products to sell high using push notifications. 

If you use it carefully by exhibiting how you care for the recipients by offering the right products with valid incentives, you can win a big game. 

Final Words:

I have illustrated just the tip of the iceberg by giving only half a dozen tips. However, avid eCommerce marketers or a leading eCommerce company, which is providing B2C & B2B eCommerce solutions, can help you by providing customized tips and services at highly competitive rates.