Top 5 things to Sell Online in 2020

The competition for eCommerce sales is fierce. Every day new stores open and every day new stores fail. The ones that last are the ones that have found products that are on-trend, but what does it mean to be on-trend? It means to be in the know about the products that people want. For instance, mp3 players are no longer on-trend because most people listen to music on their phones. A better product to sell online would be wireless headphones or earbuds.

If you’re going to start an online store, you need to research not only what products are currently on-trend but what products have staying power. Staying power is defined as a product’s ability to withstand the changes in fads and fashion. For instance, electronic toys tend to go in and out of fashion fairly quickly. This means that you may sell a lot initially, but over time, as new toys come out, you’ll have to refresh your inventory to stay on-trend continually.

Some Key Points to Sell Products

So how do you decide what products to sell? You might start with a selection process that looks something like this:

  1. Come up with a list of products that you’d be interested in selling.
  2. Research these products in Google Trends.
  3. Look into market data to see whether the industry sales are growing.
  4. Look for low competition niches inside of growing industries
  5. Amass data on your products such as the number of Amazon sales, search volume, keyword difficulty, etc.
  6. Choose the products that, according to the data, have the best potential to be profitable.

When you look at your data, you’re looking for the selling sweet spot. The selling sweet spot is a combination of industry growth ( past sales trends, future sales projections, and Google Trends), customer lifetime value (price points, passion niche, cross-sell and upsell potential), and product demand and opportunity (Google Search Volume, SEO difficulty, Amazon sales, and competition).

To show you what we mean, let’s look at five products that have hit the selling sweet spot:

  1. Anti Cellulite Vacuum/Massager

This product sells for an average price of $46 and has a Google Search Volume of 12K. This item has a lot of potential as an upsell item. For instance, if you wanted to start an online store, you could start by purchasing anti-cellulite cream for a low price and then set up Facebook Ad Campaign offering the cream for free. In return for the sample, customers would provide you with their email; you could then use this email to upsell them a higher-priced cream, educate them about weight loss, and then offer a coupon code for the Anti-Cellulite Vacuum.

  1. Bluetooth Speakers


Bluetooth Speakers have been around for a while, but they continue to grow in popularity. They currently sell for an average cost of $33 and have a Google Search Volume of 132K. According to current predictions, the wireless speaker industry will grow by 10% annually, becoming a $31.80 billion industry by 2023.

  1. E-Cigarettes/Vape pipes

Whether or not you approve, there’s no denying that vaping is a huge trend. Current predictions have the vaping and e-cigarette industry growing up to $61 billion by 2025. This product is ideal for an online store because the product has a range of price points, there is a lot of opportunity for cross and upselling, and the Google Search Volume is 209K.

  1. Drones


Drones offer a combination of high price point and passionate community. It retail for an average price of $180 and their Google Search Volume is 170K. Drone buyers are committed to their toys, so there’s plenty of room for upselling and cross-selling.

     5. Subscription Boxes

Subscription boxes are ideal products to sell because they are currently blowing up on social media, and the customer lifetime value of a monthly recurring payment is amazing. According to recent data, the subscription box industry is growing by 200% annually. Plus, the options for subscription boxes are endless. You can create a box for just about any kind of passion.

BlueHost Web Hosting Review 2020

BlueHost is one of the most trusted companies all over the world. Their plans are affordable and reliable. BlueHost has a good record for a long time. Although, we all know that nothing is perfect in the world. So, BlueHost has some cons also. We will discuss both topics the pros and cons of Bluehost in this BlueHost Review. This review is based on lots of experiments and surveys. We will also discuss the different packages and plans for BlueHost. After reading this article you will get almost everything you want to know about the BlueHost.

Background of BlueHost

BlueHost is started in 1996 by Matt Heaton That time BlueHost was known as then in 2003, after the successful startup, they renamed his company from 0catch to BlueHost. Currently, BlueHost is hosting more than 2 million websites that show the popularity of the BlueHost.

BlueHost has a partnership with WordPress for over 10 years. They maintain a special team to support WordPress. An engineering team is also there for the core development of WordPress.

Why should you Choose BlueHost?

BlueHost Pros and Cons

There are several benefits to BlueHost. If you are thinking that why should you choose BlueHost? Then we will give you the answer. Let’s begin.

  • Great uptime- BlueHost uptime is 99.99%. This is a good uptime. Any server needs to have good uptime. If your server’s uptime is not good. So, there is a strong possibility that you are going to face lots of difficulties in the future.
  • A free SSL Certificate-SSL Certificate is a must. If you want to secure your website. Bluehost provides a free SSL certificate.
  • Free Domain- When you thing to start a website the first thing you need is a domain name. Most of the companies take extra charges to give a domain name. But in the case of BlueHost, if you purchase hosting from BlueHost then you will get a free domain name.
  • Excellent Customer support-BlueHost Customer Support is very reliable and they are very supportive. When we called the BlueHost support team our call connected within 12 seconds. They listen to our problem patiently and help us. They answered every question very calmly and in an easy language. If you are not comfortable with the phone. You can use live chat and many features are available to support you.

Those were some reasons that why should you choose BlueHost or you can say the pros of BlueHost. I hope you got the answer. Now let’s take a look at the cons of BlueHost.

Cons of  Bluehost

As we all know that nothing is perfect in the world. Similarly, BlueHost has not only pros but it has cons also.

  • Renewal prices are high-You can get hosting or domain at a low price on BlueHost. But at the time of renewal, you have to pay more amount compared to the last amount. This is a common phenomenon with every hosting company.
  • No Free Site Migration- Mostly companies provide free site migration but in the case of BlueHost. You have to pay a specific amount for site migration.

The next most common question. Which is generally people ask me that is BlueHost good for beginners? So if you also want to know the answer so let’s move on to the next paragraph.

Is BlueHost Good for the beginners?

BlueHost for Beginners

Generally, beginners face lots of confusion while choosing a hosting plan. To solve this problem and to find out the answers. We did many types of research and experiments and we got that BlueHost is good for beginners. Why?

  • Customized cPanel- It’s difficult for beginners to manage expert cPanel. BlueHost provides a customized cPanel which is easy to use for beginners.
  • Easy to install and use WordPress-WordPress has a partnership with BlueHost that makes it easy to use. BlueHost maintains a team for special support for WordPress users. So, if you are using WordPress then BlueHost can be a good option for you.
  • Technical knowledge not required you don’t have technical knowledge. Still, you can easily understand and use BlueHost.
  • Free Marketing Credits- When you will spend $25 on Google ads then you will get free $100 Marketing Credits to use on Google Ads. Similarly, if you spend $25 on Microsoft Advertising then you will get free $100 Marketing credits to use on Microsoft Advertising.
  • 30 days Money-Back Guarantee- Still if you have any doubt? You can take a trail of BlueHost. If you don’t feel satisfied then BlueHost provides 30 days money-back guarantee. Cancel your plan and you will easily get your refund.

So, You saw that Beginners have lots of benefits. If they choose BlueHost. After that, you must know that BlueHost doesn’t provide the only web hosting. They provide multiple services. In this Bluehost Review, You will get to know about all its plans & services offered by them to its users.

Services of BlueHost

BlueHost provides many types of services like domain name, Web Hosting, full-service website, SEO service, pay per click service, we will discuss all the services and plans one by one so you will be able to select the best for your website. The very first service we are going to discuss is the domain name.

Domain name

BlueHost Domain Name

 If you are thinking to create a website then the very first thing you need is a domain name. The domain name is the address of your website on the internet. It’s very easy to buy a domain from BlueHost. You will simply find the domain search bar on the website. Just check the availability of your domain and if it’s available then take it.
The prices of domain names differ as per your choice of domain name extension. Now, what is the domain name extension? In very simple words, the last part of your domain name is known as domain name extension. Like, .com, .in,.net ,.blog. Here are some popular LTDs and their prices on BlueHost.

  • .com-$11.99/year
  • .org-99/year
  • .net-$12.99/year
  • .tech-$4.99/year
  • .co-$9.99/year
  • .website-$11.99/year

Bluehost provides a free domain name for 1 year if you are purchasing hosting from Bluehost. Otherwise, you have to pay to get a domain. The second and the most popular service of BlueHost is Webhosting. So, move to the next para to get the knowledge about the packages of Webhosting at BlueHost.

Bluehost Web Hosting Plan

Bluehost Hosting Plans

BlueHost is known for its web hosting service. It has many different packages at relevant prices and every package has different plans. Here you will get a quite brief description of all packages. These are all packages that BlueHost provides.

  • Shared Web Hosting
  • VPS Web Hosting
  • Dedicated Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting

All packages are different and made to fulfill the different needs of the users. Here we are going to discuss the very first basic BlueHost shared hosting plan. So let’s take a look at the Bluehost Shared hosting plan.

BlueHost shared Hosting Plan

Bluehost Shared Hosting

Bluehost provides a very cheap shared hosting plan. If you are puzzled that what is shared hosting? So, Shared hosting is that type of hosting where multiple users share a single server. BlueHost provides 4 Shared Hosting plans.

  • Basic
  • Plus
  • Choice Plus
  • Pro

The very first basic BlueHost Shared hosting plan starts with just $2.95/mo*. Although, shared web hosting is quite slow loading speed compared to other plans. If you are planning to start a website or blogging then the basic plan can be a  good option for you.  After that, if you want to start multiple websites or blogging or you want to do experiments. So, you can choose the Plus or choice plus plan. Here you will get all the necessary features to run multiple websites. Pro is the highest price plan among all BlueHost Shared Hosting plans but the Pro plan has most features as well. You will get High Performance in Pro plan.

BlueHost VPS Hosting

Bluehost VPS Hosting

Before starting the BlueHost VPS plan, Let’s take a look at the question. what is VPS Hosting? VPS hosting is a mixture of shared and dedicated hosting. Here you will get an environment of dedicated hosting. BlueHost VPS hosting has 3 plans.

  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • Ultimate

The first BlueHost VPS hosting Plan starts with $18.99/mo*. Here you will get your operating system. So, Bluehost VPS hosting has a good level of security.  The loading time is also good compared to the shared hosting plan.

BlueHost Dedicated Hosting

Bluehost Dedicated Hosting

BlueHost Dedicated Hosting has the highest price hosting Plans but this plan has the highest features as well. It has 3 plans of Dedicated hosting. So, let’s see the plans.

  • Standard
  • Enhanced
  • Premium

BlueHost Dedicated hosting plan starts with just $79.99/mo*. If you are running an e-commerce or you want to upgrade your plan from VPS then BlueHost dedicated hosting is best for you. Here you are not sharing the server’s resources with anyone. All resources are to your own. BlueHost dedicated servers have a great level of security and high performance.

BlueHost WordPress Hosting

It has a special type of hosting which is specially customized for WordPress users. WordPress hosting has different plans. We will see all types of BlueHost WordPress Hosting one by one. First of all, let’s take a look at multiple types of  WordPress BlueHost hosting. There are three types of BlueHost WordPress Hosting.

  • BlueHost Shared WordPress Hosting
  • BlueHost WP Pro (new) Hosting
  • BlueHost WordPress e-commerce Hosting

Those were the types of WordPress hosting that BlueHost provides. Let’s get started with The first BlueHost Shared Hosting Plan.

BlueHost WordPress Shared Hosting Plan

BlueHost WordPress Hosting

It is the cheapest plan among all plans. BlueHost Shared Hosting has three plans. Every plan has some extra benefits. There are 3 plans.

  • Basic
  • Choice
  • Choice Plus

If you are a beginner and you want to start a website. Then the basic plan can be a good option for you. Here you will get all the necessary features to start and run a website. The price starts at only $2.95/mo*.

Plus plan is for the users who want to create more than one website. If you are interested and serious about blogging then the choice plan is a good option. Here you will get unlimited Websites, Unlimited bandwidth, and many more features to run multiple websites.

I will suggest choosing Choice plus plan instead of the Plus plan because the Plus plan and the Choice Plus plan has the same price. They both are $ 5.45. But Choice Plus plan has CodeGuard Basic Backup. Renewal prices may differ. Now let’s move on to the next Type of hosting BlueHost WP Pro hosting.

WP Pro (new)

BlueHost WP Pro

WP Pro is the new introducing website. BlueHost claim that WP Pro is their best Managed WordPress Hosting. The starting price is $19.95/mo*. WP Pro is the most expensive hosting among all WordPress Hosting but It has the most advanced features as well. WP Pro has 3 types of plans.

  • Build
  • Grow
  • Scale

Every plan is made from a different perspective. Like, build plan is made for the people who want to start a professional website. The growth plan is to build a large amount of traffic on the website. The Scale plan is basically for that kind of person who wants to start an e-commerce website. Scale plan has every advance features which are required to run an e-commerce Website.

BlueHost WordPress e-commerce

If a person wants to sell something online and have some budget problem then BlueHost WordPress hosting is one of the best options for him or her. It is specially customized for the WordPress e-commerce website. There are three types of BlueHost WordPress e-commerce hosting.

  • Starter
  • Plus
  • Pro

If the user is just going to start e-commerce then a starter plan suits this situation. This is very cheap. The starting price is $6.95/mo*. After that, If the traffic will increase on the website. you can choose the second plan that is the plus plan. Here you will get unlimited stores. Unlimited SSD storage. The third and last plan of the BlueHost WordPress e-commerce hosting. BlueHost WordPress Pro. Pro plan includes Plus plan. Pro plan has an advance feature that you will get BlueHost SEO Tool starts. It will help you to rank your website.

Other services

BlueHost Services

A party from Domain name and Web Hosting BlueHost provides other services as well.  These services are basically to improve your site.

  • Full-service website- In this service BlueHost’s professional website designers will design your website. They will add keywords and make your website mobile-friendly.
  • SEO Services- They will help you to rank your website with the best keywords and see your analytics to know the numbers of visitors.
  • Pay Per Click service-BlueHost team will make add campaigns to get instant traffic on your website. You will get the control over your daily budget and the place where exactly you want to show your add.
  • Website Migration-The BlueHost professional team will help you to migrate your site.

Those were Professional services provided by BlueHost. Now you got almost everything you want. So at the end. Let’s see what did we observe in this BlueHost Review.


We saw in this BlueHost review that Bluehost has a good record for a long time and uptime is best. BlueHost provides many great features to its users like free SSL Certificated, free domain, and excellent customer support.  It’s best for the beginners because here you will get a customized cPanel which is easy to use for beginners and many benefits like marketing credits and 24/7 customer supports. Bluehost has many types of Plans and packages. You can grab the benefits of all these services by using the Bluehost Coupon Code. With this discount code, you can easily secure maximum dollars on its purchases. There are several benefits that why should you choose BlueHost but on the other hand it has some cons also like renewal prices are high and transfer is not free.

Bing Ads: The Best Place to Promote Your Business

When any business wants to reach millions of people at one time then the paid results are one of the biggest answers to it.  The started running their website on the different search engines to reach a high audience in minimum time. One of the known platforms for paid advertising is Google but sometimes Google paid advertising costs too high. So, you can easily use its alternative that is more reliable and affordable in the comparison of google that is Bing Ads (Microsoft Advertising).

When you have a question or want to find something then you just google it- because it is one of the known platforms for all the users. So the Google Adwords is more famous as compared to the Bing Ads.

But in recent days bings ads now capturing 25% of online search result volume and this ratio is growing day by day. For comparing the result of these two search engines I was using Bing ads for the last month and I know the reason behind growing its popularity. On this platform, you will get the best results related to your query and there are many goods reasons behind Why Bing ads are growing in popularity?

So let’s check out the reason behind in growing popularity of bing ads and how it works?

What is Bing Ads?

Bing Ads is the Microsoft version of Google Adwords. The Google Adwords allows running ads on google search engine or Google partner networks. In the same way, Bing Ads allows you to run ads on the both Bing search engine or its related partner’s networks such as Yahoo, AOL. Bing ads display ads on top, bottom, & side of the search engine result page. Any user can advertise any kind of product ad to the related keywords.

If you want to use its services then first know about it how Bing Ads works.

How does Bing Ads work?

Bing Ads Log in

Bing ads is an online advertising platform that promotes your business through Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. The ads on the search engine result page appear when users search the keywords that relate to ads. If you want to create ads on big ads then you have to follow some easy steps. Just create a Microsoft advertising account, then create your campaign, set your keywords that related to your advertising, write ad copy, add display features, add your bid maximum and launch your ad on the search engine.

Follow the steps to open an account

  • Simply go the official site of Microsoft advertising
  • Click on sign up now
  • Add an account email and password
  • Add the required information that is phone number, name, address, time zone, etc.
  • Use this platform.

Once you have created your account then you can create your ad. For creating an ad you only have to set the URL and add text. People will direct when they click on the ad. Once you have created your ad, the input your ad bid, total campaign budget, and targeted keywords.

This one is the easiest way to start your business campaign. Once you have created your ads then you can set to gain the conversion rates when you set your bid amount.  You can easily monitor the performance and check out the results of your bing ads campaigns by creating your account on Microsoft advertising.

How much does Bing Ads Cost?

Bing Ads Cost

Sign up in the Microsoft advertising is free of cost. The bing ads charge the amount on the display of the Cost per click advertising. The coat of the advertising is set according to your industry and keywords. Each time a searcher clicks on your advertising you will be charged a set of amount. They offer you the Bing Ads $100 Credit on the expenditure of $25.

Microsoft advertising Cost Per Click Rates according to Industry

Industry Cost-Per-Click
Clothes & Accessories $0.91
Auto $2.52
Consumer Electronics $1.22
Financial Services & Insurance $1.82
Health & Wellness $1.70
Legal Services $1.42
Technology $1.95
Retail $1.24
Real Estates $2.88
Travel Hospital $1.17

 For Whom Microsoft Advertising is a good option?

Bing ads are suitable for those who want to start the campaign of their business at affordable prices. They help many retail and finance companies. It targets a very specific consumer demographic. Know about How Bing Ads is good for advertising and for whom?

 Types of companies for which Microsoft advertising is the best choice.

  • Retail Brands- They offer the best features to the retail advertisers. They include the feature of a call to action, images and product ads views.
  • Financial Brands- They allow you to place ads on other search engines like yahoo which serve that many financial and investment users.
  • Brands with High Tickets Items- This one is for those who have earned more than $75000 or more. The companies are related to a big industry, vehicles, luxury items and more.
  • Brands targeted an older demographic- They also target the audience according to the related age group. They make the category pf those products that fall in the middle age demographics.

Pros and Cons of Microsoft Advertising

Before using its services you have to know the Pros & Cons of Bing Ads. By knowing these pros and cons it becomes easy to use its services if you want to.

Pros Of Bing Ads

  • Multiple ad locations
  • Robust Targeting
  • Less Competition among the peoples
  • Easy to afford
  • Higher-income use base

Cons of Bing Ads

  • Having less reach as compared to Google Ads
  • User Demographic

Which type of Bing ads-free tools are available for you?

bing ads Free Tools

Bing ads offer many amazing frees of cost services to their users. If you are working for targeting your focus keyword then you can easily use its free tool for finding the best keyword.

  • Add Keyword Tool– This tool will help you in finding the most suitable keyword according to your domain name or page URL. For using this free tool you only have to sign up into the Microsoft Advertising Account.
  • Keyword Planner– you can easily search for the many keywords that related to your specific search results. Here you will get all the information about the competitive keywords and phrase.
  • Microsoft Advertising Intelligence– Through this you will get the depth keyword research information that will help you in targeting your maximum number of audiences over the search engine result page.
  • Ad Preview and Diagnostics Tools– With this free tool you preview your ads before making it live on the search engine.
  • Microsoft Advertising Editor– You can download this tool from the “Tools Tab” in your Microsoft Advertising account. This will helps you adding and making changes in your campaign offline.

Conclusion: Microsoft Advertising

Microsoft advertising is also known as Bing Ads. It is one of the best platforms for running a campaign over the internet with the best result. This platform is suitable for those who want to promote their business in a low budget. They target the audience in a very different manner. They target the audience according to the age demographics or in many ways. Bing Ads account for 25% off the audience and increasing its ratio day by day.

So who are interested in creating their business campaign in the low budget they can go with Bing ads and use its free and paid features for the maximum beneficial performance.


6 Essential Reasons to Use Online Coding Assessment

The whole process of recruitment is very much complex and fundamental to select the right person in the right job. All the things ranging from the CV to the interviews is very crucial for filling the vacancies so that the resources of the organization are not wasted.

Along with these basic steps, there is sometimes testing required of some specific skills, and here, the coding assessment comes into action. This is the most suitable method to employ people related to technology and people who are to fill the positions of developers. There are many challenges in such systems, and people can also go with these options in other cases, but, most importantly, they are used in the cases of developers and computer technicians. People can also have coding interviews, but there are many issues associated with them in the practical phase. People can only carry out such things, and all such things depend upon the availability of the resources and considering all the finances as well. To have a solution to these kinds of problems, people can go with the option of online coding tests. People can go with this option to employ the people and fill the vacancies. Companies of all natures and from all the fields can go with this option and this can be implemented in no regard to the size of the firms.

Online Coding Assessment

There are many advantages of such tests, and people can go with them in order to save the resources and finances so that the right people are employed in the right jobs. This is the main reason behind the popularity of these kinds of tests. A bad hiring decision can lead to many wrong things as this will lead to the wastage of the resources, and this can lead to a huge decline in the profits. There will be huge turnover rates along with great demotivation among the people, and there will be a huge decrease in productivity as well.

Using online tests can help in preventing such cases, and there will be no implementation issues by using them. The following are some of the reasons that will help proper implementation of the system and these are the reasons behind its success.

Helps in evaluating the candidates well:

The academic degrees are not the only things to be considered while giving a job to anyone. Usually, the people have no practical exposure and this will lead to huge implementation issues when they come to the actual workplace. Using these kinds of tests will help to employ the best people and explore their talents beyond their academic excellence. This will help to find and retain the best in the field.

Getting access to international talent:

The world is a global village, and people can now apply in any of the companies worldwide which will help them to have a better experience in the field and in this way they can have the best jobs and will also be useful for the companies. The companies also get the chance to have the best of the talents from all over and they can now recruit the best on the best jobs. This will help to increase productivity and improve employee morale.

This will help in improving the company culture and building the best of the teams so that they work well and achieve the company and personal goals in the most effective and efficient manner. Online tests will help in saving the traveling and accommodation costs as well.

Great convenience to the applicants:

People usually are not stable, and they keep applying for better employment. This will help them to have better offers and accept them so that they can work with the best zeal and enthusiasm. People have busy schedules, and they can apply for the jobs online now, and this will help in saving a lot of time along with efforts. People now no need to travel to the company headquarters to appear for the tests and in this manner, a lot of costs are saved. The online tests will help them to have a calm and composed atmosphere due to which they can perform better, and in this way, they will be employed on the right jobs in the best manner so that they can achieve the best for themselves as well the company.

Creating a great database:

The companies must have the database of the employees so that they can access them whenever required. This will help in classifying the best from the rest, and in this way, they can be easily accessed at the required time intervals. The online tests will help to develop a database that will help in ranking the candidates so that they can find the best among them, and this will also have a great impact on turnover as well.

Having easy integration using the tracking systems:

The recruiters are very well aware of the benefits which are provided by the tracking software and this is the reason that most of the people already have them. The online tests allow the integration process in the best manners and help in achieving the purpose. Using such integration systems will help in solving the issues, and then this will help in recruiting the best of the people for the vacancies so that they can be employed well on time and on the right jobs.

A huge number can be tested at a single time:

The companies need to scan and test a large number of candidates at a single particular point of time so that they can be assessed in the best possible manner. This is the most practical possible option to have online tests so that a large number can be assessed easily. The goal is to test a large number and select the best from them. The speed and accuracy of the systems will be highly affected in the positive sense and will be increased so that there are no errors in the whole process.

Thus, companies can use these online tests to have the best of the talents, and in this way, the talent can be assessed and employed.

How Will Digital Marketing Be Different in 2020?

The idea of digital marketing has changed a lot in the past few years. One of the biggest factors in that change has been artificial intelligence. Once considered an ambitious concept, AI has become a major factor in digital marketing and it is becoming more and more prominent. AI is so much more than a trend or fad. Digital marketers always keep up with the latest happenings in AI because of the significant role it plays.

There’s more to the advancement of digital marketing than just AI though. Here’s how this marketing concept will change in 2020.

  1. Chatbots Will Communicate with Customers More

Chatbots are another thing that are rooted in AI. The technology is backed by software that processes naturally language by deciphering it and responding to it. Chatbots are programmed to understand what a customer is saying, what they need, and offer an appropriate response.

Customers are already talking with chatbots, sometimes without even realizing it. They have been used across social media in particular and became more prominent in 2019. There are lots of benefits to using a chatbot to interact with people, including offering real-time responses to queries and instant answers 24/7/365.

It’s estimated that around 4/5 businesses (80%) will adopt chatbots at some point in 2020.

  1. Social Media Will Become a Branch of Marketing and Customer Service

Social media and messenger platforms such as Facebook Messenger, WeChat, and WhatsApp do more than just give people a way to speak to one another. They also give brands and companies the chance to communicate with customers in new and more effective ways.

Both Messenger and WhatsApp are owned and operated by Facebook with over a billion active users each month. Over 50 billion messages are sent on the platforms each day. It makes sense for businesses to be where the people are, including being available on messenger platforms.

Businesses have already adopted these apps to directly message customers and provide answers to their questions. They also use them to deliver more information about their products, services, and overall business purpose.

This communication goes both ways as brands can use the platform to get feedback and information from customers. They can ask customers to provide their experiences, complete surveys, take polls, and do more. Outside of just involving customers, social messaging can be used for;

  • Cultivating contacts and communities
  • Providing information about a brand, including the products and services they offer
  • Increasing sales by informing customers about discounts and promotions and offering special codes
  • Providing assistance and support whenever necessary

Direct communication between customers and brands is always a good idea. Most customers will demand brands be available on social media and messaging apps. Not only does it offer more personalized experiences, but it increases the overall value of the experience.

Around two-thirds (63%) of customers say that they would return to a website that had live chat options because of their convenience and simplicity.

  1. Video Marketing Will Remain the Most Important Marketing Strategy

Videos were big in 2018, they were big in 2019, and they will be big in 2020. Videos will soon become the most dominant aspect of digital marketing. This is something that is expected to happen by 2025.

It’s easy to understand how and why it happened too. Customers enjoy learning through videos. They are more confident about making purchases, particularly big purchases, after seeing video reviews and testimonials about products.

How digital marketing will be different in 2020 in terms of videos is that the videos themselves are changing.

The current trend is that short videos – between five to thirty seconds – are the most popular. These videos are generally included in longer videos as advertisements.

While vlogging is still a very popular medium these days, YouTube is no longer the only video-sharing platform marketers are interested in. Facebook Live videos and Facebook and Instagram stories offer other ways for digital marketers to show their flair. Another upcoming trend is the idea of 360-degree videos.

Videos offer some unique value to digital marketers, including;

  • Videos can be watched on any device at any time
  • They include the same information as an email or landing page without the eye strain that comes with reading a lot of information
  • It’s easy to reformat and re-use videos – including as transcripts for blog posts or as podcasts

Videos also work wonders for traffic and views. Pages with videos on them are 50 times more likely to drive organic traffic. Pro tip: order a few niche relevant guest posts and include your video in the content to grab some indirect traffic.

  1. Visual Search Will Dominate Regular Search

We live in a busy world so it’s no wonder people value convenience and are always looking for more convenient ways to do things. That includes searching and shopping online. Visual search and image search are the answer to the problem.

Users can take photos and then upload them to Google Images for targeted results related to that image. It also works to allow people to search by image, uploading images they find online that they want to know more about.

Google and Pinterest launched its Lens visual search tool to view things in retail stores. For Pinterest, there are many shoppable posts organized into catalogs that allow people to “shop the look” with a click or two.

The trend of visual search has proved to be most effective with millennial customers. Social Media Today suggests that around 62% of millennials are interested in searching by an image like this over more traditional searches.

This means that digital marketing agencies need to expand their range of SEO services and work on optimizing their images to help their clients appear more in organic search results.

The Future of Digital Marketing is Smart and Visual

Digital marketing is becoming an increasingly visual medium. From images and videos to visual searches, people are interested in seeing products before buying them. Smart chatbots allow for people to learn about products and get answers before buying a product too, which makes them more likely to go through with the final purchase.

Optimizing Website Design Keeping User Intent In Mind

When it comes to web designing everything should be done for the user. That means you will need to keep the users in your mind always when you design a website. The first thing to do is to understand user intent.

User intent is actually the information that the users look for in a site after conducting a search query. User intent is primarily based on the context of search queries and keywords. This is just putting the thing simply but in order to ensure a successful user experience, it is extremely necessary to expand this concept.

Time and again most of the website developers NYC focus on the aesthetics of the websites. They often overlook the user intent and experience and therefore they do not know how they will like and navigate the site.

A site may be pretty to look at but may be useless if the users cannot find the necessary information from your site. When it comes to understanding your users you will need to look for specific things such as:

  • How they are finding or liking your site
  • How they are or whether they are at all interacting with your site and
  • Are they purchasing after visiting your site.

These facts will allow you to design a website that is more user-friendly and will provide the users a high level of experience. It will also help you to eliminate those confusing and unnecessary calls to action.

Organize the traffic patterns

Your ultimate aim in web design Brampton should be to increase conversions. For this you will have to focus and think beyond SEO. Thinking of user intent is one such way to reach your business goal as well as that of your users on your site.

You will need to know the traffic patterns and organize it while studying user intent. You will have to:

  • Identify your specific groups
  • Know their specific needs and then
  • Address their needs according to each individual user.

This will ensure that you provide them with exactly what they want and need from you, but most importantly it will help you to make sure that the users experience provided by your site is just as intended.

There are three specific categories in which you can judge the traffic pattern you are seeing. These tried and tested ways are:

  • First, identify the pattern of the informational users. These are those users who simply look for more and better information about your product, your brand, your business and the ways in which they can contact you.
  • Second, you need to identify the educational users. These are those specific users who are looking for more industry specific info and topics. They look for the answers to their problems especially that will fulfill their need for which they do not have any specific solution yet in mind.
  • Lastly, you should identify the transactional users which happen to be the favorite group of all business owners. These transactional users will download something from the site or sign up for the newsletter and even make a purchase. These users are more specific and precisely visit any site having a clear plan of action.

When you identify your users correctly, you will be able to provide them with the intent you want to execute.

Determining user intent

Once you have identified your users correctly, you will need to determine their intent. For this you will have to identify and analyze each of the traffic patterns of each of these groups. The best way to determine your user intent is to analyze the Google Analytics and Users Flow report. This will help you to:

  • Track the source of the users
  • What they do after visiting your site and
  • Which specific area of your site they leave.

This will help you to configure and set up the users flow report. This will save a lot of time and effort but will ensure that you deliver according to the user intent with a better site design. In short, the users flow report will help you identify and eradicate the trouble spots in your site.

Organizing the navigation bar

After you have identified your users, know the trouble spots after analysis you will need to focus your efforts on organizing the navigation bar. This will help you to resolve the navigation issues as identified by the Users Flow report.

  • You will need to follow a specific process for this that includes identifying the categories as well as the subcategories for your company, products and services.
  • You will need to define everything clearly that will be easily understood by the users.
  • You will also need to create a content hierarchy.

Make sure that you do not spend time on reinventing the wheel but maintain the required consistency that will help you to establish a convention. If you stray too far from the conventions it will frustrate your users and leave your site quickly.

User intent bucket approach

There are several methods that you can follow to ensure a better and higher user experience. However, the best way to organize your navigation bar is the ‘user intent bucket’ approach. This is the process that will enable you to determine which categories that you want to include at the top level.

  • For the informational users you will need to create an “About Us” page where all the answers will be readily available about the company, the products and services, as well as the area of operation.
  • For the educational users you will need to create a blog or any instructional content to provide info regarding the trends, the industry, the different issues, solutions and other common industry questions.
  • For the transactional users you need to design more product specific pages that will help the users to make a purchase and make their buying process simpler and clearer.

Therefore, to ensure your site provides the best user experience you will need to know the types of your users, their intent and wants. This will help you to put everything in one place in a more organized way.